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Oh yeah, the keyboard is an awesome addition.  Love it.
 Oh, come on!  Are you really asking that people READ THE ARTICLE before calling it lies?! What new insanity is this?!
I know I rarely use Safari on either my 5S or Air, since most sites that I care about have their own dedicated apps that work better on a phone (especially) than Safari does.  They are written with that sort of device in mind, so interface is simplified, etc.
I haven't noticed any serious problems on my 5S or my Air yet.  But to be honest, I haven't had a huge amount of time to use either.  I'm about to head to Starbucks for some reading (need to re-read "Mockingjay" before the movie comes out :) ), and I'll probably play with a lot more than I have had the chance to so far.  So, we'll see.   But so far, so good.
 Likewise. They do it because it's "cool" to do it.
 That's what I'm leaning towards.  But I still haven't entirely made up my mind.  My current 5 is white -- which is obviously not an option with the 6. Sadly, since I sort of like the white.
I was really questioning whether or not I would update, since I didn't really want a bigger phone.  But I made a little cut-out, and it seems like it will be ok.  I'm talking about the 4.7", of course.  That 5.5" -- I just don't get those things at all; never have.   And as far as the tech itself, this is clearly a step (or two) forward, and pretty difficult to pass up for that reason.  Add to that that Gazelle will give me nearly $300 for my 5S -- I'll definitely be...
 ETA Detroit suburb.  It's a really tiny location, which makes finding a seat fairly difficult on occasion.  So, it's an upside/downside sort of thing. :)
Nice.  It's a pretty good album so far, about half-way through.  And really, can't complain when it's free. :)
 Meanies! :)
New Posts  All Forums: