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 I'll have to look for the link again, but there was a major Twitter dev asking why both devs and designers focus more on iOS when Android has 80% of the market share.  The answer was simple: iOS users spend WAY more money on apps and shopping and ads.
 Umm, I've been an Apple smartphone consumer since the original in 2007, and an Apple consumer in general since about 2003 (not that long compared to many here, granted). I have NEVER felt that could get more bang for the buck by buying Samsung and "cramming more stuff" in there.  I have all the apps I want, all the functionality I want, and I have one thing that Samsung will NEVER have: resale value. When I upgraded from the 5 to the 5S, Gazelle gave me $34 more for my 5...
 IF they think they are on top, then they need to hire some new people.  Market share and profit are two entirely different things.  And Apple blows Samsung out of the water when it comes to profits from smartphones. They can be the McDonald's of the smartphone as long as they want.
Oh Samsung, stay classy as always.   /s
That read was hilarious on an epic level.   Good god, Samsung.  Get a grip.
 That will never really get old, will it? :)
 Yes, there are lots of Android phones sold.  No, they don't make any money (and actually lose money) selling them.  They are, apart from the flagship phones like S-series and the One, etc., low margin, cheap phones that are sold to buyers with little money.  Those buyers don't feed the ecosystem, consequently, which is why iOS users are always way ahead in spending, from apps to on-line shopping. Remove the S-series, the Note-series, and the Galaxy Tab and the like, and...
Good lord, Samsung is vile.  I mean, at this point, they're not even really trying to hide it.   Employees who were hired and didn't even know Samsung sold smartphones?  Come on.  What sort of quack would believe that even for a second?
 Well, Apple is asking for $2.2B in damages, and treble damages ($6.6B) are available. Even the most white shoe law firm in the world doesn't charge that.
 No but they are the only one making money selling Android phones.  HTC will be out of business very soon.  LG doesn't really care, as their main business is other stuff.  Moto -- who knows? But even by your numbers, Samsung, one company, had 40% of Android sales.  And as far as profits, they were near 100% -- if not over -- when it came to Android. So you really think that something like Android can exist without Samsung? ETA: Yes, Android will survive.  It will survive...
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