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I'm looking to get a 15" MacBook Pro. It will be mostly for general computer use, web surfing, office but I will be doing some light Photoshop and video editing for personal use. I'd appreciate some input as to which model would best suit my needs. Thanks in advance.
When they say updgrades to MacBook in weeks do they mean just MacBooks or MacBook Pros as well. According to the Macrumors buyers guide the Macbook Pro is in the middle of the average model cycle, though I realize you never know.
I was wondering if anyone has purchased a refurbished display from the Apple Store and how the experience turned out. Thanks in advance.
I'd appreciate your opinion on if I should upgrade the 320GB 5400rpm that comes standard in the 2.66GHz 15" MacBook Pro to the 320GB 7200rpm version, it's an extra $45. Just wondering about possible performance increase and if there are any heat, noise issues. I'm planning on purchasing it tonight, thanks in advance.
What I don't get with Apple and MacMall is both say order for delivery on Oct 26th but do you have to choose the most expensive overnight shipping to actually receive it on Oct 26th? Amazon says this product ships on Oct. 26th.
Does anyone know if you purchase Leopard through Apple and choose the standard free shipping, will you still receive Leopard by Oct 26th or do you have to choose overnight shipping?
I just placed an order with Amazon even though after placing the order it says it will ship around Nov 12th. I hope it ships earlier than that though.
Which do you think would ship faster, Amazon or MacMall?
Whatever these laptops are or replacing the Apple MacBook surely needs an update to it's casing. I just came home from an Apple Store and all of the MacBook's on display looked like crap. The Black MacBook's trackpads were terribly worn and the case was full of what looked like oil stains. The white MacBooks were all discolored (yellow) and dirty.
I played with the Sony TZ191 yesterday, man that is a beautiful ultra portable laptop. It's a shame that Apple which prides itself on being on the leading edge of computer technology (I think) doesn't have something like it. I really don't understand why either because I'm sure there would be a great market for this type of laptop from Apple. I'll give Apple another month (only because of OS X) and if there is nothing further on a sub portable from them I'll gladly get the...
New Posts  All Forums: