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 Oh I don't know, it is sorta fun having a foul-mouthed 11 year-old around :)
 Oh bullshit.
 Not trying to be a jerk, but what is wrong with these people?  I'm not kidding.
 I STILL do that! :)
 You should be banned for that last line! :)
 Well, that's just what it says in the headline.  It makes it clear in the article. It's the same as advertising.  Take, for example, Fox News vs. a PGA Tour tournament.  Fox News has an average age viewership of 66 years old. And a good portion of their viewership has a low amount of disposable income (if any).  That's why you see stuff like Goldline and reverse mortgages advertise on Fox News.  Watch a PGA tournament sometime.  You see advertisers like Audi, Mercedes,...
 Why would it be representative of the "average" person?  It wouldn't be.  Anymore than, say, if you were doing a survey about a hypothetical new Tesla sports car.  Or if you were doing a survey concerning a new design for Ping golf clubs.  Or ... well, you get the idea. What the "average" person thinks is useless in almost any survey like this.  People with low incomes, people with medium incomes, people with huge incomes, people on fixed incomes -- they all represent...
 MacRumors is ridiculous.  It wasn't always like this -- sad, really.  But it really is awful.
These discussions about pronunciation reminds me of a (completely OT) memory of listening -- or, trying to -- a conversation between Ian Rankin and Grant Morrison once.  Jeez.  Two guys from Glasgow ... I must have listened to that discussion like 20 times.   Now, back to our regular programming. :)
New Posts  All Forums: