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 Oh man.  The memories of a time when /. was actually worth reading. *sigh* :(
 Whenever I hear the word "bling" now I'm reminded of Alien's epic rant about all of his "sh*t" and how awesome he is because of it.  Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it here due to language issues. :) Man, I may have to rematch that again tonight!
 There is a massive black-market.  Well, the black-market isn't as huge as it once was, now that all the major carriers in China sell the iPhone.  But before China Mobile, and before the others, there were still a lot of Chinese with iPhones.
 Nope, you're right: It's pretty huge news. And pretty much anyone should have seen this coming a mile away.  China has a middle class that grows by leaps and bounds every day.  Sure, there are a lot of poor people China -- because there are a lot of PEOPLE in China.  But there are also a lot of people who have the money to spend on premium items.   I mean, the women's tennis tour (WTA) has something like NINE tournaments in China this year.  And for those who don't really...
 Me too.
 This man should get "extra points" for the Spiro Agnew quote.  What a classic. :)
 I outright laughed out loud. OTOH, I'm not sure what that says about me. ;)
Holy crap! You're right! I can read/post on my iPhone. Will miracles never cease?
I live in a metro area, and, ironically, two blocks from a T-Mobile store.  The T-Mobile coverage here is not good, according to those I know who have T-Mobile.  ATT, otoh, is awesome.  I've considered switching in the past, since ATT costs more.  But it isn't worth it.
   Yeah, I was a Sun Devil for one year.  Did way too much partying and far too little going to class -- just wasn't ready to be a student, really.  But I had a good time! :) As to palm trees ... 
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