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 But this whole discussion started by responding to someone who doing exactly that: I like Apple, but I think they are dying, essentially.
 Oh, oops.  Sorry about that.  (getting tired; the Olympics have thrown my schedule completely into chaos) I still don't agree with you, but at least now I know what you actually said. :)
 LOL! Nah, they'd be at the bar.  Which, for elections, works for me. :)
 Apple has released buggy stuff before.  Everyone has, as I said. It seems to me, though I obviously don't know the inside story, that what happened is that they were releasing on iOS7 on a schedule.  They were having problems with Safari on iOS7 but weren't going to delay iOS7.  And it has taken them longer to fix the Safari problem than they realized it would (for whatever reason). It happens.  I mean, it's not a disaster.  I use Safari all the time, and have I had...
 Is this sarcasm? Because I think it is more than safe to say that the web is the BY FAR the most significant on-line development since the creation of the internet itself.
 No, because the examples you gave are of a completely different nature. Better examples, that would fit with what we're talking about, are things like: "Look, I love my wife.  I do.  But she's getting really fat and I don't see this marriage lasting much longer." "Look, I've listened to rap for years, but I think it's a dying art form due there being nothing but crap being produced anymore." And the like.
 I did.
 The first computer I used was at a uni, I played a Star Trek game with my dad.  It had no monitor.  The results of your moves and actions were printed out. The first computer class I took was in 8th grade, and we programmed using punch cards. The first time I heard about the Web was on a Usenet group, when someone was talking about this really cool new project being worked on.  I remember using the web before Mosaic. So, yeah, I was alive before Google. Google changed how...
 There's a problem.  They'll fix it.  What's the big deal?  Happens all the time with software, whether from indie developers or the Big Guns.  You're acting like this is the first time a major company has released a buggy version of a program. Yeesh.
 That's not really an answer.
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