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As others have mentioned, there are blackout rules that apply in certain situations.  But beyond that, I want MY announcers for baseball anyways. Beyond that, I watch other sports than baseball.  LPGA golf, for instance, is ONLY on The Golf Channel.  Tennis Grand Slam tourneys are mostly on ESPN2, and that's it.  Etc. Plus, I use repeats of shows on stuff like TNT and TBS as background noise a lot of the time. Plus, I flip around the news channels (why, who knows?)  a...
Well, happy for the people this will help.   Personally, I need cable for sports and for some other stuff.  But certainly a lot of other people will be glad about this news.
Seems like a good idea. Makes sense.
Good point.
 While I agree with your general point -- since it's 100% correct -- Nordstrom isn't really a good example.  I mean, what are they supposed to sell? Who would go there if they didn't have 3rd party clutches, cocktail dresses, face cream, etc.?
Huh?  I just watched an entire episode of "Covert Affairs" last night.
A4 -- Cortex-A8, PowerVR SGX535 single core GPU, L2 cache 512k   A5 -- Cortex-A9, PowerVR SGX432MP2 dual-core GPU, L2 cache 1MB   That's why the 2nd gen and 3rd gen aren't able to accomplish the same things.  They are completely different processors.
People who are complaining that they need to have a cable subscription to use these sorts of channels are either being really dense or intentionally misleading just to complain.   Where exactly is the money for a basic cable channel like FX supposed to come from if no one has to actually pay for the cable subs that carry the channel?!   Now, there is an argument for stuff like HBO Go -- pay for it a la carte, essentially.  But channels like USA or FX or other basic...
Oh yeah, the keyboard is an awesome addition.  Love it.
 Oh, come on!  Are you really asking that people READ THE ARTICLE before calling it lies?! What new insanity is this?!
New Posts  All Forums: