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 I seriously doubt any money lost.  In fact, the argument could be made that money is gained.  But it's almost definitely not lost. I mean, if you're going to Store with the intention of buying something, be it a new r-Ipad Mini, an iMac, or just a battery charger -- whatever, the store being down isn't going to make you say, "Oh well.  Screw the iMac I was just about to spend $2,700 on.  I'll just get a Dell." And there's definitely a marketing angle to this, as was said.
 Nah.  That's no fun at all.  I always wait up until 3am (EST, here) or set an alarm.  Much more fun to be one of the first ones on, and get that order in.  :) Plus, that's how you avoid the multi-week delays in delivery.
 I've gotta say, I haven't had any problem either.  Then again, now that I've said that, I will probably see these issues the next time I try and do something. :)
Wait, I thought that everyone in Asia wanted 6-inch "phablets" made out of plastic?!  This story CANNOT be true!
 It has to be.  It looks cool.  DAMN cool! :)
That looks just amazing.  It's going to be one of the most amazing places to work in the world.   Wow.
This is obviously just an anecdote, but honestly I've never seen a "phablet" (I HATE that neologism, btw) in the wild.  Not.  One.  Single.  Time.   And no one has been able to explain to me what curved glass would accomplish.  
Yeah.   Just wanted to know it wasn't just me. :)   Thanks.
Just got my confirmation from Gazelle this weekend.  They sent my payment, $230 for iPad3 32GB.  That seems like a good deal to me.
The only even remotely reliable reports (other than, as you say, the online checklists) is this report from AI itself:   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/11/04/att-sees-200-year-over-year-increase-in-activations-for-ipad-air-launch
New Posts  All Forums: