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 +1 Couldn't agree more.
 I noticed that, too. OTOH, he could have been reading this site for years before joining.  If we want to give him the benefit of the doubt. :)
 However, there are only two companies on Planet Earth making any profits from selling smartphones, and those two are obviously Apple and Samsung.  Everyone else -- EVERYONE -- is losing money. Now, for a company like Google, they don't really give a $#%@, since HW isn't their business anyways.  And for someone like LG, it doesn't really matter, since they make most of their money with other stuff.   But you look at someone like RIM ... ouch.  And HTC?  Moto had to be...
 But a lot more goes into it than just what you dish out of pocket at at buy time.  At least for me. For instance, there's essentially no way I would ever abandon the iOS ecosystem at this point.  Not only do I have thousands of dollars invested in it over the years, but I'm completely familiar with it, it is like an old friend -- an old friend I trust. Also, here in the US where we have subsidized prices, I don't really have to pay (out of pocket) for a new iPhone....
 Makes sense to me.
 Has anyone come out with any actual NUMBERS on PROFITS concerning sales to these "developing markets?"  I mean real, hard numbers?  Like, we made $x Billion in profits in India last year?
 Yeah, it hasn't been an issue since the updates.
 People have been saying that devs will move for YEARS.  The fact of the matter, though, is that Android users don't spend anywhere near as much money as iOS users.  So marketshare might be sort of fascinating from a purely "What are the numbers?" perspective, it doesn't really pose much of a threat to iOS. Much -- MUCH -- of that Android marketshare growth is in very inexpensive phones.  People who buy those aren't heading to Google Play and buying your new $9.99 app....
 No problem.  I'm glad I could help. Yeah, I remember those Tolstoy-sized manuals, too. :)  But then, there was no Google/Bing/Duckduckgo back then either.  Heh. I can't really give an answer as to where I figure this stuff out.  Some of it is coming here (or other sites).  Some of it is just searching the web for answers.  Some of it is simply looking at everything I can find and clicking on stuff until something eventually works. :)
Finder --> Preferences --> Sidebar   Look at "Devices" and make sure that "Hard disks" is checked.
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