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I suggest you take the few scheckles you have and purchase yourself a dictionary.  Please.
There is exactly one Muslim in Congress, out of 535 people.  And I've never heard him pander to anyone. Just answering your rhetorical question. :)
That may ... note: MAY ... be true of Santorum. But Rush long, long ago did enough damage to whatever he started with as a brain as to be more or less incomprehensible anymore.  
I think that's sort of the point, no? (Just for those who are slow on the uptake: WTF do I care what some desert dwelling nomads thought about anything 3,000 years ago?  Why the hell should that interest me in the slightest as far as how I live my life is concerned?)
Y-E-A-R-S ago, before Huffington went to FB for commenting, and all that crap -- IOW, back when it was a credible site -- I used to post there all the time, in pretty much every section; from the Front Page, to Sports, to Tech, to Style, to Celebrity, to Entertainment ... the whole deal.  And it was mostly (as much as any mostly-unmoderated Internet site can be anyways) a pretty decent place.  You could have real discussions with people, go back and forth. Now, of course,...
No, he's on the right side.  And he's on the same side as the NFL, the NCAA, the NBA, Angie's List (and she's a total right-wing nut-job!), Salesforce, PayPal, Google, and even Bret freakin' Bair from FOX NEWS! You -- and your compatriots here -- seem to be almost the ONLY people on the planet who think he's on the wrong side. Let me ask you:  When AZ passed a similar law, and the NFL said that they would cancel the Phoenix Super Bowl, and move it somewhere else if it were...
 I actually laughed out loud.  Nicely played, sir. :)
Oh, and so far (3:43 ET), AAPL is up 2.41%, or nearly $3.   Damn, that Tim Cook!  
Have you left your house in ... oh ... a decade or so?  Ever? Let me tell you a few things: -- Most people you encounter on a daily basis who are gay, you will never know it.  Heck, some people NEVER come out.  Gay people don't walk around wearing a sign reading, "I'm gay!"  Well, ok, occasionally.  Like if you are in a gay bar, there's a good chance that the guy next to you is  gay.  But in general?  No. -- As someone who is not only straight but drinks too much, far too...
ETA: Just to be clear, I am responding to the person to whom you were responding.  This discussion has landed so many people on my Blocked list, sometimes it can seem confusing. :)I can't believe that on a tech site, of all places, someone would use, "But I read it on the InterWebs so it must be true!" argument.  I mean, really  Someone saying that he saw some posts on some Internet site and using that as support is beyond absurd. Now, give me a link to someone USING HIS...
New Posts  All Forums: