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 So you choose to be heterosexual?
 The same way as one knows if he or she were denied a job based on race or gender, for example. Employment law -- look into it.
Yeah, I'm down to a grand total of 2 comics I read anymore, so this isn't tragic or anything.  But I could easily see this going south quickly.  Hopefully Amazon won't screw the pooch with this.
 All I can comment on is my experience, and it was almost entirely painless. Have these people you worked with actually used computers before?  
 Well, I'm a typical consumer who never used iMovie until a few days ago.  I wanted to film my golf swing, using two cameras (my iPad and my iPhone), one from behind down the line, and the other front facing from the side.  My goal was to combine the clips into a split-screen view. Not having ever used any version of iMovie before, I wasn't sure if this would be simple to do or beyond me.  It took me about 20 minutes of playing around and searching on the web, and...
 You realize that means, nothing, right? Also, if you have an issue with the slide-to-unlock patent, then take it up with the USTPO.  The fact is, the only thing that matters in this case is that Apple holds a patent on this, and Samsung copied it.  That part is indisputable.  Now, the issue is what are the damages?  That's the question being determined (among others, as slide-to-unlock is not the only patent at issue here).
 Well, it's simple.  Just because not everyone is successful at engaging in a particular act doesn't mean that engaging in that act can't lead to success.  In other words, just because Samsung is better (and has way more money to market their products) at selling smartphones than HTC or Moto doesn't, in and of itself, somehow negate the argument that Apple is making. Just because most strippers don't make much money doesn't mean that Julia Ann and Janine didn't make $35k a...
 Heh. :)
 I'm trying very hard to figure out how those two things are mutually exclusive, and I'm failing.  Care to explain?
 Thanks. Though that hardly seems like something Samsung could sue over.
New Posts  All Forums: