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So you believe in racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and pretty much every other ugly idea in the Universe. Good to know.
So it's ok if I, as an atheist, have a restaurant where anyone weariing a cross or a crucifix, a Star of David or a Yarmulke, a Hajib or any Islamic paraphernalia is immediately kicked out because I don't want to "associate with them."   Good to know.
The WBC has a right to do their obnoxious, horrendous, terrible protests at funerals, et al.  Yes.  A series of laws were passed in the past few years that said that they had to be x (I don't remember the number) yards away from the funeral, but yes: They have a right to say what they want. Do I like them?  Absolutely not.  Do I agree with their right to free speech?  Yes.   PS: I don't think we need to worry about the WBC for much longer.  Most of them are old, and the...
 The stuff you are saying is not even CLOSE to correct. If you want, I will tell you all the points where you are wrong, and I will give you a massively long list of Supreme Court cases that deny everything you have said. Do you want that?
Wrong. But nice try.
 Then you are living a dream world.
Brilliant move by Spence.     Already many tech (and other companies) have cancelled conventions and other events in Indiana, and while the NCAA can't really cancel the Final Four, since it's next week, they have said that they will seriously consider whether to hold future events in the state.   When the state of Arizona had a similar law proposed, the NFL said if you pass this law, we will NOT hold the Super Bowl in Phoenix. Guess what?  Same thing this time.   So,...
  You both should spend more time on your StormFront site, and less here.
Which is a situation I've actually been in.  And yes, that and the bartender taking your keys, for example, are perfect examples of refusing service for a very good reason.
Awesome post. Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: