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 Heh. :)
 I'm trying very hard to figure out how those two things are mutually exclusive, and I'm failing.  Care to explain?
 Thanks. Though that hardly seems like something Samsung could sue over.
 Sorry, it's been a long day. :)
 It's almost always bad to respond, especially with a law suit.  There are exceptions, sure, and I thought I pointed that out.
 Yes, because having a bunch of people is always better.  Sheesh. Apple is not a large company, outside of retail.  
 LOL :) Well, just send Yoon Jin Kim (Sun on "Lost") and we'll work on a translation together. ;)
 Regardless, it's probably a bad PR move by Samsung.  Unless there are absolute lies that tear the phone apart, saying it will give you cancer or something, Samsung would have been better ignoring it. Would you have heard of it, were it not for this article?  Would this article exist, were it not for Samsung's suit?  No.  By bringing the suit, Samsung not only makes the criticism far more well-known than it would have otherwise been, but they almost legitimize it.  Now, in...
Yeah, my understanding (I'm not a developer) is that there is a limit on how big it can be before it ceases to really be functional.  I think most of us remember the difference between those huge 250+ student survey classes and the intimate, tiny little advanced classes, for example (though I did have a GREAT Art History 101 class, and there must have been 300 people there).   As far as Vegas is concerned, you definitely have one major advantage: Moar Hookers! ;)
There has got to be someone here who can read Korean.
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