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Not that this really means anything, not concrete anyways.  But AAPL is up 1.29% in after hours trading, for whatever that's worth.
Yeah, I've seen this sentiment on various boards today, and one thing they all have in common is that they never say what *would* have been a significant upgrade.  You nailed it.  The thing's loaded, and it's thinner than an iPhone 6+!  Come on.  
Classy. "Jerk wad?"  What are you, 12?
 Jeez.  Those are pretty amazing numbers if you sit back and think about it.
Because if you read it on the InterWebs, then it just HAS to be true.  Right?
One big difference:  With Yosemite, I click the ESC button or whatever, and I have immediate WiFi connectivity.  The second I am back, I am on-line.  With Mavericks, it wasn't a big deal, but it was between 5-10 seconds.  Doesn't sound like much, granted.  And it isn't.  But multiple times a day?     Now, it's automatic.  Right there.  I like that.
HA!  Learn something new everyday.  All these years, and I never knew that was clickable. :) Thanks.
As others have mentioned, there are blackout rules that apply in certain situations.  But beyond that, I want MY announcers for baseball anyways. Beyond that, I watch other sports than baseball.  LPGA golf, for instance, is ONLY on The Golf Channel.  Tennis Grand Slam tourneys are mostly on ESPN2, and that's it.  Etc. Plus, I use repeats of shows on stuff like TNT and TBS as background noise a lot of the time. Plus, I flip around the news channels (why, who knows?)  a...
Well, happy for the people this will help.   Personally, I need cable for sports and for some other stuff.  But certainly a lot of other people will be glad about this news.
Seems like a good idea. Makes sense.
New Posts  All Forums: