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The key words are are "looks forward to providing". As in they are not getting the required battery life yet. It was all very carefully worded to not actually say or commit to anything.
Actually TV Shows rentals are in iTunes USA ONLY. You can't rent anywhere in the world it does check your location.
Except the iPod Touch does not have a flat back, it's curved!!
Incorrect. MS announced they would be spending £500M in the launch of WP7 ALONE!!!!
Available on how many million iOS devices?
So no internet connection no book? How is that going to work when I go on holiday with my WiFi iPad and I have no internet connection (or a very expensive one). What is the point of a book reader that needs to be connected to the internet, there is no customer benefit, just a benefit to Google to feed you ads. Fail! Who wants to use up 3G data allowances reading books on their phone?
It may very well be the culprit but does the fire marshall know the actual state of the adapter before the fire? No they do not and therefore can't say if the unit was damaged or in a safe state to be used or not.
Do you have evidence that the adapter was not damaged or abused by the user before the incident?We only have the word of the insurer, who does not know it for a fact as the device will have been destroyed, so they only have the word of the home owner. Not a clear cut case really.
It only took 5 mins for me. It's not that big, about 400Mb I think.
Thankfully priced at £1.79 in the UK, which is less than the US price at today's exchange rate. That makes a pleasant surprise!
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