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$900M means basically nothing to either of these companies.   It would be like a judgement against me for like $5.
 Why I ever would bother to respond to you, I have no idea.  But here goes. GOOG needs to gain about $70bn on AAPL.  Sorry, that's pretty unlikely. And GOOG did not blow by XOM.  GOOG is still behind XOM, though by only $200M.
 Yeah, I LOVED the Europe analogy.  So sweet. I really like Tim's attitude in this interview.
 I trust Apple over Google because Google's entire business is predicated on advertising and information collection.  While Apple's business is based on selling hardware, and some small amount of  income from stuff like iTunes. As I said, what's Apple's business reason to sell my information when I just gave them $2,700 for a new iMac?  Apple's margins are pretty darned high, as we all know.  I have an iMac 27", an iPhone 5S, an iPad Air, an older MacBook, and have spent...
 I'm sorry, but I've read Marx.  Granted, it was a long time ago, but still.  A heavily stratified class structure is not Communist.  An essentially vastly capitalist (well, a mixture of socialist and capitalist) economy is not Communist. Basically, China has a a socialist economy with many capitalist elements (for an example of some of those capitalist elements, think of the extreme difference in wealth and earning power -- that would not be true in a Communist society;...
Well, just checked my iPhone 5S with 64GB:   Songs: 1,625 Videos: 11 (all full Hollywood films) Photos: 113 Apps: 52   Total available storage: 22GB   So, definitely not having storage problems.  Of course, that's why I upgraded from 32GB to 64GB in the first place.
 I completely understand why they went with him.  But I really think that where MS is right now and where they are probably headed, they could have benefited from naming an outsider. I guess time will tell.
 LOL  Nice. :)
 None of them are actually Communist.  They CALL themselves Communist, but absolutely nothing they do actually is supported by Communist ideology.  I mean, come on, China?  It's got a massively grown middle class, a number of VERY wealthy people, and an extremely stratified class structure.  And while they have been slowing in the last three months, their economy is still in growth mode.  They have the world's second-largest economy. If China's a Communist country, then so...
 While i despise the homophobia that's rampant in Russia, they haven't been Communists since ... well, since a long time before the fall of the Soviet Union.  IOW, a long time. To be honest, neither has China.  There aren't, to my knowledge, any Communist countries presently on Earth.
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