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Yep.  I mean, that picture that Marvin posted says it all: Karl Lagerfeld AND Anna Wintour.  That is essentially fashion in its entirety right there.
But you're just some sick Apple Sycophant! :)
This is more like: "No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame." :)
Thought people here might be interested in this:   http://fashionista.com/2015/04/apple-watch-editorial-styling   Oh, and I ordered a regular Sport 38mm (it seems best -- but I guess we'll see), with a White Band, and then ordered an additional Milanese band.  I guess I will get my Milanese band on target date, but the watch itself won't arrive until June sometime.    PS: This is all my fault.  I'm the one who waited hours to make an order.  As I was actually up at...
People aren't denying the Core M's place in the line-up.  People are, however, denying that it matters to 98% of the users who would consider a MacBook over a MBP.
 Yeah, for the most part you're right about the Wicked and Vivid stuff, though there are women who really produce the hell out of various BDSM stuff.  But yeah, while I think Stormy Daniels, for instance, is a cool person, I'm not really into watching her productions.
"True Detective" :)
ThePixelDoc's post was fantastic and hit all the major points.   I have one small point of disagreement, however.  There are some women in the industry these days who are major players, work on their own and often because of their own earnings in the past.  Sure the adult film industry is dominated by men, in general, just like the regular film industry.   But otherwise I agree with every point you made.   Oh, I also have this to say:  I get the impression that a lot...
Yep.  I think that's exactly the point. Sorry, but if I wanted to carry my 27" iMac around with me, I would buy a MacBook Pro.
But no!  NO! NO! NO! If it's not the fastest machine out there, then how will I ever buy it?!  It MUST have a Core i7, 32GB RAM, vast amounts of storage, at least 12 ports ... doesn't it? :( :)
New Posts  All Forums: