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 If you have to state that you're educated ...
 New Coke? :)
 Oh, I WISH I were working them!  Of course, that would mean being Sochi.  Hmm.  But I do absolutely love the Olympics, especially the Winter Games. No, the thing is that I HATE HATE HATE that NBC delays everything.  I practically have to avoid all media if I don't want to see results hours and hours before I see the event. So, I watch on CBC (I live right across the lake from Canada).  They show stuff live.  The problem is that their coverage starts at 12AM ET and ends...
 Although I always vote, he does have a point.  In many situations, there really is very little difference between candidates. Now, often there are referenda or the like, and those DO make a difference.
 Sorry if I wasn't clear.  What I meant to say was that in an Electoral College system, where a Republican stands no chance in California and a Democrat stands no chance in Mississippi, the force of apathy -- the feeling that "my vote won't mean anything" -- is even more powerful.
 There wasn't anywhere near enough info in the article to sustain 130 messages On-Topic.  It was bound to start fading into Off-Topic territory pretty early.  It's not like Apple released a new OS or something.
 That does sound bad.  I've never encountered it, just because I've never been in that situation.    Nah.  There are exactly 4 places below the M-D Line I am at all interested in visiting: Miami, Austin, New Orleans, and possibly Lakeland, FL one day, because that's where my Detroit Tigers have Spring Training. But I'll keep that in mind. :)
 But this whole discussion started by responding to someone who doing exactly that: I like Apple, but I think they are dying, essentially.
 Oh, oops.  Sorry about that.  (getting tired; the Olympics have thrown my schedule completely into chaos) I still don't agree with you, but at least now I know what you actually said. :)
 LOL! Nah, they'd be at the bar.  Which, for elections, works for me. :)
New Posts  All Forums: