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Don't take it any way.  I was just kidding around.
You realize that committing a felony over some ill-defined paranoia is NOT a good idea, right?  A felony requires a MINIMUM of a year in PRISON.  Not jail, PRISON.  And that's just the minimum. Does that really sound like fun?
CLOSE! :) And hey, I should know: I spent a number of years playing bridge with some ... well, older ladies.  Heh.
This is like bridge club with a bunch of old ladies.   -- You didn't answer my question.   -- Well you didn' answer mine first!   -- What question?   -- Are you going to bid or pass Martha?!   -- I ... I ... I don't know!  I have to use the facilities.  Where's my walker?   -- I thought Ralph took it!     I mean, really?
That's heresy!
HEY!  We should invite this lady to the thread!   http://www.examiner.com/article/sylvia-allen-mandatory-church-ariz-senator-proposes-moral-mandatory-church She'd fit right it.  I'm telling' ya'!
I hate you! :)
The Justice League?  The Avengers? Oh, and for any of you people (almost all of whom I have on block by now) who were going on and on and on about how Tim's taking a stance would hurt the stock ... MONDAY:  $126.37  +$3.12  +2.53% I will be updating this chart each day for as long as this thread exists. EDIT:  Decided the AAPL info should be in bold each day.
The Justice League?  The Avengers?
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