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 Did you even read the article?  They don't HAVE $150B on hand, domestically, to do something like that (even if it were a good idea, which it isn't).  And any gains would be negated by repatriating the cash from abroad and having it taxed (taxed AGAIN, actually).
 True.  Thanks for the correction. 
 I'm not on Google+ so I don't know, but do you have to use your real name? Yeah, opt-out is really BS.  How may people know about all this stuff?  I mean the privacy policy is over 2,000 words long.  I doubt many people read it.  And they shouldn't have to in the first place. As to Facebook, yeah.  They are even worse, no question.
 What's my name?  What do I look like?  You did notice that the article said, "Google on Friday announced that it would soon be able to show users’ names, photos, ratings and comments in ads across the Web," right? Frak that noise.
 I did read it.  But why the hell would I want that done in the first place?  I mean, I post "Taylor Swift's 'Red' is BY FAR her best album."  And suddenly it's showing up as an endorsement somewhere else on the 'net?!  WTF?
 From: http://tinyurl.com/pzollzp (NY Times)    And from further on in the article: 
 Ahh, gotcha.  I figured I wasn't catching on. :) OTOH, even if it's fairly meaningless, they might as well hold onto it.  Just because they haven't found (or revealed) a grander purpose, it also doesn't hurt anything.
 By definition, third class mail wasn't sent to me.  It was sent to everyone. Now, sure I get stuff from my bank or from ATT.  But they already have my info, since I'm using their services.  Now, if I started getting stuff from, say, a different bank, or from Verizon or something, that would be different.  But I don't.
 You weren't asking me, but I almost never do.  For one, I get no third class mail -- I told the carrier not to deliver it.  
 Why, exactly.  Unless I'm missing what you're saying (which I admit is quite possible).  As I said above, iAd is essentially a rounding error when it comes to Apple's revenues -- less than 0.05%.
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