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Yes, they were friends.  But for one man to offer up his life (potentially) for another man is pretty intense. How many times have you offered your life for someone else?
I believe in everything Mr. Cook says and does in these issues.
Tim Cook offered part of his very rare blood type liver to Steve.  Steve turned it down.   Do you have any idea what that takes?  You're saying, basically, "I might not get a transplant in the future, but I care about you so much that I will offer this to you." And Steve turned it down.  Because why?  Because he believed in Tim.  Just as the rest of us do. That was seriously badass.  And as far as shareholders go, I first bought Apple stock when it was at $13, then it...
Yes ... and no. What the Constitution says is what the SC says it says.  And in the centuries since this crap has begun, we've had all sorts of decisions.  Great decisions.  Horrible decisions.  Normal decisions.  But until the SC decides something, it's neither Constitutional nor un-Constitutional.  It's in a nether world where neither applies.  I hate it, but that's the reality.
As I remember it -- and possibly incorrectly I will admit -- there was something about BB that the Government felt was most secure, so they stuck with it. If I'm wrong about this, I'll be the first to admit it.  But that's how I remember the story.
See, I couldn't disagree more. I think that if the CEO of the LARGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD has some ideas on stuff that's going on, he should probably say what those are.  I mean, I get what you're saying.  But Cook has lots of people to do those sorts of things.  He's the face of Apple, he IS Apple.  So when some backasswardass state does something idiotic, and the CEO of the LARGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD has something to say about it, I'm all for it. Tim Cook doesn't need...
Oh, oops. :) OK, just Bing'ed "elephant" and realized that a normal one weighs something like 15,000 lbs.   Oops again. :)
 The real point to this is that Tim Cook is a classy guy, and he wants to help people.  Whatever any of us think about his job at running Apple, I think we can all agree that he is a good person who believes in the goodness of people in general.  And that's a positive thing.  I really like Tim Cook.
  Correct. This is why I don't mind the guys on StormFront so much.  They absolutely admit what the $^#% they are.  I mean, at least stand up for what you think, and don't shrink away from it.  Those guys are scum, sure.  And most of them are idiots.  But at least they admit to what they are.   Here, you see way too many people who pretend they are standing up for "freedom" or "rights" and are just bigots who are revel in racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.  It's almost WORSE!
Thank you. Ironically, earlier today, before this story was even posted and this whole "argument" even began, I wrote Tim Cook an email about how much I respected him.  And now, on AppleInsider sadly, THIS is taking place.  *sigh*
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