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They sold 14 million iPhones in 3 months with an average selling price of $600, so what is the issue?
That is because the iPhone has a different UI to the iPad. Think before you speak!
For some reason the BBC feel the need to knock Apple on these results! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11570631 Specifically : "iPads flat The after-hours selloff may also have been influenced by underwhelming sales of Apple's new tablet computer - the iPad, which came it at just 4.2 million. That represents a rise of just 28% on the previous quarter, which was when the company first launched the new product." Idiots!
"appears to show a lion" For gods sake just say "shows a Lion", how obvious do you want it to be?
"netback sales" ?
They should be comparing Apple to other manufacturers NOT the total Android market. Of course Android is going to be bigger than iOS it is sold by many more manufacturers who get it for FREE! Not a fair marketplace really.
You do know that iDVD is for MAKING DVDs NOT playing them?
The iPhone 4 has 16Gb or 32Gb of RAM NOT 512MB. The PlayBook only has 1GB or on board storage.
Reading the specs and the provided info, it appears that content is not stored on the PlayBook itself, but is passed to it from a BlackBerry phone, or am I missing something? 1GB RAM is that for real? So you need this and a BlackBerry to carry your media around with you? Why is it that these companies always make a huge mistake in their designs? And look at the size of the bezel!
There haver to be first users, otherwise nothing would ever sell!!!!!
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