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I downloaded 5.1 last night, in the hopes that we have a fix; but NO GO. Within minutes, my iPad1 was crashing. I still have left everything to do with iCloud off. We need more data from those who seem to think this might be working, because I can not live with this level of perfomance and the word needs to get out on a higher level. Apple needs to be called out on the carpet here! Does anyone happen to know Tim Cooks email? I would like to send him a link to this...
I hope that iOS 5.1 will fix the memory useage problems that have rendered the iPad1 completely useless, if you are running iOS 5.0? In the last few weeks, my iPad1 has become virtually unuseable with iOS 5.0; mostly with Safari, but really all apps in general. Not sure if a class action lawsuit will be necessary here.
After 4d my problem is still here
I will "Train" providers that I do not pay for something like this online as I already have a DTV subscription. Good luck with you left for dead app!
Somebody, please help? Why is this so difficult. I read under one internet search that you need to copy the files first into a finder:folder and then copy from finder:folder to USB? This seems to work, but not how I am intending. All of my music files have a number (i.e. 03) in front of them and most files do not maintain the album artwork (i.e. <30%). Can anyone explain what I am seeing above and how to do this better. I am ok with keeping the *.m4a extension,...
I am off and downloading.
My email from Apple is faulty or my email server is destroying the attachment, I am only getting the trial code but no link. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PM ME WITH THE LINK TO THE 30d TRIAL. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE. THANK IN ADVANCE!
Is anyone else having a problem with the email from Apple for Aperture 3. I did get the email right away and can see that there is a file attached, but I can not do anything with it? There is nothing in the email. Can someone PM me a link for where to initiate the download, because I think I can get the trial code separate.
I can definitely be described as amateur when it comes to photo management & editing, but one of the top reasons that I purchased my new mac to better manage our photos. When I started playing around with iPhoto, I quickly became frustrated that it would not manage my photos with how I am accustomed to viewing them. I am hoping that with Aperature 3, there will be some more flexibility in how they are stored. Does anyone know if the photos could be organized the...
There are a lot of great things to like about the new iPad and I am really thinking hard about getting one upon release. The thing that really bugs me about the hardware is that there is no SD Card Slot! C'mon would it be that hard to include, so that while on vacation, you take the card out of your camera and just stick it in the iPad without fumbling for another cable?
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