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 Yeah, Apple's spending only about 1/5th of what Google spends, for instance. Then again, Google has a lot more issues to deal with. :)
 Well, to be fair, Apple doesn't make either an HDTV nor a Blu-Ray player.  So, I'm stuck with Samsung for now. Though when I soon replace my somewhat aging Samsung HDTV, I think I will be moving to a different company.  They just annoy the hell out of me these days.
Coolness.  I like the idea, especially of NPR.  Can't wait to see what is coming down the line.   However, I don't know where Billboard got the idea that Apple is going to make iTunes available for Android, but I would really like some of what they were smoking that day at the office. :)
One woman leaves Apple to go to DC, and her replacement comes from DC to Apple. :)   There's really no point whatsoever in trying to fight the tides, though.  They're coming in or going out regardless.
 Wait, what?  Apple has ~40k employees outside of retail (and approximately 45k in retail).  That's not a huge number, considering everything Apple does.
 Actors as intense as Bale put an immense amount of pressure on themselves.  Sometimes, in the exceptional drive to perform at the top level, they end up losing it.  It's the same as top level athletes.  Actors, athletes, musicians -- anyone who works at the very top of their profession just sometimes reach a breaking point when they don't feel that those around them are also working at or near the same level.  The pressure is so intense. And to answer your question,...
 Good point.  I am almost always watching stuff alone, so that didn't really occur to me.  Heh. :)
 Considering that my iMac has a PPI of more than 2x that of my HDTV, I don't do a lot of "slinging."  The only time I really choose to watch video streamed to my TV is when I want to lie down on the couch as opposed to sitting at my desk.  There's nothing that looks better on my TV than on my iMac.  Heck, if it weren't for superior extras on the Blu-Rays I buy, I'd have gone to all digital for purchasing movies (I almost never buy BDs that don't include excellent extras --...
Bale's a genius, flat out.  
I know I must be missing some huge piece of obviousness here, but I have never quite seen the point (or advantage, maybe) of wireless charging.   What am I missing?
New Posts  All Forums: