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Well, Internet radio is only free if you have access to the Internet.  Now, granted, that's more and more common -- at your local Starbuck's for example.  But still ...
LOL So very true. :) I get the general point of the column, and I agree that in a perfect world major players like HBO would be treated exactly the same as smallest iOS developer.  Of course, we all know that this is far from a perfect world. And yeah: I saw about 15 minutes of "Stacked Racks from Mars" and it was just about as softcore as softcore can get. Honestly, that 15 minutes was kinda funny.  I might check out the whole thing one day, if it's as funny as those few...
I'm  a big fan of T-Swizzle, so this news makes me happy.
Because it was a simple explanation of what you said.  You want to talk film?  You want to talk literature?  Fine.  But what you said was simple BS.  Sorry, but it was.  I could take it apart fifty ways to Sunday.  But do I really need to?  It's bullshit.  You want to be a NAZI, then go ahead.  Be one.  
But you can still can get the Milanese Loop for the Sport, right?
Trust me, you don't have to worry.  She might think of herself as some great person, but she stands no chance.  You don't have to worry.
Wrong. A forum, like this one, is supposed to be made up of intelligent discussion.  I'm sorry if yours doesn't reach that level.  I question whether you know a damn thing about Apple, Tim Cook, or, say, the next iPhone.  I think that you are just a debatable asshole who wants to talk about a country he doesn't understand, and talk about in a way that most of his own countrymen would find abhorrent. I don't respect you, no.  I do, OTOH, respect someone like Karrie Webb....
Well, I don't know about Mishawaka, but in Indy discrimination based upon sexual orientation is illegal already, by city ordinance (or whatever they call it).
Carly's a classic narcissist.  They could put her picture next to the word in the dictionary.  She's absolutely loathsome, and has shown it time and time again.  The fact that someone as vile as she would even think to attack someone like Tim Cook would be hilarious if it weren't so nauseating. OTOH, that's what narcissists do.  So ... *shrug*
Yeah, I'm going to pre-order the minute it becomes available, then wait for it to arrive.  Assuming everything's cool (it fits, etc.) that will be easier.  I don't think I'll bother with going for in-store pick-up.  I really love the Apple Store, but it's all the way on the other side of town.  And I just don't really bother with leaving the house that much anymore, other than to go to the bar. :)
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