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Everything I've seen has indicated that all the bands fit all the models (some of them aren't individually for sale, though).  
Yeah, I haven't worn a watch in over 20 years -- that will be changing in a bit over a month, though :) -- but it's difficult for me to imagine doing that, assuming I am sober enough to be showering in the first place.
The biggest story for me from today -- well, I guess yesterday now -- was definitely ResearchKit.  This is a HUGE deal, and is the sort of thing that could make a difference in many people's lives.   Of course, it's not good click-bait, so ...
So, let me get this straight:  You joined yesterday simply to post that you're unhappy that Apple is charging pretty much what everyone thought they would charge for months now?  Really?
Ouchie  :)
My Gisele cardboard cut-out would get jealous. :(
I am embarrassed to say ... I've done the same thing.   I just want to know if I get to hug Christy Turlington if I buy one of these.  If not, then Apple SUCKS!
Well, the only sport I play (anymore, anyways) is golf, so this should work out just fine for me. :)
 $150?!  An Hermes bag can run $6,000 or more. :)
 That's exactly the combo I'm leaning towards. :)
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