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Personally, I can't see a valid use case scenario for this.  Maybe others do, I don't know.  Good for them.  But I can't think of a single time in all of my iPad use that I thought, "Oh, if only I could have two screens side by side!"
 Yeah, I don't get it at all.  To me, it seems like a fad.  Then again, if I were an athlete maybe I'd feel differently. But years of ER visits (for accidents, not health-related problems) has taught me that my heart rate (~80) and BP (~110/70) have stayed pretty consistent for decades.  Which is somewhat ironic, considering that I smoke, drink too much, and rarely exercise. I don't know.  I guess I'm just not the target demo.
 OK, I'm done with this discussion, but I wanted to address one last thing (the bolded statement): Contact with "these people?"  I WAS ONE OF "THOSE PEOPLE!"  Come back to me when you've had nowhere to live (even though in my case it was for a relatively short time, not a lifestyle), got whatever money you could mostly from selling plasma and the like, and ate a soup kitchen every night. Then, and only then, can you lecture me on "these people." Later.
 Why in the world would you think that's unlikely?  I can think of at least a dozen sites that I've been reading for MANY years and never bothered to join. ETA: Just to make this point clear, on the front page right now as to who is viewing: "327 Users (30 Members, 297 Guests)"
 Oh give me a break.  It's down about 1%. And he was right: No stock goes up and up and up forever.  
 Wait a second.  This post was well-reasoned and looked at multiple sides of the discussion. WTF are you doing in this thread?! :)
 Say what you want about Burberry, but Ahrendts is very, very smart and someone who has a deep understanding of retail.  All you need do is look at what happened at Burberry during her tenure (hint: it became a much more valuable brand). Some people will like the style, some won't.  That's the way fashion works.  And obviously, not everyone has $1,700 to drop on a trench coat or $180 for a pair of sunglasses.  But I've never had any problem with the quality of a Burberry...
 Correct. :)
 Oh, of course.  How could I have been that silly?  I should have just held onto my 2009 model.  Damn!  HA!  Yeah, I wish I could get some more before the split.  Unfortunately, the only way to get the money to do that is to ... sell AAPL. :)
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