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 Personally I am convinced that Siri works for most people.  But negative opinions are always going to be loudest, since people with no problems rarely have a reason to post in the first place. And just because something is a really good product doesn't mean that a company shouldn't work to improve it.  Working to improve products should be an on-going, constant pursuit, no matter how good one believes a particular product to be.
 You know, Siri almost always (like well into the high 90% area) understands exactly what I am saying.  Maybe you need some diction classes or something. And they said that Siri had been improved.  Why not wait and see before you criticize?
 You're not being mean.  It's just that I've been running OSX since, let's see, Jaguar.  I just never was in this situation.  It's not a big deal.  I can wait.
I can't really see the use of this -- though I know it will be super-useful to others.  Although, if I can get a new HDTV that has HomeKit connectivity, maybe I can.   "Siri, I'd like to watch a Blu-Ray movie now."   "OK, Aaron.  Turning on your TV and Blu-Ray player.  I'm also shutting down the lights and putting Cassie [my iPhone] on vibrate."   "Thanks Siri.  I love you."   "Aww, Aaron.  You shouldn't have."     Umm ... OK, forget those last two lines.   :)
OK, is going to make me sound like a complete idiot, but what else is new?   They said they would make the Yosemite beta available to everyone (non-developers) at some point this summer.  Since I've never been a developer, I don't quite know how this works.  Can you install the beta alongside your regular (in this case Mavericks) system and dual boot?  Do you need to -- or can you -- boot it off a USB?   I am just interested in messing around with it once it becomes...
 Actually you have been hearing the "Buy American!" argument for at least 40 years.  But it's 99% rhetoric.  Those same people who make a big deal out of "Buying American!" actually don't.  For example, there is not one native USA maker of TVs that I'm aware of.  But I'm pretty sure almost all Americans have a TV.  Toyota is one of the best-selling auto manufacturers in the USA. Believe me, "Buy USA!" is 99% bluster, 1% actual reality.
   Yes, Apple can -- and does -- surprise us.  But ... If you look at something like the iPod or the iPhone or even the iPad, they were BOTH evolutionary AND revolutionary.  They were evolutionary in the fact that they filled a market space that already existed.  For instance, personal music players go back at least 30+ years to the Walkman.  Cell phones go without saying.  The iPad is a bit different, but there are lots of people who don't need a full notebook, and would...
 I ask this as a serious question, I'm not trying to attack you.  Promise. But who the **** needs to know their pulse rate, respiration rate, hydration levels, etc.?  I mean, sure, I can maybe think of a few situations, but they are EXTREMELY niche. Look at the iPod: Everyone loves music, right? The iPhone: Everyone has a phone and makes calls, right? These weren't niche products with a very limited user base.  I can't remember the last time in my 46 years that I cared...
One thing I would be curious to know as time goes by is how app purchase and related types of expenditures compare between the two (US and China).  Could be interesting.
 Sorry but that is neither a refutation of what I said -- and it's also not true, if you go back you will see that Blackberry DID in fact see what the iPhone was going to do to them -- nor is it even close to an argument in favor of your original point, which was: Apple should bother suing companies like HTC to make some difference in the future, because someone like HTC might be the next Samsung. You still have made no rational argument in favor of that stance.
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