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Have you left your house in ... oh ... a decade or so?  Ever? Let me tell you a few things: -- Most people you encounter on a daily basis who are gay, you will never know it.  Heck, some people NEVER come out.  Gay people don't walk around wearing a sign reading, "I'm gay!"  Well, ok, occasionally.  Like if you are in a gay bar, there's a good chance that the guy next to you is  gay.  But in general?  No. -- As someone who is not only straight but drinks too much, far too...
ETA: Just to be clear, I am responding to the person to whom you were responding.  This discussion has landed so many people on my Blocked list, sometimes it can seem confusing. :)I can't believe that on a tech site, of all places, someone would use, "But I read it on the InterWebs so it must be true!" argument.  I mean, really  Someone saying that he saw some posts on some Internet site and using that as support is beyond absurd. Now, give me a link to someone USING HIS...
Well, let's left to talk about, really?
Excellent.  Now it all makes a lot more sense. :) Thanks for taking the time to explain.  
 I find all sorts of things offensive.  Guess what?  That's life. As someone who worked in a bakery (though I didn't own it, so didn't get to make any decisions -- just bread :) ) I can say that if I had been in a decision-making position, and someone came in asking for a cake with a Swastika on it I would have made the damned thing.  I wouldn't have liked it.  And I would have crossed the street whenever I saw those guys in the future.  But hey.  It's business.  For all I...
There are a great deal of Americans who believe that you either have to accept the entire picture, and love it without reservation or you're un-American.  You can't criticize slavery, for instance, because you're saying that the US did something bad.  You just need to accept that it was "bad" and move on silently. And there is more than one state legislature that flies the Stars and Bars (more or less, the Confederate flag) above their statehouses.   This is a very strange...
Oh, I see.  So because Ted Bundy likely killed more people than Zodiac, that means that Zodiac was really "OK." As long as something is worse than you are, you're alright.  Nice to know.
OK, gotcha.  Thank you. :)
Damn, I should have picked up on that.  Good point. OTOH, the Venn diagram of the people who don't "believe" in gay marriage and the people who don't "believe" in evolution and the people who don't "believe" the universe is more than 6,000 years old probably has a LOT of area overlap.
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