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 Wait a second.  This post was well-reasoned and looked at multiple sides of the discussion. WTF are you doing in this thread?! :)
 Say what you want about Burberry, but Ahrendts is very, very smart and someone who has a deep understanding of retail.  All you need do is look at what happened at Burberry during her tenure (hint: it became a much more valuable brand). Some people will like the style, some won't.  That's the way fashion works.  And obviously, not everyone has $1,700 to drop on a trench coat or $180 for a pair of sunglasses.  But I've never had any problem with the quality of a Burberry...
 Correct. :)
 Oh, of course.  How could I have been that silly?  I should have just held onto my 2009 model.  Damn!  HA!  Yeah, I wish I could get some more before the split.  Unfortunately, the only way to get the money to do that is to ... sell AAPL. :)
 LOL :) ETA: Oh, and BTW, at the moment, AAPL -- even with the iMac chin and all the horrible decisions and everything collapsing -- is up +6.70 right now, and $0.82 away from breaching the $600/share mark.  But yeah, they have NO idea what they are doing according to macxpress.
 I ALREADY explained to you the difference between the Mid-2011 iMac and the present Late-2013 iMac.  System Bus is 2x, faster memory, better processor, improved Bluetooth, vastly improved Fusion Drive options, Thunderbolt, etc. It's essentially a TOTALLY DIFFERENT machine!  Heck, I have a Late-2012 and it's a completely different machine. Oh, I forgot: To you it's all about getting rid of the chin.  That's right, how could I have forgotten.  It's not like that serves some...
 Yes, if only they did something new with a Mac every once in a while.  Hmm.  That would be cool.  I have an idea!  How about this?!  Nah.  That's CRAY-CRAY!  I mean, why even design something like that?!  They should just go back to focusing 100% on the iPhone!
 The differences between the Late-2011 iMac and the Late-2012 iMac are pretty substantial.  And the differences between the Late-2012 and the Late-2013 may not be quite as big, but they are still there. I'm not sure what you want them to do to the look of it.  Make it oval?  Make it yellow?  Make it a neon yellow oval? Personally, I think a faster bus, faster memory, better options when it comes to the Fusion Drive, the inclusion of Thunderbolt, etc. are a heck of a lot...
 Then you aren't paying attention to the way in which the English language works. You are arguing that people with $1B can argue that they are "poor" because they don't have anywhere near as much as Bill Gates.  That's not the way language works.  Words have meanings. Now, if you want to throw quotes around a word to make an ironic point, that's something different.  But if he meant it ironically, then what he was saying is that, "there will always be rich people."  I...
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