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She's all class.  It will be nice to see her at events and the like in the future.
 Never said that.  
 The Starbucks by my house is pretty loud, but I'm usually there at night.  It's somewhat close to a high school, and there's nothing like a gaggle of teenaged girls hyped up on caffeine. :)  But I've gotten used to it.  
Gorgeous.  I love that spiral staircase.   Looks like a really nice store.
 I don't use Maps, so it's not something on which I can comment.  But no, I never had any trouble with Touch ID.  Worked out of the box for me.
 Whose is?!
 But ... but ... but ... Ford's a TOTAL failure! 
 That was mean! :)
 Oh, he won't (as I'm sure you know).  He's been going on and on about how "APPLE IS DOOMED!" because of this idiotic 3D phone for weeks, now? It won't ever stop.
 You know, it's getting VERY difficult to tell what is /s and what is not /s anymore (not that it was easy before, really). I was going to say that with the purchase of every new iPhone you should get 1TB of storage and a new iMac.  Then I was worried that people would think that I was serious. :)
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