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 See, I disagree that "Windows didn't do that well."  MS has never been about the consumer business.  Even with crashing PC sales, they still are selling licenses for both Windows and Office on a gazillion machines.  All of the rest of this stuff is pretty irrelevant, when it all comes down to it.
  EDIT: Ugh.  The Quote thing got all messed up there.  But I think you can follow, hopefully. :)
 I may be wrong, and I will admit that's a possibility (as it has -- rarely -- happened before :) ), but I'm guessing I know a hell of a LOT more about fashion than he does.  If he wants an analogy to the fashion industry, then Gucci purses are not the correct way to go.   Swarovski necklaces, many worth over $500,000, are a much better analogy.  And even then ... BTW, I see Gucci purses all the time.  And yes, I can tell the difference between the genuine article and the...
 But does any of that really matter in the end?  MS makes money licensing Windows and Office.  That's it.  They've tried many, many different ways of changing their model, but it will never change.  If legacy enterprise users keep paying for Windows and Office, they will be fine.  If, some day, that stops happening, they will be dead. That's pretty much it.  You could choose a random person off the street to run the company, and things would be no different.
 A reason I might want to stick with iOS is investment.  But if, at ANY time, I felt that Android was -- for whatever reason -- far superior to iOS, I would switch in a second and never look back. I mean, this iMac I'm typing this message on cost me, what?  About $2,500?  Some movies and books and whatnot are not going to stop me from changing platforms.  What keeps me from changing platforms is the fact that I prefer iOS. I used Linux for years and years, and am actually...
 Are you drunk?
 LOL Nicely done, sir. :)
 From the article: "Damehood for a non-British national is said to be approved by the Queen, but is not awarded by a member of the royal family."
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