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HEY!  We should invite this lady to the thread!   http://www.examiner.com/article/sylvia-allen-mandatory-church-ariz-senator-proposes-moral-mandatory-church She'd fit right it.  I'm telling' ya'!
I hate you! :)
The Justice League?  The Avengers? Oh, and for any of you people (almost all of whom I have on block by now) who were going on and on and on about how Tim's taking a stance would hurt the stock ... MONDAY:  $126.37  +$3.12  +2.53% I will be updating this chart each day for as long as this thread exists. EDIT:  Decided the AAPL info should be in bold each day.
The Justice League?  The Avengers?
You don't know me. And if you look at the original quote, he took part of it out of context and twisted it for his own purposes, as he's been doing this entire thread.  Why not pay attention to what's going on before lashing out, k?
Wait.  Shut the front door! If neither straight couples or lesbians practice sodomy, then WHAT HAVE I BEEN WATCHING 8 HOURS A DAY FOR THE LAST DECADE?!?! 
I suggest you take the few scheckles you have and purchase yourself a dictionary.  Please.
There is exactly one Muslim in Congress, out of 535 people.  And I've never heard him pander to anyone. Just answering your rhetorical question. :)
That may ... note: MAY ... be true of Santorum. But Rush long, long ago did enough damage to whatever he started with as a brain as to be more or less incomprehensible anymore.  
I think that's sort of the point, no? (Just for those who are slow on the uptake: WTF do I care what some desert dwelling nomads thought about anything 3,000 years ago?  Why the hell should that interest me in the slightest as far as how I live my life is concerned?)
New Posts  All Forums: