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  Wow.  That post was really offensive.   Maybe I don't WANT an HTC One?  Maybe I don't need a friggin' bigger screen than my iPhone5?   You're worse than the people you are criticizing.  And frankly, I think the worse thing Apple could do fragment their iPhone offerings (even more than they are apparently doing right now).  It affects the brand adversely.  
1) Apple isn't in competition with Android in the first place.  They are only competing with a small, tiny fraction of Android-driven phones.  IOW, someone who is only going to buy a very cheap Android phone in the first place is only concerned about price.  Apple can't -- and shouldn't -- compete with that, anymore than they should have tried competing with netbooks, or whatever.   2) The way some people here seem to completely misunderstand both economics and...
  You don't see the problem?
    Fair enough.
  Sorry, but I don't see that way.  Apple has an appreciation of accomplishment.  Making a cheap, plastic phone is not filling that.
  I understand that, and I won't buy it.   But I think it's a bad move for Apple.  It's sucking into a race to the bottom.  Apple is trying to be Samsung.  What's the point?
  I'm against a plastic, cheap iPhone.
I am still against this idea.
I still HATE this idea.   Then again, Tim Cook is CEO of a nearly half-trillion market cap company, and I'm a guy typing on his iMac at home, because he doesn't have a job.  *shrug*  But I still hate the idea.
  That's what I was thinking.
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