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Do you have the latest updates that were released this week?
Carrier subsidised sales of the iPad in the UK has not been a success. Orange expected big sales but only managed 1,000 in it's first week of sales:http://www.macrumors.com/2011/01/04/...w-start-in-uk/
They did not exceed the iPad sales they forecasted last quarter and as a result the Apple stock price was hit. Not because Apple did anything wrong, but just because analysts over predicted sales.
Wait for the doom and gloom to follow.... You know what happened last time the analysts bigged up the expected sales numbers, they never happened and then the Apple Stock was hit. It needs to be said that these are NOT Apple's estimated sales, but some analyst who may get them wrong and ultimately screw up the Apple stock price again!
How do you know the small iPods are low margin?
I will say this again, if your meds are SO important, why are you relying on one alarm? What happens if you just sleep through the alarm? The battery dies?
If these things are so important then you would not be relying in one source for your ever so important alarm. What if the battery died? People who have critical applications for an alarm and only rely on one source are stupid.
I rest my case, a complete overreaction. Mr Perfect BBC, you never get anything wrong, if you say no, then you are a liar. I know from experience that the BBC are far from perfect. Pot and Kettle!
It's hardly the end of the world, get over it.
One swipe to the search screen in the iPad, type 'wi' and there is your App, took all of 1 swipe, 2 typed letters one App selected. Next time try to at least understand the product before you spout off rubbish!And what exactly do you do with your Chrome tablet when you have no internet access? Use it as a door stop?
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