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 The reason is to try and be the absolute best you can be at that particular discipline, to put yourself up against the very best in the world and see what you're made of. To be quite honest, other than eating, drinking, urinating, defecating, and sleeping, there is nothing you need to do.  There is nothing for which there is a "good reason" (you know, staying alive).  But we tend not to judge elements of our lives by simply whether or not it keeps us alive. For what "good...
 If you have to state that you're educated ...
 New Coke? :)
 Oh, I WISH I were working them!  Of course, that would mean being Sochi.  Hmm.  But I do absolutely love the Olympics, especially the Winter Games. No, the thing is that I HATE HATE HATE that NBC delays everything.  I practically have to avoid all media if I don't want to see results hours and hours before I see the event. So, I watch on CBC (I live right across the lake from Canada).  They show stuff live.  The problem is that their coverage starts at 12AM ET and ends...
 Although I always vote, he does have a point.  In many situations, there really is very little difference between candidates. Now, often there are referenda or the like, and those DO make a difference.
 Sorry if I wasn't clear.  What I meant to say was that in an Electoral College system, where a Republican stands no chance in California and a Democrat stands no chance in Mississippi, the force of apathy -- the feeling that "my vote won't mean anything" -- is even more powerful.
 There wasn't anywhere near enough info in the article to sustain 130 messages On-Topic.  It was bound to start fading into Off-Topic territory pretty early.  It's not like Apple released a new OS or something.
 That does sound bad.  I've never encountered it, just because I've never been in that situation.    Nah.  There are exactly 4 places below the M-D Line I am at all interested in visiting: Miami, Austin, New Orleans, and possibly Lakeland, FL one day, because that's where my Detroit Tigers have Spring Training. But I'll keep that in mind. :)
 But this whole discussion started by responding to someone who doing exactly that: I like Apple, but I think they are dying, essentially.
 Oh, oops.  Sorry about that.  (getting tired; the Olympics have thrown my schedule completely into chaos) I still don't agree with you, but at least now I know what you actually said. :)
New Posts  All Forums: