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That said nothing of any interest, what a waste of time.Anyway, so what happens if Apple don't meet these over inflated predictions again?After all they are nothing more than guesses being made by analysts.When they did this last time and Apple did not sell as many devices as the analysts 'guessed' then the stock price when down!!!!!
"brewer" !!!!!
Hardly a show stopper! The print price can be reduced by $0.70 and they can charge $.99 via iTunes App Store. Apple gets it's 30% of $0.99, publisher gets the same revenue, and customer pays $0.29 more.
Think before you speak: He returned to Apple in 2007 after his absence due to illness.
That is the primary purpose of a shareholder owned company.
1. No real need to backup as you can download your purchased Apps as many times from the Mac App Store as you like. 2. Just upgrade to 10.6.6 on the other computers and open the Mac App Store. Then Login to the Mac App Store using the same account you made the purchases with. The go to the Purchases tab and you will see your purchased Apps with an Install button next to them. Click on Install and you are done.
I have been asked to enter my Apple ID password for each App that I have purchased, even free Apps.
Some 3rd party Apps are recognised as Installed by the App Store and will therefore get updates even though they were not bought from the App Store. Appleinsider needs to get it's facts right!!!
Yes you should get updates via the App Store if the App is recognised as installed.
The App Store is great. I upgraded to 10.6.6 and bought Aperture and Page from the App Store on my iMac. I then upgrade my MacBook and logged into the App Store, low and behold both Aperture and Pages are there, I just clicked on Install and I now have both titles on both computers, for the same low price!!!!! Aperture was £174 per computer this morning, this afternoon I have it on both machines for £44.99, now that is progress. Ian
New Posts  All Forums: