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 Sure, that would be their reaction if they, you know, haven't seen a tennis tournament, a golf tournament, the Olympics, the World Cup, or pretty much any major sporting event in the last 25  years.
 Shouldn't have to save too much, really, assuming you sell your iPad Air to Gazelle or whomever.
 From the article over at Re/Code:  I'd say it will be more involved than re-selling iPads.
Huge.  Simply huge.
 Except there's no evidence for it.  The person making the original claim is the one upon whom the burden of proof lies.  He does't get to just make any wild claim, then act as if his statement is itself evidence. Where's the evidence?
 Nice try. I have an iMac, iPad Air, iPhone 5S, MacBook, and an Apple TV.  Why?  It has nothing to do with the logo.  It has to do with a combination of trusting Apple tech based on past experience and the fact that I seriously prefer OSX and iOS over the alternatives. On the other hand, both my HDTV and BD player are Samsung (though when I replace my HDTV this fall, it will definitely NOT be a Samsung). I buy Apple because I trust Apple.  I buy Apple because my...
 Oh I don't know, it is sorta fun having a foul-mouthed 11 year-old around :)
 Oh bullshit.
 Not trying to be a jerk, but what is wrong with these people?  I'm not kidding.
New Posts  All Forums: