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 They have enough range for the US military to use them on a regular basis to assassinate people out in the middle of nowhere.  Ahh.  Gotcha. I would guess that they've thought of this stuff, and worked out solutions.
As far as I know, drones have no problem with cities or the buildings that inhabit them.
I've always had the impression that if the drone delivery were OK'ed by the FAA that Amazon would expand the number of distribution centers.  I mean, according to the last census, approximately 80% of Americans live in cities.  So, if you cover something like the top 20 cities, you're able to reach a huge portion of the population.
 I think you're seriously overestimating how many people will be willing to get rid of cable.  Everything always seems like some big, huge "movement" -- when you are reading stuff on tech sites.  It's like when people on tech sites think that some feature they want on their notebook/smartphone/whatever is what every non-techie wants.  A perfect example is how you'll see every techie go totally nuts when they can't access and replace their HD, for instance.  "Normal" people...
Given how much stuff I order from Amazon, and given that I'm already a Prime member and have been one for years, I'd be all for this if it makes a real difference in delivery time.  If, for example, delivery goes from 2 days to something like 6 hours then I would be a happy camper.
Yeah, by the time I learned about Launcher it was already gone.  I'll definitely be checking it out, and am pretty convinced that the $3.99 version will be happening on my iPhone/iPad once I get a look at the basic version.
Because it's a lot less than cable. But really, without ABC and ESPN ... that's gonna be a tough sell.  Well, if you don't care at all about sports, I suppose not.  But ...
Yeah, thanks for the link.  What scumbags.  Ugh. As to gold and aluminum, there was a link in this thread -- I think it was in this thread; unfortunately I can't find the post now -- to an article concerning the creation of the various cases.  Here's the link: http://mashable.com/2015/03/15/apple-watch-how-its-made/ It's really fascinating, and even though what I know about manufacturing and metallurgy could fit inside a thimble, leaving lots of room left over, the author...
I would agree with you concerning most NBC content, were it not for the fact that NBC covers the Olympics, the French Open in tennis, the US Open in golf, etc.
 Can I ask where you read this?  That wouldn't bother me, anyways, as I rarely watch anything live (other than sports). I'm just curious.
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