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 This isn't a criticism at all, just an observation.  This is the sort of thing I see all the time time on tech sites.  You can do that, yes.  I can.  Most of us can.  But how many people who, say, need the Finder explained to them in extreme detail, or have "123456" or "password" as their password can? I think a lot of us on tech sites tend to project onto the general population.  It's like, "Well, that's no problem.  Just root your phone, d/l Cynagenmod, do x, then y,...
 Oh man, I was tired when I posted that.  The $55.6B was profits. You're right of course.  I really need to pay more attention when I post. :)  Thanks.
@Marvin  This is totally OT and not relevant, really, but as a huge French New Wave fan, I felt the need to say this.  You said:  Almost all the important filmmakers of the New Wave (Godard, Truffaut, Rivette, Rohmer, Chabrol, etc.) were critics at Cahiers du Cinema, a very important film criticism publication in Paris in the 50s. As I said, totally irrelevant to the point being made. :)
 I didn't say they were cheap or that many people use them. And it's not nit-picking.  You used an incorrect phrase ad people are calling you on it.  Why not just rephrase what you said?
 So, satellite phones aren't "capable of making voice calls?"  Wow.  Didn't know that.  Thanks, man.
 This post is epically hilarious.  I've saved it for posterity's sake. "Don't me wrong, I love Apple and I am rooting for them, but ..." sealed the deal. :)
To SolipsismX and zoetmb:   Thanks for your replies.  I admit that I went a bit overboard and was generally just ranting.  Sometimes I boil over, go on some over-the-top rant, then I just return to being sad again.   I agree that it's tough to measure whether we're dumber.  But it sure seems like it (I realize that that's purely subjective and not at all objective).  However, I do really believe that ignorance is a choice.  A person can chose to learn and educate one's...
 While you could turn out to be right, it's just as likely that this will have little to do with actual automobiles, and far more to do with things like batteries and Musk himself.
 Disagree on the first three.  Well, Safari has crashed a few times on me, which IS annoying, but it's hardly some constant occurrence. But I couldn't agree more with the Calendar GUI.  It flat out sucks and is very unlike Apple. THEN WHY THE HELL DID I BUY AN iMAC, iPHONE, and iPAD?!  No porn?  WTF is the point of the InterWebs then? :)
 Did you even read the article?  They don't HAVE $150B on hand, domestically, to do something like that (even if it were a good idea, which it isn't).  And any gains would be negated by repatriating the cash from abroad and having it taxed (taxed AGAIN, actually).
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