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 Yeah, well, most models' careers last about 4 years tops.  So they can quit with the bulimia and cocaine and amphetamine use when they "age out" out of the system at the ancient age of ~22-23. :)
 I think what you mean is that, "Kate Moss didn't take cocaine SOLELY to stay thin." A lot of models -- though it's gotten better now -- use illegal drugs to remain a size 2.  It's not that easy when you're 5'11" to weigh 105 or 110 lbs.  I mean, Karlie is 6'1" and weighs about 120 lbs.  But as I said, in her case, it's natural.  But in a lot of cases, it is a lot less natural and lot more drug-induced.
 Actually, a high percentage of the drugs banned by MLB are not "perfectly legal" at all. But as to those few that are, it's because there are RULES in place to protect those who aren't taking them.  It's unfair to place a burden of health onto those who want to play fairly. Take modeling for instance.  Now, there are models who just are naturally thin.  They still have to work out (yoga, Pilates, etc.) and seriously watch what they eat.  But someone like Karlie Kloss just...
 *headdesk* Honestly, by your definition practice is cheating.  
 Cheating =/= Giving yourself an advantage over others. This seems to be the part that you're missing.  Cheating means that you BROKE THE RULES.  As I said: I don't know of any rules (if there are, then please cite them) that say, for instance, that a cellist can't have a drink before an audition to settle down. There have to be RULES for cheating to even exist.
 Neither of those examples are even close to cheating. A-Rod is a cheater, since there are precise, well-written rules against doing what he did.  I'm not aware of any rules concerning taking beta blockers or Adderall (though the Adderall, if without a prescription, is a different problem -- of course, getting a scrip for Adderall is practically a non-event these days).  Those aren't cheating because there are no sets of rules concerning those activities.
 As has been pointed out, Apple designs the Ax series of chips.  Samsung only fabs the chips because TSMC doesn't -- yet -- have their act together, quite.  Everything I've read recently seems to indicate that Apple will be moving to TSMC when possible. And the "ridiculous lawsuits" go both ways.  Research it.  It's not a one-way street, by any stretch of the imagination.
 Apple has GREAT marketing.  They do.  But they don't need to spend gazillions on it.  They do it right, and thus it works.   But more to the point, Apple makes quality, premium products and has a thriving ecosystem which supports those products.  As we all know, Apple doesn't produce many different products at all, and they only compete in a small segment of the market.  Apple can, thus, keep their focus quite narrow -- instead of throwing anything and everything against...
 I know, I'm sure you're right.  I just couldn't resist, even if it's bad for my heart. :)
 LOL :) Yeah.  Apple will adopt mobile Flash, what?  6-8 months after even Adobe announced they are ceasing support for it?  Are you serious?  I mean, really, where do get these ideas?  You're like the Glenn Beck of Apple theories.  Not angry at all.  Actually, I was laughing.  And I notice that you didn't respond to what I actually said.  Just to make it clear, in bullet point format: Retail Stores, FY 2013 -- $4.5bn in revenue-- $10.9m in revenue per store-- 18.5k...
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