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  Answering my own question: The prices are indeed the same, but the store websites for BTO for both models look slightly different and, I dare say, better for the "high end" model.   Observe!        vs      Look at the far right column and the top column that lets you select from the categories (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, ...)   /sarcasm
Basically, there is no need for a pre-configured "high end" model anymore, at a quick glance it looks like the upgrade options come at the same price as the faster model costs. Or am I missing some important difference?
I don't think these software updates are coupled to any AppleID you might be using in the App Store (you can even use multiple different AppleIDs on one machine).   The GUI for system software updates is merely embedded into the App Store GUI now, instead of being a separate thing.   However, the annoyance that is needing to enter an administrator password before the check for available updates happens and after it is done, doesn't seem to be gone. In fact, it...
Huh, don't you have a new 13" with the 2560x1600 display yet? So last year!
The view of the insides Apple put on their site and into their video is much more beautiful without all those labels an stuff. The SSD looks different in iFixits machine, maybe because of the 512 GB.   See for comparison (mouse over):   http://thtouch.leberwurstsaft.de/mbp/
Pretty sure the Maps.app comparison was live earlier. They've only removed it later. On the German site I've never seen all four examples, though.
As far as I can see, they don't handle it at all, which is quite a bummer. I'm not so sure how easy it would be to create some textbooks that call for math, chemical formula, etc…
http://images.appleinsider.com/ipad_...nboxing-32.jpg That totally looks like a brightness sensor right in the middle of the home button itself
So, is that ad more than two times bigger than the store floor area in Boston?
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