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http://www.cnbc.com/id/102538002      And etc.
THAT IS NOT THE WAY THE LAW WORKS! Learn something about the caselaw concerning this type of thing.
Our two views are explicitly different in one particular way:  You're saying that people should shut up, while I'm doing the opposite.   If you don't believe that Cook's right to free speech is just as important as yours or anyone else's, then just say that.  If you do, then what argument are you making, exactly? 
What you'd "rather" is totally irrelevant.  You're nothing more than a keyboard warrior, posting anonymously.  Cook is CEO of the most valuable company in the world.  And if you think that Cook, and Apple, have said "nothing" about oppressive behaviors in other countries, then I don't know what planet you've been on.  But the fact of the matter is, a person has to clean his own yard before it becomes his business to help his neighbor clean his.  This is simply...
Of course it's juvenile.  But ... that's the way our system (doesn't) work.
No, it really isn't. And name a company that stays out of such matters.  
No.  What I find humorous is that you would even deign to use the word "truth."  Oh, and I find it humorous that you would link to that site as some sort of basis for your opinion.   If those are the sorts of people you want to hang with, feel free.  AFAIC, though, welcome to my blocked list.
You.  Calling Tim Cook a hypocrite. Now my day is complete.
You disagree with pretty much the entire court system in the United States.  Just wanted to let you know that.
So, you're fine if they decide not to serve white people, or Christians, or Jews, right?
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