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"never seems to turn up", it's not been out for two minutes!!!
Do you not read these web sites? The figures you requested are published by Apple all the time, they hide nothing.
The problem with MS is that it is just not cool or a brand that people 'want' to own. There is no demand for WP7 because there is no emotion. Just being 'good' is not good enough nowadays. People 'Want' iPhone they see them rightly or wrongly as THE device to own for a number of reasons - the success of the iPhone drives more demand, iTunes ecosystem and Apps, the iPad, the Mac and the press that Apple get. Those are all things that MS just don't have.
iMacs also have glossy screens.
Is it more expensive in the long run? No virus software to update every year - big saving. Apple machines have a longer life than PCs, and retain more of their resale value. Less support needed, so cheaper for businesses, schools, etc. The overall cost of owning a Mac has often been shown to be less than that of a PC. Also you need to look at VALUE, not PRICE, there is a difference. What value do you add for best industrial design, ease of use, OSX, quality, etc.
Have they sold 600,00 to customers or resellers?
"The new iPad is thinner than the existing model and is essentially made from one piece of metal with no pins needed," Blair wrote. "We understand it requires a new type of manufacturing process as a result, similar to the company's unibody approach seen in MacBooks." Does this guy even know how the current iPad is constructed? It is already a unibody construction, one piece of metal with no pins!!! What the hell is he talking about?
I still get Plug in failures with Flash on the BBC web site, only started when 10.6.5 was released.
What big deal? One image on a web site, that was it, you are over reacting to that? Perhaps you need to get a grip on reality!
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