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 I am SO glad I'm not the only who finds himself doing that! :)
 It's a saturated market already.  And I've seen absolutely zero evidence that HTC or Moto or whoever is going to make any real strides. And let's face it, no one's going to become the next Samsung.  
 Umm, no. What's the point in going after companies like HTC who aren't even making money?  Samsung is the ONLY company making profits on mobile, beyond Apple.  Together they account for 106% of worldwide mobile profits.  So that means that ALL THE OTHER COMPANIES COMBINED are losing money.  Combined. There's no point suing them, as they have nothing to begin with.  
Now, if only there were something I needed to buy. :)
Hey buddy.  How you doing?   Oh, APPL is at about $609.  Just for your info.  Would you like to see the last 3Y graph?  No?  Aww.   Anyways, take care man.
 Fashionista and Google go together like water and oil. Yeah.
 LOL! :) Yeah, the number of places where these won't be allowed is staggering (and going to increase).  It's going to be a lot of money to spend on something that you can barely use.
Glass is moronic.   But Ivy Ross knows what she's doing.  She's proven it time and time again.   Still won't save Glass, however.  It's just too stupid.
 This wouldn't have happened when Forstall was alive here!
 OK, am I missing something?  Was there an article somewhere that said that millions of people were buying these things and that profits were in the billions? Just because lots of people come out with something doesn't really make it "hotly contested" in my mind.  It actually has to be successful product before it's "hotly" anything, AFAIC.
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