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 What's Mercedes-Benz' market share?  What's Tiffany's market share?  What's Omega's market share?
 That's the key point.  Almost every metric shows the iOS users spend way more money than Android users.  And as sick as Android fans are of hearing it, the fact is that a huge number of those Android phones out there are really feature phones (that Galaxy Y being an excellent example).
 Uhh, yeah.  Right. Brilliant contribution.  
 I was going to say, but you said it better than I could have. :)
 All of the above.  And more.
 Facebook is right up there, too.  But you're right, in that it's quite a statement coming from a Google employee. ETA: There's an article over at Ars that may shed some light on Gundotra's departure.  Briefly, Google is possibly going to end the forced Google+ integration, and also move 1k+ employees from the Google+ experiment into the Android platform work.  Read...
 That one's my favorite. :)
 Yeah, that too! :)
 OMG, What the F was that?! WOW!
 So, you're starting with a question.  Interesting.  Do you know what that tells investigators?
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