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And what about all the grown ups who won't buy a Kinect but will buy an iPad. You are taking about a small part of the iPad demographic against a large part of the Kinect demographic. Yes they have a similar function (games), but that is only a small part of what an iPad can do. If the kid wants a portable gaming devices the Kinect is out for sure, and MS have NO competition in that area, or in book reading, or most importantly in hot tablet devices.
No one said Kinect was garbage in the comments, show me where it said that? The comments have simply been about the stupid comparison of a gaming add on to a tablet computer. You might as well say Tickle Me Elmo will out sell the iPad this holiday season! They are not competing products and they don;t have the same user base in terms of numbers. An accessory to a best selling games console is hardly the same as a standalone tablet computer.
All this moaning about the new design, and no one has even tried them yet. Sure it may not be what you want, but others will love it. I have ordered a Product Red version, can't wait :-)
You do know that the new Nano has physical volume buttons?
So go get them? Who is making you buy an iPod nano, tell me then we can protect you!
I guess the BIG question is "How much have Apple licensed AirPlay"? For example have they also licensed the ability to play DRM protected tracks (i.e. those that still have Apple FairPlay DRM attached). I still have many thousands of tracks in my iTunes library that have FairPlay DRM on them. Will they stream to 3rd party devices, or will we be limited to DRM free tracks only? I'm not buying a 3rd party device until this is 100% clear!
Is it really the end of the world to have some slight visual changes? None of them bother me at all, and I am a BIG user of iTunes. To me it looks fresh and appealing. It's also free! Quit the moaning...
Seems there could be an issue with the release of iTunes 10. The iTunes download page is still offering iTunes 9 with a message "iTunes 10 - Coming Soon". Strange message to put up, "Coming Soon", it is is being released today!
So go buy one, who is forcing you to buy an iPod Nano?
10am in San Francisco is 6pm in the UK. As I post this from the UK, it is 10:38 in the UK and 02:38 in San Francisco. Ian
New Posts  All Forums: