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So why waste more time posting? Moaner!
The active tiles do not aggregate emails for a start off, you need a tile for each and every email account you want to view on your phone, there is NO unified Inbox. So say you have 4 email accounts, well that is 4 tiles to look at!!!!
If chopping up title of pages / headings is innovative then I'd rather not bother! Style over function!!!
Hardly a glowing review from Engadget, did you read it?
Do we really need to use the bad language? It just shows your childish mentality.
Must you shout?
When you plug in your camera and iPhoto opens, you should then quit iPhoto and open iMovie. You can then import the video into iMovie. Don't import it in to iPhoto. If you do import it into iPhoto you can still access it in iMovie, but I find it better to keep then separate.
Plus a screen that is only 45% the size of the iPad screen!
Try being clear first time.
Are you serious?
New Posts  All Forums: