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 No offense, but you're on crack. And I'd love to see you say that Angela Ahrendts in person.
 Well, considering that a Clash: London Calling tee once led to quite a fun -- if short -- relationship of types for me, I won't speak with disdain about band t-shirts. :)
 Eh.  Microsoft's problem in the devices arena is pretty much that they were so late into the game.  It almost doesn't matter whether it's a good platform or not at this point.  They entered an arena that was already established.  The only way to be successful doing that is to come out with something revolutionary (a la Apple entering the phone arena with the iPhone).  Microsoft's never going to do that, and thus the devices are never going to be a big part of their...
 Mother of god.  *eek*
 There's a big difference, though. Samsung, for example, is a vast conglomerate making primarily commodity items, be they smartphones, TVs, washing machines, or what have you.  Then, of course, they also make a great deal of components for all sorts of companies, from Apple to everyone else, in screens, chips, and the like. Apple has always -- well, let's forget about the time that Jobs was gone for now -- been a company that, yes, was interested in profits.  But they were...
 Well, to be fair, Tom Brady does rule. :)  Yeah, and it will be many of the same people who were talking about how the iPhone (and later the iPad) would be total failures/spell Apple's doom/etc.
 You sound quite confused by the the purpose of both editorials and this site.
 While I agree, it is important to point out that there are companies that do exactly that.  Obviously there are luxury auto companies, like Mercedes, Audi, and newcomers like Tesla.  You have media companies like, say, Criterion who charge more, but produce a product with much more value than your typical releases. But some products are doomed to be commodity products no matter which way you cut it.  Televisions, for example.  Sure, you can go and buy a 3D or a 4K -- but...
 HA!  It really has been a while. :)  I;m sure.  Heh.
 Exactly. Classic bullshit.
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