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 Me too.
 This man should get "extra points" for the Spiro Agnew quote.  What a classic. :)
 I outright laughed out loud. OTOH, I'm not sure what that says about me. ;)
Holy crap! You're right! I can read/post on my iPhone. Will miracles never cease?
I live in a metro area, and, ironically, two blocks from a T-Mobile store.  The T-Mobile coverage here is not good, according to those I know who have T-Mobile.  ATT, otoh, is awesome.  I've considered switching in the past, since ATT costs more.  But it isn't worth it.
   Yeah, I was a Sun Devil for one year.  Did way too much partying and far too little going to class -- just wasn't ready to be a student, really.  But I had a good time! :) As to palm trees ... 
 There are definitely places, though, where there are fewer trees than people.  Heck, I lived in one of those places for a year: Tempe, AZ.  There were probably more people in my dorm* than there were trees in all of Tempe. * = my dorm had 15 floors, btw.
 True.  And it holds for our infrastructure as a whole -- tech or non-tech.  Everything from our cell system to our bridges to you-name-it is awful.  Too many people have been convinced that this is just the way things are gonna be, and there's nothing to be done about it.  So they have, as you say, low expectations. People complain about un- or low employment?  Put the damn country to work fixing the effin' infrastructure!  Will it cost money?  Yes.  Will it put people to...
 I'm trying to imagine the shitstorm that would ensue if Apple did that, and I am finding my imagination lacking in this case. :)
 The post to which I originally responded was removed, along with my response.  
New Posts  All Forums: