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 Actually, I'm fairly sure that any genetic harm that could happen with offspring from first cousins is extremely minimal, and no larger than that of two strangers. Of course, people have sex for lots of reasons other than procreation.
 The entire point of science -- or of any hypothesis anyways -- is that it IS fallible.  That's the entire point.  If I say, "These diamonds will melt at 300 degrees F."  I can do an experiment.  If the diamonds are in a proven oven at 300 deg., and don't melt ... Try disproving something based on "faith." "Taylor Swift fantasizes about me every night, dreaming of me having insane sex with her." Prove it isn't true. See the problem?
 I seriously hope not.
 Fair enough.  I've only played it for a few seconds here and there.  Honestly?  I'm struggling with the new Tomb Raider right now.  I haven't gamed in ages.  So TR is a bit of a challenge. :)
 *sigh* Honestly, if that's what you think then no one is going to be able to dissuade you.  We only have physics, chemistry, geology, and pretty much every other science to say what you think is bunk.  But sure, believe what you want.  Because we all get to have our own facts, right?
OK, I have no idea what's going on in this case.   But can someone PLEASE explain to me why "Candy Crush" is SO popular?!  I just don't get it.  What am I missing?
 I lived in AZ for one year -- more or less -- when I went to my one year of college at ASU.  Believe me: These people are messed up.  It doesn't surprise me in the least that they passed this.  Of course, when companies like AA, Marriot, and Apple (and others) say, "You'd better not pass this," they back away.
 Oh wow.  That's nice of you.  So you agree that people weren't wandering around with T-Rexs?  Cool. COME ON!  Go to Ars and read about the zircon.  Go ask any geologist.  You've got to be kidding me?
 No.  What we know, and what we haven't yet been able to understand, about the formation of the universe, the Earth, the birth of life, etc. -- none of that requires faith.
 There only IS one side here.  Yeesh.
New Posts  All Forums: