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+1 Really I was shocked to see that this isn't possible. It was one of the main reasons why I wanted Outlook 2011.
+1 But keep in mind, that the article offered in-app purchase for Camera+ is pretty weak. They offer picture effects like those in Hippstamatic while they already offer a lot of picture effects for free. I would rather get a seperate free app or Hippstamatic if I wanted such a functionality.
Relax, it will be fixed in an update. All apps go through approval so I don't see a problem here.These Flame Wars go on my nerves. You cannot read the comment section of engadget anymore because there is so much hate. People relax! Its just an OS.
I don't know if I would even call it a database. Sure it has a similar interface which is extremely easy to use (because it's so rudimentary) but all you can do is basically fill out an excel spreadsheet with a neat interface. I know since Version 3 you can have a connected (1,n) sheet but that isn't really a database. I downloaded the trial version some months ago and was utterly disappointed. Filemaker on the other hand is nicer, but kind of difficult to switch to when...
Can you tell if the sim card slot opener is made out of liquid metal, like the iPhone one?
Ah Apple preping their "One more thing" moment. I think this is one of those false controlled leaks. Nothing more.
And the new specs:http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/ Edit: front cam VGA 30fps back cam 720p 30fps + I think its funny that you can only Geotag via Wifi even in the 3G/GPS version
better than that;http://www.apple.com/ipad/
I guess most of this is only for the iPad since the Verizon iPhone doesn't get this update...
I don't have Rosetta installed on my mac and I rarely see an Application that wants me to install Rosetta. If I find such an App I have always denied the installation of Rosetta because I don't want to clutter my Mac with frameworks I don't necessarily need. The are always alternative programs and while they might not be as good as the older ones, they are maintained.
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