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You already have to register to pick up an iPhone or iPad ( when new model released) or to see Genius Bar or one to one etc. so they will just have an appointment zone within the store, discreetly but physically segregated from the open floor. To play with an edition watch you'll make a booking and will be ushered into the appointment zone at your allotted time. Or, maybe the redesign is to allow for room for a car....
I'd like the option to more easily control which photos go through the cloud. Anything I heart, for example; cloud it. Never liked the idea that everything I take clouds. In fact I think if they replaced the heart with a cloud, people would understand it better. Got a shot you love? Cloud it and it'll be added to all your devices and your cloudsite.
I love the functionality but not the look and feel. Too kiddy.
Because Apple was selling a premium phone smaller than that. Still is.
Wow so much ego over "what I want is normal, what you want is weird". Apple started with one type of phone. Now they have 4. Likewise their desktops, started with one range, now have about 8 types of laptops and desktops. Overtime they could easily expand the phone range. They have address first prefer priorities, but things like better cameras, durabity and waterproofing will become standard with time (maybe after competitors get too far ahead of Apple). Oh.... Apple...
I was surprised and disappointed Apple didn't include a 4 inch in the new line up. And not offering a 128 GB 5S too seemed a bit mean. Maybe the internal volume of a curved 4 inch wasn't enough to support minimum standards. If so we might get one next year. Sure hope so. Also hope Apple decide to expand the range of phones to include an X version: Rugged Waterproof Thicker Much longer battery Much bigger camera with optical zoom Happy to pay for it
Clothes might be an interesting direction. If my jacket sleeve carried an inductive charger for my apple watch, and had a few batteries sewn into it, I'd recharge my jacket at night. Likewise a jacket pocket for a future phone Or a handbag You'd be working with, oh I don't know, Burbery, to develop the gear?
iPhone < model number> < screen size in inches> iPhone 6-4 iPhone 6-5 Etc
I really hope Apple hurries up and offers a service to compete with Spotify. It seems it would be so easy to change to a paid on-demand streaming service. iTunes already had "previews" - just play the preview for 100% of the song if the user has paid the on-demand streaming fee.
In Australia, Maps still has fundamental systematic flaws. Whole towns are not labelled. As you zoom into a region, Maps will show you a random small suburb as if it were a city. And not show you the city. Not show you ANY of the cities and tows in the region. But show you a random suburb from one or two of them. Regional council areas (shires) are often shown with a location marker as if they are a town. Often the regional name does correspond to any city/town/suburb,...
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