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 The stitching is always off.  But you have to be fairly familiar with that sort of thing, I'll grant you.
 True.  But knockoff bags and jewelry are only "stylish" from a distance.  Once you're within a few feet, a knockoff Birkin, for instance, looks exactly like that: a knockoff.
It's a statement as to how ugly the others have been that this is considered even remotely "stylish." Scary.
 But I don't think that we're understanding each other. My argument isn't that Google didn't improve search.  They did.  I don't think that's up for debate.  My argument is that nearly 100% of Google's business is advertising.  That's what they do.  That's why they exist.  Take that away, and they disappear.  Thus, they are an advertising company. Why is anyone even questioning this? Apple, otoh, is a hardware company.  Apple is an actual tech company.  Take away the...
 They are the leaders in search.  Yes.  I never questioned that.  But as I pointed out, search not only pre-dates Google, it pre-dates the web itself.  Those of us who used the internet before Tim Berners-Lee did his work at CERN remember this well.  Google managed to make search work better than it had (with something like Alta Vista, say).  But if they hadn't done it, someone would have.  The fact that people use Google more than they use something like Bing doesn't mean...
 1) I don't personally care what happens to Google, one way or the other.  Google has no effect whatsoever on my life, positive or negative. 2) YouTube?  Really?  It existed for HOW long before Google bought it?  Heck, I have a number of YouTube subs that predate Google's involvement by years. 3) Search.  Google has managed to dominate web search, yes.  But it's not as if search doesn't predate Google.  Heck, I remember using Gopher on a regular basis.  
 LOL! :)
 Again, "innovation" barely has meaning any more.  But my point is Google is an advertising company.  Do they have minor side projects that sometimes see the light of day (and often don't)?  Sure.  Big deal.  I'm not seeing Google's effect on how people utilize tech on an every day basis.  There's nothing that is part of their larger ecosystem that is in any way different or new.  And the vast, vast, VAST majority of that larger ecosystem is selling ads anyways. Look at it...
 Isn't every single one of those vapor ware currently?  And any company that derives 90%+ of revenues from advertising is only ever going to be so innovative.   Anyways, the way people toss the word "innovate" around has made it nearly completely meaningless.  
 Based on what, exactly? *confused*
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