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 Likewise. They do it because it's "cool" to do it.
 That's what I'm leaning towards.  But I still haven't entirely made up my mind.  My current 5 is white -- which is obviously not an option with the 6. Sadly, since I sort of like the white.
I was really questioning whether or not I would update, since I didn't really want a bigger phone.  But I made a little cut-out, and it seems like it will be ok.  I'm talking about the 4.7", of course.  That 5.5" -- I just don't get those things at all; never have.   And as far as the tech itself, this is clearly a step (or two) forward, and pretty difficult to pass up for that reason.  Add to that that Gazelle will give me nearly $300 for my 5S -- I'll definitely be...
 ETA Detroit suburb.  It's a really tiny location, which makes finding a seat fairly difficult on occasion.  So, it's an upside/downside sort of thing. :)
Nice.  It's a pretty good album so far, about half-way through.  And really, can't complain when it's free. :)
 Meanies! :)
By the way, and I realize this is totally OT, but this thread seemed to be active, so ...   Is there not going to be an Apple TV channel for the event this year?  I checked just a little while ago, and it hadn't been added.  I thought usually it was there by this time.   Anyways, sorry for the OT.
 I feel sorry for you.  My Starbucks WiFi works like a charm.
 Great.  Now I've got a headache. :)
 "Most dictionaries list it as "nonstandard" or "incorrect" usage, and recommend that "regardless" should be used instead.[2][3][4]"
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