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Clothes might be an interesting direction. If my jacket sleeve carried an inductive charger for my apple watch, and had a few batteries sewn into it, I'd recharge my jacket at night. Likewise a jacket pocket for a future phone Or a handbag You'd be working with, oh I don't know, Burbery, to develop the gear?
iPhone < model number> < screen size in inches> iPhone 6-4 iPhone 6-5 Etc
I really hope Apple hurries up and offers a service to compete with Spotify. It seems it would be so easy to change to a paid on-demand streaming service. iTunes already had "previews" - just play the preview for 100% of the song if the user has paid the on-demand streaming fee.
In Australia, Maps still has fundamental systematic flaws. Whole towns are not labelled. As you zoom into a region, Maps will show you a random small suburb as if it were a city. And not show you the city. Not show you ANY of the cities and tows in the region. But show you a random suburb from one or two of them. Regional council areas (shires) are often shown with a location marker as if they are a town. Often the regional name does correspond to any city/town/suburb,...
iTunes Radio streams music, the songs are selected by Apple's algorithms. Spotify streams music, the songs are selected by me. Which one do you think I prefer?
Ah ok. We have joint account (same pool of credit/funds) but separate credit card numbers.It does seem a big limitation to the whole thing. We're talking 5 to 10 years of purchases that we each own, and if we used family sharing we'd have to leave one half of that collection out.Perfectly fine for a new family coming to iTunes. Pick one of your credit cards and go for it.But for existing customers, if apple want to achieve their stated aims for family share, they would...
Wondering why the family grouping needs to all use the same credit card? My partner and I each have our own. But home sharing has too many limitations. So now, I'll setup my partner and our kids in my family share ....and she'll set me and the kids up under her's? Which won't work if as part of doing that I have to use her credit card, and she mine. So we just pick one credit card and all use that? I am obviously confused. ....is this something that you do in the...
That icon needs some adrenaline
Hope there is simple way to control which photos go to the cloud. I want some but not all of my photos in the cloud I'd like it to be a sharing option, and to have smart albums that auto cloud. Shared photo stream is half arsed. Have you tried to import 1000 photos onto your iphone from a shared photo stream? One by one?!?!
So, if I can make a phone call from my mac through my phone, can I make a phone call from my iPad through my phone?
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