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 Why, exactly.  Unless I'm missing what you're saying (which I admit is quite possible).  As I said above, iAd is essentially a rounding error when it comes to Apple's revenues -- less than 0.05%.
 Actually, I don't get mailings like that.  Maybe I'm the exception, I don't know.  
 Heck, it's not even the day-trading losers you have to worry about anymore.  So much of the trading is just automated, going second to second. Though I do agree with you.
I mean, $250M is what?  A few hours of revenue for Apple overall?  Google's activities are different because they are an advertising company.  Apple could lose all that $250M per year of revenue, and barely notice.  Advertising revenue for Google, OTOH, represents 90% of their total.   EDIT: Just to put this in perspective, Apple's revenue for 2013 was $55.60 billion.
 I won't say that you're just against change.  I also don't believe that Apple can do no wrong.  But I do like iOS7, and it seems to work fine for me.
 I'm trolling?  Really?  Wow.
 My are point?   Umm ....
 I completely disagree.  Sorry.
 So, you're point is?
Well, I remember, as I stated earlier in another thread, that most Americans believe we fought AGAINST the Soviets in WWII.  So, we aren't the brightest bulbs in the tanning booth, overall.   Something like half (I forget the percentage, now -- it's early) couldn't locate Louisiana on a US map?  Come on.  Louisiana?!  It's about as easy to find as Texas.   I love my celebrity news and sports as much as the next person.  I follow fashion diligently.  I can tell all...
New Posts  All Forums: