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 I don't know if they are paid by Samsung, but I immediately distrust any site that uses the word "webinar." I mean, really?
 No one reads the news, though!   Totally irrelevant.  These sorts of "surveys" remind me of Cinemascore.  And none of this has any real effect on anything.  Real world effect equals zero.
 Seriously, next time you are at the coffee shop and waiting in line, ask the person next to you what he or she thinks about the Apple/Samsung trial. I mean, something like 40% of Americans believe the sun rotates around the Earth.  I SERIOUSLY doubt that many people are aware of some patent trial between two tech companies.
 No they haven't.  Google applied for a patent in 2009, but nothing has so far come of it.  
 Is English not your first language?
 Well, it's also about a couple of other things: 1) Content. 2) Affordable 4K monitors.
 The patent system is critical to invention and innovation.  That is why patents are enshrined in the Constitution. Now, that doesn't mean that the USTPO doesn't make some poor decisions.  They do.  Personally, I believe that software patents as a whole should not be allowed.  But the fact is, the legal system is there to enforce the decisions which are made, whether or not they are good decisions in the first place. Now, all that being said, Apple and Samsung are loved in...
 Well, one major difference is that Google does not presently hold a patent on the window shade element. But, yeah, sure other than that ... 
 Totally agree.   And people need to remember -- or maybe remind themselves every once in a while -- that the group of people who read AI and thus read these stories is MUCH larger than those of us who regularly comment.  It's easy to fall into thinking that the "choir" is made up of the people with thousands of posts.
 Isn't that the truth?  A lot of the time, I wonder whether the people making these requests really are familiar with Apple products in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: