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T-Swizzle may very well be the most powerful person on Earth!   :)   Seriously, though, she certainly is the most powerful person in the music industry.  Hell, for all intents and purposes, she IS the music industry these days.  This never made a difference to me, except on a theoretical level, as I own all of her music on iTunes anyways.  Listening to her right now, as a matter of fact.   But all joking aside from my first line, it really does sort of show how...
So, you're saying that setting up the iPhone is too complex for most people? Well, that presents difficulty, since you need a working an iPhone for 95% of the Watch's functionality to work. :)
You do realize that your "plan" would be completely illegal, right?
There seem to be a lot of us. :)
That's what mine said, then I checked my account and it was about $365 less than before.  All of a sudden I couldn't quit my order on my watch.  And now it says that my Milanese band is 2-4 weeks off.  It's really a mess.   I hope you get your watch soon. BTW, for anyone who has their watch already, is there a way to switch the scrolling in the settings?  I've been using "reverse scrolling" on my Magic Trackpad for years now, and the whole idea of "scrolling down" to do...
Yes.  No, I'm sure you're not.  :)  But I like the options so far.  Hey, I'm sure things will expand over time.  You may get what you want eventually.
Cool. :) Apparently, my Watch Sport DID ship, even though Apple had the Orders page all screwed up (long story) -- so, looks like I'm going to have ANOTHER box sometime tomorrow.  Yay me! :)
  Well, apparently your mice are hipster, elitist, cultists! :)
That would be likely to break the Universe in half.
Oh man, I'm SO glad that I'm not the only one. :)
New Posts  All Forums: