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 While I agree, it is important to point out that there are companies that do exactly that.  Obviously there are luxury auto companies, like Mercedes, Audi, and newcomers like Tesla.  You have media companies like, say, Criterion who charge more, but produce a product with much more value than your typical releases. But some products are doomed to be commodity products no matter which way you cut it.  Televisions, for example.  Sure, you can go and buy a 3D or a 4K -- but...
 HA!  It really has been a while. :)  I;m sure.  Heh.
 Exactly. Classic bullshit.
 Why not just shoot me now? :)
 Holy crap.  Are we all that old here? :)
 OK, fair enough. My point, however, was that Samsung sells junk for low margins.  In that way, they are the same.
Well, goodnight.
 Couldn't agree with you more.
 Stealing is wrong, mmkay? Samsung decided, a LONG time ago, that they would take Apple's designs and use them to their advantage.  Since then, they have been doing exactly that. That's wrong. The answer:  SQUASH them!  Beat on them like little roaches on the cement.  Don't ever give them cover, don't ever give them a way out, don't ever give them light.  Destroy, demolish, detonate. They want to play with the big boys?  Good for them.  Let's get ready to rumble.
 I'm done with Samsung too. I said recently here that I was getting a new HDTV, and I am NOT replacing my Samsung with another Samsung.  LG?  Maybe.  Vizio?  Probably.  We'll see. Now, my Samsung BD player ... I doubt I'll have any problems with that anytime soon.  But when I do, its replacement will definitely not be a Samsung. They are not fair players.  I understand that business is business, and all that.  But there's a difference between that and what Samsung has been...
New Posts  All Forums: