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You disagree with pretty much the entire court system in the United States.  Just wanted to let you know that.
So, you're fine if they decide not to serve white people, or Christians, or Jews, right?
I would agree with you if it weren't for all the recent evidence to the contrary.  See: Kansas.  Collapsing economy, promises to cut more taxes, promises to run an illegal deficit ... and they still re-elected Brownback.  *shrug*
 Oh good god, don't encourage him.  The more people that just ignore him, the better.
I really wish I had a justification to get one of these.  They look like really well-though out pieces of technology, and they sure are pretty.   Eh.  Maybe an idea for a justification will come to me in the middle of the night at some point. :)
Of course. My point is that the vast, vast majority of people who own iPhones use them for stuff like texting, taking pictures, showing those pictures to their friends, checking small pieces of data (stock price, e.g.), listening to music while walking or waiting, taking short videos, Twitter, Instagram, checking Facebook, etc.  Oh, and making calls. :)  But that's really it.   That's the majority, again.  I didn't say that there were not any outlying use cases.  Of course...
You do realize that he was being sarcastic, right?
Well, I've owned an iPhone since it was first released, same for the iPad.  I can't think of a situation where I thought to myself, "Damn!  If only I had full multi-tasking!"  *shrug*
Actually, property taxes aren't that regressive in the traditional sense, as they are based on the value of your property which, theoretically, you were not only able to purchase in the first place, but are able to continually maintain.   A great example of a regressive tax is something like the sales tax.  If Taylor Swift and I both buy the same MacBook, we pay the same tax on it, even though she's worth something like $250,000,000 and I'm -- well -- not.
Where I live, I'm about a mile from a  shoreline.  Along that shoreline are some of the most beautiful homes, huge, old mansions with gargantuan properties.  Well, the ones that are still there, anyways -- over the past 20-25 years, a lot of those properties were split up and replaced with stupid-looking McMansions that have about as much individuality as ... well, something with no individuality. Anyways ... getting back to my point ... along that shoreline is a Catholic...
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