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But you can still can get the Milanese Loop for the Sport, right?
Trust me, you don't have to worry.  She might think of herself as some great person, but she stands no chance.  You don't have to worry.
Wrong. A forum, like this one, is supposed to be made up of intelligent discussion.  I'm sorry if yours doesn't reach that level.  I question whether you know a damn thing about Apple, Tim Cook, or, say, the next iPhone.  I think that you are just a debatable asshole who wants to talk about a country he doesn't understand, and talk about in a way that most of his own countrymen would find abhorrent. I don't respect you, no.  I do, OTOH, respect someone like Karrie Webb....
Well, I don't know about Mishawaka, but in Indy discrimination based upon sexual orientation is illegal already, by city ordinance (or whatever they call it).
Carly's a classic narcissist.  They could put her picture next to the word in the dictionary.  She's absolutely loathsome, and has shown it time and time again.  The fact that someone as vile as she would even think to attack someone like Tim Cook would be hilarious if it weren't so nauseating. OTOH, that's what narcissists do.  So ... *shrug*
Yeah, I'm going to pre-order the minute it becomes available, then wait for it to arrive.  Assuming everything's cool (it fits, etc.) that will be easier.  I don't think I'll bother with going for in-store pick-up.  I really love the Apple Store, but it's all the way on the other side of town.  And I just don't really bother with leaving the house that much anymore, other than to go to the bar. :)
Exactly. It's also like whenever someone answers a question with a question.  
So, straight people CHOOSE to be straight?1) Cook was hardly the only one.  Do I need to post that list again?  I seriously doubt that you have more acumen than the CEOs of Apple, Intel, LinkedIn, Cisco, Microsoft, Ebay, Twitter, PayPal, and over 40 other major tech companies COMBINED!  I really don't.  No offense.  Not to put you on the spot, but how much money did you make last year?  I'm guessing it's not 100s of billions of dollars. 2) CEOs are ALWAYS politically...
I believe it because it's true.  I wasn't being abusive in the slightest.  I was calling you out for writing a bunch of nonsense that was implying all sorts of absurdity and then pretending as if you knew what the hell you were talking about.
New Posts  All Forums: