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 Swear, before I checked who posted it I was this -->this<-- close to hitting "Reply." :)
I think that the issue with IDC/Gartner is that they are almost always wrong -- and wrong in the exact same direction.   If one were working with no bias, then sometimes one would under-estimate, sometimes one would over-estimate.  
 Oh, man.  *shakes head* :)
 Do you plan on being stranded on a desert island sometime soon?  If so, I hope you remember to have at least a volleyball. :)
 HA!  Damn straight. :) ETA:  I actually have found Bing to better, anyways.
So a few hours in ...   It doesn't look THAT much different than my Mavericks set-up, but there are certainly some differences in the UI.  I have not noticed the translucency of the menus that much, but there is definitely a more "easy" overall look.   A few things work differently.  I had to Bing to figure out how to turn on the Dashboard for instance (Settings --> Mission Control).  I still haven't completely figured out the new Dock.  And I am not 100% sure of how I...
I use Amazon all the time. Doesn't mean I don;t hate them.
 The Keychain problem has been going onnforever.  It SHOULD be simple, but somehow it keeps not doing anything.  I am sure it's me.
 Thank you!  :)
 Amazon is a loser when it comes to HW.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  That's their entire business plan.  They make cheap crap that only digs into their sales system.  And I say this as someone who probably has spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 at Amazon.  So I am NOT anti-Amazon. But let's not pretend that their HW is anything but junk that is sold at a loss.  That's what it is.  
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