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 HAHA!  No comment.  My knowledge of this implies nothing! :) Anyways, yeah, didn't think of the notifications.
 Umm, that goes against about 30 years of web experience.  Yes, there could be something wrong with the browser.  But if the browser works generally, but fails 100% on a particular site, then something is wrong in the design of that site. Also:  iPad Air, iOS 7.1.1  Well, I can think of a fairly simple way to hide them from all but the most investigative, paranoid eyes.  Just make a folder, like [Other], and put them into the folder on a back page of the folder.   And...
 As I said, *I* can't think of a single use case.  For me. And seeing as I haven't played a team game (iOS, console, or PC) -- this obviously doesn't apply to me.
 Yeah, it's funny isn't it?
Personally, I can't see a valid use case scenario for this.  Maybe others do, I don't know.  Good for them.  But I can't think of a single time in all of my iPad use that I thought, "Oh, if only I could have two screens side by side!"
 Yeah, I don't get it at all.  To me, it seems like a fad.  Then again, if I were an athlete maybe I'd feel differently. But years of ER visits (for accidents, not health-related problems) has taught me that my heart rate (~80) and BP (~110/70) have stayed pretty consistent for decades.  Which is somewhat ironic, considering that I smoke, drink too much, and rarely exercise. I don't know.  I guess I'm just not the target demo.
 OK, I'm done with this discussion, but I wanted to address one last thing (the bolded statement): Contact with "these people?"  I WAS ONE OF "THOSE PEOPLE!"  Come back to me when you've had nowhere to live (even though in my case it was for a relatively short time, not a lifestyle), got whatever money you could mostly from selling plasma and the like, and ate a soup kitchen every night. Then, and only then, can you lecture me on "these people." Later.
 Why in the world would you think that's unlikely?  I can think of at least a dozen sites that I've been reading for MANY years and never bothered to join. ETA: Just to make this point clear, on the front page right now as to who is viewing: "327 Users (30 Members, 297 Guests)"
 Oh give me a break.  It's down about 1%. And he was right: No stock goes up and up and up forever.  
 Wait a second.  This post was well-reasoned and looked at multiple sides of the discussion. WTF are you doing in this thread?! :)
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