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There are a great deal of Americans who believe that you either have to accept the entire picture, and love it without reservation or you're un-American.  You can't criticize slavery, for instance, because you're saying that the US did something bad.  You just need to accept that it was "bad" and move on silently. And there is more than one state legislature that flies the Stars and Bars (more or less, the Confederate flag) above their statehouses.   This is a very strange...
Oh, I see.  So because Ted Bundy likely killed more people than Zodiac, that means that Zodiac was really "OK." As long as something is worse than you are, you're alright.  Nice to know.
OK, gotcha.  Thank you. :)
Damn, I should have picked up on that.  Good point. OTOH, the Venn diagram of the people who don't "believe" in gay marriage and the people who don't "believe" in evolution and the people who don't "believe" the universe is more than 6,000 years old probably has a LOT of area overlap.
MY guy Obama?!  You don't know me.  Don't pretend you do. Did I vote for the guy?  You effin' betcha!  What were my freakin' options?!  Am I particularly happy with the job he's done?  Nope.  But this is the often backwards country in which I live in. And I see that you didn't address the point I made at all.  To the block list.
Sorry, that makes no sense whatsoever.  Being actively against gay marriage -- or, hell, for that matter gay people in general -- has an effect on other people's lives. OTOH, someone being gay has no effect on your life.
Honest question: Sarcasm?
1) Liberals do not hate the rich.  Where did you get this idea -- probably Fox News or the Washington Examiner or some such?  I have never, not once in my entire life -- and I've been involved in all sorts of political movements and groups and the like -- not ONCE have I met someone who "hated the rich."  What is this?  "Les Miserables?" 2) While no one is the root of all evil in the world, the Koch brothers have absolutely ZERO to support anything other than an absolute...
Sure.  Take the comment out of the context of what he was saying, and that apply it to him. To the block list.  Jeez.
Can someone explain the point of an ARM-based OS X machine?   I'm not trolling or trying to be snide, I just don't get it.
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