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 Of for the love of ... Ah, well.  These threads are always good for one thing: Helping me expand my ignore list.
 By whom?  Samsung's marketing budget is between $10B and $15B annually.  Do you know how many people own Samsung products including phones? People, in general, rarely switch up brands unless they have a great reason.  And away from tech site message boards, most people wouldn't even notice the difference between Tizen and Android.  If they can play a game, make a call, download some music, watch "Frozen" -- they're fine. Trust me: Aside from geeks, your average person is...
 Except Nokia was already near death.  Samsung is the ONLY Android phone maker with any traction whatsoever in the market.  They are the only Android company making any money.  Comparing them to Nokia is absurd.
 Google's market cap is ~366B.  Samsung's is ~195B.
 But, sadly, not surprising.
This is interesting in light of the ArsTechnica review of the S5.  From that review (emphasis mine):  Samsung, due to their position, can do whatever they want to do.  And what they want to do is get the F away from Google and Android.  Tizen is clearly the future of Samsung.  There can't really be people who don't believe this. In the world of smartphones, what we have is a total duopoly.  Apple and Samsung account for 106% of worldwide smartphone profits.  That means...
 So you choose to be heterosexual?
 The same way as one knows if he or she were denied a job based on race or gender, for example. Employment law -- look into it.
Yeah, I'm down to a grand total of 2 comics I read anymore, so this isn't tragic or anything.  But I could easily see this going south quickly.  Hopefully Amazon won't screw the pooch with this.
 All I can comment on is my experience, and it was almost entirely painless. Have these people you worked with actually used computers before?  
New Posts  All Forums: