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 LOL! :)  Well played.
 I know exactly what you're saying.  But to be fair, ALL advertising is dishonest -- to some degree. :)
 Dang.  Those people are NOT happy!  Yikes. (Not that I blame them.)
 From The Verge:  Also, you can use the unreliable scanner for on-line purchases, like TouchID, except that:  So, to be honest, it seems fairly worthless.
 Hey!  Don't be dissing "spastic cat" pictures! 
 The MP thing is just one of those things that people can easily grasp without understanding what it means.  Of course, a 16MP camera with great lenses and a 16MP camera in a phone are two different things. No, I get what you were getting at. 
 6,000,000,000? :)
 You know, the simple answer to that is to not drop it in the water. :)
 I know that story quite well.  And it's humorous, and in Einstein's case makes some sense, too. But an individual's knowledge (or lack thereof) of his or her phone number has no effect on me.  Conversely, I REALLY don't want a potential 25% of those voting alongside me on election day to think the sun rotates around the Earth, to be voting for someone who says the Earth is 6,000 years old, or who calls embryology and evolution "lies from the Pit of Hell."  People who...
 Well, I'm 44, and I've only noticed two (in any way) significant differences to my vision: 1) I am getting just a LITTLE BIT farsighted.  I hold a book or my iPhone or whatever at the distance I used to.  But now I have to move it ~1" farther away for everything to be perfect. 2) On the golf course I can't follow the ball quite as well when it's super-bright out.  If it's overcast or partly cloudy or whatever, I'm fine though.  As to the actual size of the device, it's...
New Posts  All Forums: