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Here's another question: Did he?
  These are two of the dumbest things I've ever read on this site, and that's saying something.
 "Fassbender is a fine actor?"  Are you being serious?  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Bale fan.  But Fassbender is one of the greatest actors on the planet.  I mean, for god's sakes, just watch "Hunger" and you know all you need to know.
 I'm fairly sure that what you understand about Fellini and Kubrick is pretty much nil.  
Nice.  I wish I could be there. 
That sounds like loads of fun.  Is anyone going to be there talking afterwards?
Habits are hard to break.  I'm realizing that now.  But that multi-tasking feature is catching on with me for sure.  It's pretty cool.
There was an episode of "The Big Interview with Dan Rather" a couple years ago where he interviewed Aaron Sorkin.  I think that anyone interested in this film and its "accuracy" or lack thereof should search it out on YouTube or wherever.   It could be very enlightening.
If you believe that making movies is about that sort of thing then I feel sorry for you.
I haven't seen it yet, but I will say this unequivocally:     Any movie written by Aaron Sorkin and starring Michael Fassbender is a must see for me.  They could make a movie about ... I don't, can't think of anything right now, but something completely boring and irrelevant.  I'd be there.  Sorkin's talent is off the charts.  And the same goes for Fassbender.  These guys are at the top of their professions for a very specific reason:  They are amazing.
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