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 Yeah.  It's not as if the entire Internet was created, essentially, by the government. Oh, wait.
 I'm not sure what they'll do.  But unless they have some super-duper-double-secret battery tech hidden somewhere in the basement at Cupertino, doubling the resolution (which quadruples the number of pixels) would be a battery life disaster.  And no one would be able to notice a resolution improvement. So, again, I don't know what they'll do.
 We'll see.  I have a feeling we'll be hearing an announcement before WWDC.  
 The $1B number includes content bought through AppleTV.  The numbers for iTunes as a whole are WAY bigger than $1B alone.
That comment means absolutely nothing,  since he can just say, "I didn't mean that ... blah blah blah."  
 I've got to agree with Tallest Skill on this one.  I'm looking at my iPhone right now, and I can't see how 2x the pixels would improve the experience.  It would just be using up the battery more quickly.
 I couldn't agree more.  Archaic is a perfect description.  Also, and this might just be my set-up and inability to fix it, I don't know; but the volume levels are all over the place -- cable is one thing, Blu-Ray player is another, AppleTV is something else -- it drives me nuts.
 LOL :) Well, I can be satisfied with the fact that SHE kissed ME!  Granted, I'd wanted to kiss her for like two years.  So ... Honestly, hell sounds like more fun anyways.
 Where I live, there's a long road along the lake.  There used to be a lot of mansions there, though sadly many of them have been replaced with multiple smaller homes.  Anyways, there are two churches on the road, one Catholic and one Lutheran.  Both of them take up more land than any of the biggest mansions did.  Of course, they don't have to pay property tax. Nice work, if you can get it.
 Wow.  If there actually were a god and a heaven and all that, I'd TOTALLY be screwed. :) Wait.  Is a short, somewhat drunken kiss on the lips with a married woman considered adultery?
New Posts  All Forums: