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Satisfaction Survey: 93% are either Satisfied or Very Satisfied. So 1% Very Satisfied and 92% Satisfied? It does matter what the split is, strange they have not indicated what it is!!!
You still trying to use one fact about the setup / update of a device to define its class of device. What defines a device is its use, NOT how it is setup / updated. A car is still a car even with no petrol in it, locked in a garage, with no wheels.
Person A: "I need a PC" Person B: "Get a Mac" Person A: "Cool" Buys Mac, takes it home. Needs to update iTunes to use his new iPhone, but does not have Internet, or electricity as he lives in a tent. "Connect to electricity and internet? F*** me" Does the lack of something to activate it make the device not a PC?
But the device would be the same, how strange it magically changes.
Why is your 'definition' the one that defines a PC? I don't see any industry standards that define a PC as a device that does not need another device to set it up. It purely an arbitrary fact that the iPad needs to be activated by a computer before you can use it. It is still a computer before you actually turn it on or set it up, it does not magically transform into another device. Is a PC not a PC if it does not have electricity? You get a new PC home, it needs to be...
I still don't see why how a computer is setup or updates actually effects what the device actually does. What defines a device is what it does NOT how it is setup or updated.
Then so should Netbooks and Tablet PC that run Windows.
The definition of a PC does not include the fact that it needs to operate out of the box, that is just your definition. How a device is set up / activated or updated does not define what it is. What defines what it is, is what it does. When I buy a coffee maker it does not come with coffee I have to buy coffee to make the device useful and serve its purpose. Even without the coffee, it is still a coffee maker. I a PC that is fault, i.e. needs repair not a PC? It needs...
Just like your post.
What AppleInsider publish is up to AppleInsider and NOT you. Your choice in the matter is if you read it or not. You said yourself you come her to read 'rumors', you can't have it both ways!
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