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 Thank you.  Now we're done.
1) I don't buy that "everyone" would buy it. 2) Even if that's the case, so what?  Apple makes high margin, high quality, often disruptive hardware (and now services).  I'd rather sell 10 items at $100 profit than 100 items at $1 profit.  I mean, the Kindle has sold a hell of lot, but Amazon sells it at a loss.  Selling at a loss is not Apple's way.  Getting "everyone" to buy it doesn't seem to be the sort of thing that Apple is interested in.
It's a damn good thing that Jony was wrong.   *whew* !!! :)
I plan on wearing it when I play golf this year.  If the weather suddenly gets too bad, I can always put it in my bag.  But some of the functions are functions I'm interesting in seeing when I play.
The only case that is closed is that whom YOU -- of all people -- have heard of or haven't heard of is totally irrelevant to the rest of the world.  Well, that's true of your life in general, I guess.
I love how you, a total no one that not a single person will ever know or miss in the slightest, refers to one of the most famous super-models of all-time as a "celebrity" -- in quotes. What if they had used Gisele?  Would she be a "celebrity" too?  Yeah, I mean, she only made $47M last year -- not bad for someone who's semi-retired.  Sure, she only has an official position with the UN, but I'm sure you are FAR more impressive than that. Turlington, OTOH, only has a...
People said that iPhone was WAY too expensive and no one would buy it.   People said that iPad was WAY too expensive and no one would buy it. People have said that Apple Watch is WAY too expensive and no one will buy it.  (Granted, we don't know on that one yet, but I'm going on simple past experience.)
Yeah, because that's the way it's worked so far, right?  "We the people" do or want something, and Comcast or ATT or TW just cave, and say, "Oh, OK!  If you want it, you can have it at the same price!" And you do realize that you just said that you can watch 1 movie per day, right?  I watched 5 episodes of "True Detective" streaming from HBOGO yesterday, so I would be screwed, even under your (completely non-typical) plan.  Oooh!  I'm excited about that!
According to Netflix, you need a minimum of 25Mbps.  Minimum. And the question remains: Do you really believe that Comcast, for example, is going to allow you to stream 100s of GBs of data per month without charging you extra?
Streaming.  Yeah. 4K streaming is practically non-existent for the vast majority of the population because of the bandwidth required.  I was just looking at a chart that showed that 82% of the U.S. has either 1 or 0 providers at 25Mbps.  And that is the absolute minimum for streaming 4K.  And do you really think that the Comcasts and ATTs of the world are going to, what?  Just let people stream 4K content to their heart's content?  Get ready to pay some SERIOUS cap-overage...
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