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 LOL! :)
 Again, "innovation" barely has meaning any more.  But my point is Google is an advertising company.  Do they have minor side projects that sometimes see the light of day (and often don't)?  Sure.  Big deal.  I'm not seeing Google's effect on how people utilize tech on an every day basis.  There's nothing that is part of their larger ecosystem that is in any way different or new.  And the vast, vast, VAST majority of that larger ecosystem is selling ads anyways. Look at it...
 Isn't every single one of those vapor ware currently?  And any company that derives 90%+ of revenues from advertising is only ever going to be so innovative.   Anyways, the way people toss the word "innovate" around has made it nearly completely meaningless.  
 Based on what, exactly? *confused*
 Yeah.  It's not as if the entire Internet was created, essentially, by the government. Oh, wait.
 I'm not sure what they'll do.  But unless they have some super-duper-double-secret battery tech hidden somewhere in the basement at Cupertino, doubling the resolution (which quadruples the number of pixels) would be a battery life disaster.  And no one would be able to notice a resolution improvement. So, again, I don't know what they'll do.
 We'll see.  I have a feeling we'll be hearing an announcement before WWDC.  
 The $1B number includes content bought through AppleTV.  The numbers for iTunes as a whole are WAY bigger than $1B alone.
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