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Very well sail, I applaud you Sir. The work you are looking for all these moaners is - SELFISH. Unless it benefits them - they are not interested and worse berate anyone who is. They should just shut up!
I manage great on my iPhone 4 as well, but my iPad is so much better, the 7 inch screen is a cost compromise and users will soon learn that. There is no need to pinch and zoom on the iPad, web pages a very readable as they are, on a device like the iPad and PlayBook I don't expect to be zooming in and out of the web page all the time to read it, it is nowhere near as nice to use.
What is there is a prototype not the finished product, it is was finished it would be on sale now. Who knows what tricks RIM pulled to get the device to operate as fast as it appeared to. Plus who wants a screen so small? It's tiny!
Faster yes, legible on the small screen - NO
You don't need to buy Apple products, your choice. Go for the alternative if you want to pay less, otherwise....
And your contribution to the world of music is what exactly?
How mature! This is important for iTunes as it is the only place to buy digital downloads of the music. Also they are still big sellers, accounting for 10% of EMI's sales in the USA last year.
It is for ITUNES!!!!! It will be the Beatles.
Funny T-Mobile in the UK are saddled with the 'slow' 3G network as well, they forgot to mention that. As T-Mobile actually sell the iPhone 4 in the UK (on a slow 3g network), they will probably need to be a bit more sensitive to their phone supplier!
It will be tied to the model of computer not the actual device.
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