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 By definition, third class mail wasn't sent to me.  It was sent to everyone. Now, sure I get stuff from my bank or from ATT.  But they already have my info, since I'm using their services.  Now, if I started getting stuff from, say, a different bank, or from Verizon or something, that would be different.  But I don't.
 You weren't asking me, but I almost never do.  For one, I get no third class mail -- I told the carrier not to deliver it.  
 Why, exactly.  Unless I'm missing what you're saying (which I admit is quite possible).  As I said above, iAd is essentially a rounding error when it comes to Apple's revenues -- less than 0.05%.
 Actually, I don't get mailings like that.  Maybe I'm the exception, I don't know.  
 Heck, it's not even the day-trading losers you have to worry about anymore.  So much of the trading is just automated, going second to second. Though I do agree with you.
I mean, $250M is what?  A few hours of revenue for Apple overall?  Google's activities are different because they are an advertising company.  Apple could lose all that $250M per year of revenue, and barely notice.  Advertising revenue for Google, OTOH, represents 90% of their total.   EDIT: Just to put this in perspective, Apple's revenue for 2013 was $55.60 billion.
 I won't say that you're just against change.  I also don't believe that Apple can do no wrong.  But I do like iOS7, and it seems to work fine for me.
 I'm trolling?  Really?  Wow.
 My are point?   Umm ....
 I completely disagree.  Sorry.
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