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 While i despise the homophobia that's rampant in Russia, they haven't been Communists since ... well, since a long time before the fall of the Soviet Union.  IOW, a long time. To be honest, neither has China.  There aren't, to my knowledge, any Communist countries presently on Earth.
 While the government may be (is) totally corrupt, I don't see that as a reason to condemn all the people and cultural elements of a country as vast as Russia. IOW, just because Putin is the devil, that's no reason why your average Ivan or Anna is a bad person. ETA:  For example, Anna Netrebko is my favorite opera singer; Pavel Datsyuk is my favorite hockey player; and Maria Sharapova is BY FAR my favorite tennis play (though, to be honest, she's lived in the US since she...
I already watched the Opening Ceremonies (pretty cool, for the most part -- maybe a bit too long) on CBC this morning/afternoon.  But I'd just like to point out that for those who will be watching the delayed broadcast tonight on NBC, that the images in this article provide a massive spoiler, in that it gives away who lights the Olympic Flame.   You might want to choose some different images.
 "This is where the money is?!"  Are you kidding me?  It's certainly not where the money is for Google, where 90% of their profits come from advertising revenue.  For Google, advertising is where the money is.  Compare Google's profits to Apple's someday.  Apple is having absolutely no problem making money.  Well it was the first tablet that anyone bought or was useful in any way. So, there is that.
I stopped reading when I saw this:   "... supply chain watchers WitsView and reported by Digitimes."
 You may not understand this.  You may NEVER understand this.  But I trust Apple.  Granted, I trust them as I would trust any mega-corporation, but I trust them. Think of it this way.  Apple already has my money.  When I spend $2,500 on a new iMac or $5 on a movie rental from iTunes or however much on a new iPad Air or iPhone ... etc., they have my money.  They don't need to get more from me.  They sell hardware, and a little bit (it's hilarious that billions is considered...
 It will never happen because, I would think, it would be impossible to do frankly.  Microsoft is Microsoft.  I just can't see them changing, especially to that degree. EDIT: BTW, that's not a criticism.  My "I hate Microsoft" days are over.  I may not respect a lot of what they do, but clearly in certain areas they do well.  
Well,, hopefully Comerica Park in Detroit will be one of them, and I can see what the story is.  I'm curious.  
 Umm, where do you get all this BS from?
 Wrong. It's just INCREDIBLY cheaper to hold onto to legacy equipment.  I mean, look at the percentage of people STILL using XP for crying out loud!  It has nothing to do with people "preferring" anything.  It has to do -- and ONLY to do -- with what is the absolutely cheapest way of fitting out your enterprise office.
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