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 MacRumors is ridiculous.  It wasn't always like this -- sad, really.  But it really is awful.
These discussions about pronunciation reminds me of a (completely OT) memory of listening -- or, trying to -- a conversation between Ian Rankin and Grant Morrison once.  Jeez.  Two guys from Glasgow ... I must have listened to that discussion like 20 times.   Now, back to our regular programming. :)
Looks reasonable to me.  I mean, the TouchID certainly has a, what?  99.999999% chance of happening?   And the recessed buttons are a slight but sensible change.  
Ive is such a tease. :)
 HA!  I'm not sure even she could help Phil :)
She's all class.  It will be nice to see her at events and the like in the future.
 Never said that.  
 The Starbucks by my house is pretty loud, but I'm usually there at night.  It's somewhat close to a high school, and there's nothing like a gaggle of teenaged girls hyped up on caffeine. :)  But I've gotten used to it.  
Gorgeous.  I love that spiral staircase.   Looks like a really nice store.
 I don't use Maps, so it's not something on which I can comment.  But no, I never had any trouble with Touch ID.  Worked out of the box for me.
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