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 ETA Detroit suburb.  It's a really tiny location, which makes finding a seat fairly difficult on occasion.  So, it's an upside/downside sort of thing. :)
Nice.  It's a pretty good album so far, about half-way through.  And really, can't complain when it's free. :)
 Meanies! :)
By the way, and I realize this is totally OT, but this thread seemed to be active, so ...   Is there not going to be an Apple TV channel for the event this year?  I checked just a little while ago, and it hadn't been added.  I thought usually it was there by this time.   Anyways, sorry for the OT.
 I feel sorry for you.  My Starbucks WiFi works like a charm.
 Great.  Now I've got a headache. :)
 "Most dictionaries list it as "nonstandard" or "incorrect" usage, and recommend that "regardless" should be used instead.[2][3][4]"
 Not to mention that only 2 of them even apply to me.
 And the fact of the matter is that if someone has PHYSICAL ACCESS to your machine or device, you're already compromised.  
Yikes. Considering that it's Fashion Week in NYC, there are going to be some busy fashion editors and bloggers this week!
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