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I didn't mean that it wouldn't happen technologically.  Obviously, that's not true. I meant that I don't ever see it taking off.  Heck, most physical media sales today are STILL DVD.  People haven't even decided that Blu-Ray is the way to go.  The fact is, most people just don't notice or care about these things, and aren't willing to spend any money to "upgrade."  Not to mention that the percentage of people who have: A UHD capable device, a 25Mbps+ Internet connection,...
Agreed. Remember how many tech site denizens were talking about how iTunes had already failed before it even started because the bitrate was way too low, and FLAC was just absolutely necessary?
I really don't see 4K ever happening.
To be fair, he did put it in quotes.
It doesn't "need" to do that, frankly.  99.9% of people don't care or notice. I think the fact that you're talking about a $1,400 Blu-Ray player sets out outside the mainstream a bit. :)
And I'd like to come home someday to a bevy of Victoria's Secret models and Taylor Swift hanging out in my living room.   A lot of the ideas concerning what TV services "should be" being bandied about here are about as likely as that, if not less.
Well, it makes total sense when you consider the price cut on the current version and the upcoming TV service.   An A8 -- cool! :)
This is anecdotal, sure.  But here goes. Last year, I made 60 orders from Amazon, many of which had multiple items obviously.  Of those 60 orders ( a vast majority of which were either blu-rays or books ), there were only two that would have come even close to 5 lbs.: -- The Criterion Collection "Criterion Designs" book, which had a shipping weight of 5.5 lbs. -- A 42" LG HDTV, and I'm pretty sure this isn't the sort of thing that Amazon is planning on delivering by drone. :)
1) I hope she's right.   2) I'm glad someone else doesn't like these types of graphs.  They always confuse the hell out of me.     3) Damn, she's cute.  (Not really relevant ... just an observation. :) )
If the government wanted to attack and kill citizens using drones, they certainly wouldn't need to experiment.  They already do that overseas.  All the freakin' time. (If you were being sarcastic, then I am sorry. :) )
New Posts  All Forums: