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 You might have a point if there had been an article that actually said that "no one uses Office." Since there was no such article, your comment seems ignorant at best and libelous at worst.  Or maybe both.
 She is.  And she is an excellent speaker, and very smart.  She's pretty much got it all going for her.
 Do we HAVE TO say this EVERY. SINGLE. THREAD?!  iOS users spend more money on apps than Android users do.  The math just isn't that complicated, really.
Seriously, this is gonna be sweet.   Sapphire was always the answer.
 Seriously?! God, why am I such an idiot?  Thanks for the heads up.
Well, since the iPhone 4S I've been updating with each new iteration.  Thank you Gazelle, and screw you ATT for charing me $36 to update one year into my contract.*   But if they go to some 5" BS, then I'm hanging onto my 5S for as long as I can.  I'm sorry, but I've already got a 27" iMac, a 15" Macbook, and an iPad Air.  WTF do I need some 5"+ phone for?!  NO.  Just no.     * Yes, I understand it's a contract.  And yes, I understand why they do it and why I am...
 Correlation does not equal causation, in other words.
 Considering the fact that I smoke (though not as much as years ago), I drink like a fish, and the number of contaminents with which I come into contact on a daily basis just through living a regular life in the modern world -- my iPhone is hardly a big concern on the the health meter. And everyone dies.  Personally, I could die tomorrow, I don't care.  I won't know anyways.
 It's only a smartphone in the technical sense.  It's not going to be able to run all sorts of apps, for instance. And let's face it: If someone is buying that phone, he's buying it because it's cheap as hell.  That sort of purchaser isn't going to spend a lot of money apps, or buying music or movies, or anything else for that matter.
New Posts  All Forums: