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Hey guys, Burger King are doing this thing where if you get 50 if your friends to watch one of their adverts, they will give you a free t-shirt. Here is my link http://www.kingtastyshirts.com/?e=ad...e9c7f2af1005cb Please watch! And if you want, ill watch back :> TIA
if i have the money, i would buy the 8 core, or wait on it a bit, because soon you will be able to buy a machine with 12 cores (i read some news, think it was on here that intel are working on 6 core processors) think about it, its total future proofing, considering you wont need to upgrade your specs for a LOOOOOOOOONG time
use some common sense its in china its a laptop thats worth around £1k and being sold for quarter of the price and he has no feedback stay WELL AWAY from this, because you WILL be disappointed
so your expecting us to buy a product we can see? scam much? :P
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