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 Great.  Now I've got a headache. :)
 "Most dictionaries list it as "nonstandard" or "incorrect" usage, and recommend that "regardless" should be used instead.[2][3][4]"
 Not to mention that only 2 of them even apply to me.
 And the fact of the matter is that if someone has PHYSICAL ACCESS to your machine or device, you're already compromised.  
Yikes. Considering that it's Fashion Week in NYC, there are going to be some busy fashion editors and bloggers this week!
Well, I don't get it.  What is the point?   As others have said, this seems like one of those things you do just because you can, not because it will actually accomplish something.
 Hey.  The crack pipe -- put it down.  Trust me, I'm doing you a favor. 
 Bull.  That's only true if saying, "F-You" is the reason you bought it. There are lots of other reasons why someone might want a very expensive Omega, or whatever.
 Did you read the quote I attached to my last post?  It wasn't by you.  THAT was the one that I was saying was victim blaming.
 Just one more OT, golf-related comment.  Phil Mickelson, clearly the most famous lefty on tour these days (well, Bubba Watson is up there now too, I guess), is actually right-handed.  For a golfer playing lefty, the dominant arm is the right arm, with the opposite being true for righty golfers, obviously.  Oh how I wish all those years ago when I picked up the game that I had taken it up playing left-handed. :) OK, done with the golf comments now, promise.  Heh.
New Posts  All Forums: