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I'd like a detachable screen. I can carry my laptop with me virtually everywhere I go but when at work I could grab just the screen for scrums and breakouts. Saves me a whole device in my bag. Apple have declared a few ideas dumb only to implement them years later (once the underlying technology can live up to their high standards). MacPads might be another such dumb idea (right now).
It's not all negative. The automated algorithms driving radio stations seem a lot better. And some of the Apple playlists are good (though buried into obscurity) I'm finding good new music which Spotify wasn't serving up and that's the main thing for me.    There is a deep, messy problem though, and it's not the UI. Conceptually there's a lot of confusion in Apple about what they are doing. From little things like Heart vs Star vs Play More vs Wish List vs Song Rating,...
It's free for three months because that's how long it'll take to sort out the UI If you think iTunes Apple Music UI is good, you haven't used Spotify But, glad to be back in iTunes for my music. It'll get there.
I've never understood why Apple didn't sort this out overnight a year or more ago. In iTunes right now I can "preview" any track I want, which means I get to chose the song I listen to without buying it, but I can only listen to about 1 minute of it. I can also listen to 100% of some songs without buying the song, but only if the song is more-or-less randomly chosen for me by iTunes Radio. Just introduce a pay-per-month service which lets me "preview" 100% of the song....
How long before it will be able to detect serious medical emergencies like heart attack, stroke, epileptic seizure, and contact local emergency services. How long before it books a visit to your doctor because your vital signs indicate a checkup is needed. People are seriously underestimating the appeal of a health checker. When they nail blood pressure, who won't wear one.
12 inch is very interesting but little unsure about the performance and lack of ports
Countries that are not the USA?
11 inches and the lack of weight. I'm all over the campus everyday with it under my arm. Yes the 13 pro is a contender these days.Had this 11 since late 2010 and love the form factor : performance. Just want retina and s micro sd if being greedy
Disappointing. The air remains without retina. 11 no flash boost. Next year.
You already have to register to pick up an iPhone or iPad ( when new model released) or to see Genius Bar or one to one etc. so they will just have an appointment zone within the store, discreetly but physically segregated from the open floor. To play with an edition watch you'll make a booking and will be ushered into the appointment zone at your allotted time. Or, maybe the redesign is to allow for room for a car....
New Posts  All Forums: