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 SO, something posted randomly to the InterWebs that looks absolutely awful is *surely* the new design?  Really?  You're positive about this? That thing looks like crap.  Unfinished crap.
There is absolutely ZERO chance that Jony Ive designed something that looks this utterly horrendous.  I agree with those here who've been saying it looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff device.
Now where's Constable Odo when you need him? :)
 Oh, look how cool you are. Sheesh.
Yeah, my tiny Starbucks has outlets actually accessible from anywhere.  There's a bar by the windows, for example, and it has a row of outlets running underneath it.   So, wireless charging there would be rather pointless, seems to me.
 At the Starbucks near my house -- granted, it's TINY -- you're never out of range of an outlet.  Or nearly never.  But like I said, it's really small.  Heading there now, in fact.  I'll check my facts better. Interesting info about wireless charging.  Thanks.  I've never really understood the point, personally.  But maybe that's just me.
 LOL!  Nice :)
 Couldn't agree more about the improved sound.  I have a lot of trouble sleeping, and basically need some music to help me fall asleep.  I just put on some Diana Krall or something similar on my Air, and the sound is actually fairly impressive considering.
 Worried the system could turn out too easy to hack.  And the last effin' place I want someone gaining access to is my hotel room.
 My worry isn't my not being able to open my door, though. 
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