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IMHO: The trick here is to do to content discovery what apple did to hardware. Make search work for me, not some random scumbag company willing to pay the most to try and scam me into accessing their content. For Apple the purpose is to make insanely great products that add value to a customers life experiences. Ridiculous profits are a happy byproduct, not the purpose. (Of course they don't set out to lose money, either.) Likewise with search, I don't care if...
What (his type of) capitalism likes more than anything is gathering rent. Once you own something you can rent out, it's great. You do stuff all and get paid fot it. And it just keeps coming in, nice and steady, predictable, forever. That's what this guy is saying. Apple needs to up its subscription models. Product sales are once off, and they can flatline any day. Lock in some nice rent streams. Like selling user data. Apple doesn't want to align with the standard...
No, I am in the camp that says the latest version is not intuitive. It sux.   I do wonder if knowing how old iMovie worked is a disadvantage.    But simple things like selecting a piece of footage to delete from a project seems difficult.   I used to select the piece of footage that I wanted to delete, and hit delete. How easy!   Now, that doesn't work anymore. Not a good start, new iMovie.   Agree with the general point, software companies have been doing some...
FB community is ready to move elsewhere. But where?
The 11 inch is a marvel. I hope they don't discontinue it. Those of us who travel a lot live it.
I don't want WiiTV I want SiriTV
How long before they backflip? Less than 6 months? Or, before they add news and notifications to messenger Gee these companies stuff things up We are just incapable of saying, ok this thing works pretty well, leave it be Apple (eg, iMovie), Microsoft (that awful merge into Skype), Google, FB. They all do it.
yeah, Apple could have delivered more incremental improvements while they finish the big bang that must be coming. Why can't I use the Siri on my phone to control my tv?
quick DOJ, better sue Apple
Because I want to get decent reviews and ratings of movies that are in iTunes
New Posts  All Forums: