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 No.  Just being honest. :)
 No, it doesn't.  And I completely agree with you.  I was just joking around. :)
48TB   Not even I have that much porn. :)
 God he's such an asshole.  What an absolutely stupid, uninformed, unintelligent thing to say.
Yeah, no thanks.
 SO, something posted randomly to the InterWebs that looks absolutely awful is *surely* the new design?  Really?  You're positive about this? That thing looks like crap.  Unfinished crap.
There is absolutely ZERO chance that Jony Ive designed something that looks this utterly horrendous.  I agree with those here who've been saying it looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff device.
Now where's Constable Odo when you need him? :)
 Oh, look how cool you are. Sheesh.
Yeah, my tiny Starbucks has outlets actually accessible from anywhere.  There's a bar by the windows, for example, and it has a row of outlets running underneath it.   So, wireless charging there would be rather pointless, seems to me.
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