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Yeah, nothing could go wrong with that.  Nope.
 An opinion, pretty much by definition, can never be proven. "Baseball is better than football."  Prove it (or disprove it).  Now, if someone said something like, "Baseball is a more popular sport than football in the US," that can easily be disproven by any number of metrics.  But that's because there are FACTS involved.  But, "Marlowe was a better writer than Shakespeare, " while being a fairly unpopular and fringe opinion (which, nonetheless is still held by some)...
 A (fact-based, scientifically arrived at) approximation is NOT THE SAME as an opinion. For the past two Presidential elections, for example, I avidly read Nate Silver and Nate Cohen, followed various polling over months.  In 2008 I correctly predicted the results in 49 of 50 states.  In 2012, I was 50 for 50.  So, in the last two elections combined I have a 99% accuracy rate. Now, let's be fair: It really isn't difficult to predict what's going to happen in CA or MS....
 As others have pointed out, that was not the point of the iPhone.  The fact that the App Store opened in July 2008, more than a year AFTER the iPhone was released should be a fairly clear piece of evidence.
 Swear, before I checked who posted it I was this -->this<-- close to hitting "Reply." :)
I think that the issue with IDC/Gartner is that they are almost always wrong -- and wrong in the exact same direction.   If one were working with no bias, then sometimes one would under-estimate, sometimes one would over-estimate.  
 Oh, man.  *shakes head* :)
 Do you plan on being stranded on a desert island sometime soon?  If so, I hope you remember to have at least a volleyball. :)
 HA!  Damn straight. :) ETA:  I actually have found Bing to better, anyways.
So a few hours in ...   It doesn't look THAT much different than my Mavericks set-up, but there are certainly some differences in the UI.  I have not noticed the translucency of the menus that much, but there is definitely a more "easy" overall look.   A few things work differently.  I had to Bing to figure out how to turn on the Dashboard for instance (Settings --> Mission Control).  I still haven't completely figured out the new Dock.  And I am not 100% sure of how I...
New Posts  All Forums: