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 Did the system come as a surprise to you when you first turned on your iPhone? And let me inform you of something: Yes, it is TOTALLY fine for Apple to "prevent [you] from exercising your rights to do with a device as [you] please" if they made the device and sold it to you, and you agreed to the license.  Don't like it?  Get an Android phone.  But as long as you: 1) Were well aware of the situation when you purchased the phone,2) Agreed to the license when activating the...
 I love gambling, and do it a fair amount -- not a lot, but every once in a while.  But the number of people who don't understand the inherent odds is scary.  Personally, I don't care if I lose my money, since I don't gamble with money I can't afford to lose.  A lot of people, however, don't seem to grasp this concept.
Yeah, no kidding.  I was really hoping for a free d/l of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" trilogy, in HD.  /s
That's sounds like a fun -- if nerve-wracking -- experience. :) 
 Nope.  But I would have no problem doing that.
 Yeah, I'm so bummed that I bought Apple stock when it was $13 a share, then it split.  I may not be great at math, but I'm fairly sure I've made a good deal of money on that buy.
 While he was most likely joking, it's always important to consider margins.  There are companies in pretty much every endeavor that control a tiny portion of the market yet, because of high margins, make a great profit.  I have no idea, for instance, what Ferrari's market share is (yes, I know they are now owned by Fiat) but I'm guessing they still pull in a decent profit on each auto sold. Whether that can be said about BB, I don't know (and frankly I doubt it).  
Test.  This is a test.  Sorry.   YAY!  I can finally post with Safari!  Woo-hoo!
Thank you.
 Yes, my comment was a bit off key, in that it was about film. But you seem to have missed the entire point of what I was getting at.  And if you want me to get critical about Williams, ask for it.  Because I can.  Trust me.  But that has nothing to do with what I was talking about. PS: BTW, is anyone else still experiencing problems with Safari and this site?  I can't seem to post here.  So I need to keep Firefox open for this site alone.  If it is fixed, that would be...
New Posts  All Forums: