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Wow that Windows Interface is ugly. At least compared to the Mac Version....
But I would want Skype to be open *all* the time! Hopefully there will be some settings...
I still don't understand how this works. So lets say I want to open Skype and Mail what do I do? Run Skype and afterwards? Hit homebutton and afterwards open up Mail? Now lets say I have Skype, Mail and Safari up and running and now I just want to quit Safari because I don't need it anymore. I know I can navigate between them with double tab on Home but how do I specifically quit Safari? Maybe slide it of the Dock or something (would be Mac like sort of)? Does Skype show...
Herehttp://www.apple.com/support/mail/ and therehttp://support.apple.com/kb/HT3748 you go
Here in germany a famous musician had to destroy several albums because he copied the melodies of some of his songs from an unknown frensh Indiband. They sued and didn't give him the right to use them. The shops had to throw away most of his albums and some samplers... Just imagining the same thing happening with HTC. Millions of phones in large trashdumps - ready to be destroyed Love the way the USA lists everything online...
I knew it! It's a $499 battery!
I just read that Brightcove goes HTML5(ref here) I think it means that all those sites here such as Fox, Staples, Reebok, GM, DiscoveryChannel and lots more will be flash free on the iPad! Thats pretty revolutionary. And a break through for Steve!!
Whats wrong with VGA? My cheap 1920:1080 flatscreen has it and it works just fine with my MacBook Pro via the miniDP to VGA adapter? Sure I woun't be able to watch BlueRay movies on it but it works just fine for DVD-Movies and large spreadsheets . I guess like Windows, VGA still is just good enough for most of us?
Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone did notice but the iTunes App on the iPad seemed kind of sophisticated and capable. I think this is a sign that the process of rewriting iTunes in Cocoa is on a good way and we will see 64bit enabled iTunes X for Mac soon. Maybe they reduce its functionality a bit like in Quicktime X or outsource some functionality. Like a seperate App Store App or a Movie App. What do you think?
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