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Hey, Mods, not trying to tell you how to do your job, but it seems to me that pretty much everything that could be said has been said here.  Might not be the worst idea in the world to close the thread at this point.   Just an idea.
 The fact that you can even compare Bin Laden's role in Afghanistan with Mandela's in his South Africa is simply amazing to me. With that, I'm done discussing this.
 Who exactly was Bin Laden trying to liberate from crushing, dehumanizing oppression?
 I've said for years (and it's not like I'm the only one who's ever said this) that if all of our lives are judged solely by the worst thing we've ever done, we are all in a LOT of trouble.
 OJ Simpson was married to Nicole Brown, too.
 Yeah, I was thinking that I was probably solely responsible for the increase.  I like to be important that way! :)
 Well, maybe you're right about the misfit toys. :)  Although, both of the places from which I was banned were comic book forums and -- understand that I say this a comic book nerd myself -- there are few groups of people in the world who are more rabid, often concerning the most minute issue or disagreement, than comic book fans.  I could lead you to 20+ page threads that occurred when they gave Wonder Woman pants, for instance. :)  Though I will admit as a Wondy fan...
 Heh.  What happened to you at MacRumours has, unfortunately, happened to me -- at more than one internet forum.  I definitely know how you feel. :)
That was a very interesting article.  And I think most of what she said is surely the case.  However, I have found that since I got my 64GB iPhone 5S, I'm REALLY bad about deleting apps.  I just haven't gotten to the point where I need the room.  I'm a bit better with my iPad Air, since I have more movies and video generally taking up room.   One data point I found interesting is that "Single Player Games" were only at 40% retention over 90 days.  I'm sure she is right...
Jeez.  I'm sorry it took so long to respond to this horrible event.   This makes me very sad, as I too very much looked forward to his contributions.  It's a real shame when someone leaves us at his age.  As much of a loss as he will be to this forum and to all of our experience here, I feel for his family and friends.   Best travels, man.  
New Posts  All Forums: