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 Your problem with your assessment is that you are treating this as if Apple is selling a watch.  They aren't.  They are selling another disruption in technology.  The fact is, it has the form factor of a watch, it is called a Watch, and it tells time; but all of that is irrelevant.   They aren't in competition with Rolex or Omega or Patek Phillipe or whomever else you want to throw out there.  They are in competition with the existing "smart watch" market -- which, for...
This is not cheap leather.  This is high-quality.  The little product info for the Midnight Blue, for example:  And if you want a Casio, get one.  I am not sure what it's going to be able to accomplish, though.  Not to mention that I'm pretty sure that the fluoroelastomer bands that Apple is using is vastly superior to anything you'd get with a cheap POS watch. It will be interesting to see how 3rd party sellers are able to get past patents.  I don't think they are going...
*headdesk* Really?  REALLY?!
 I was flabbergasted when I saw the Milanese Loop was only $149.  I really wanted it, but I thought, like you, that it would really cost a ton.  I do need to try it out on the 10th, though, at the Store.  Some people who have had similar bands in the past have said they can really pull at your arm hair.  So, if it turns out to be too uncomfortable (which, knowing Apple, it probably won't) then I'll go with either the Black Classic Buckle, or if I feel like spending $100...
 Not sure what's feminine about that, but the Black Classic Buckle is available for the 38mm.  And that's leather.  It's not a loop, no.  But it is leather.
*eyeroll* So, you "see where Benny's coming from" eh?  What part of Apple's marketing so far convinces you that they are primarily attempting to sell to women?  I'm very curious about that.
I really never would have considered the white until I saw it at the event yesterday.  I thought it really looked good on Tim.  And I'm almost for sure going to get the Loop, and use the white one for playing golf, or for just a change of pace every once in a while.  
Everything I've seen has indicated that all the bands fit all the models (some of them aren't individually for sale, though).  
Yeah, I haven't worn a watch in over 20 years -- that will be changing in a bit over a month, though :) -- but it's difficult for me to imagine doing that, assuming I am sober enough to be showering in the first place.
The biggest story for me from today -- well, I guess yesterday now -- was definitely ResearchKit.  This is a HUGE deal, and is the sort of thing that could make a difference in many people's lives.   Of course, it's not good click-bait, so ...
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