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  Yeah, 4k content is a while off.  And I'm not sure what the real benefit would be for the "average" viewer.  I guess sports would be really cool.   But as has been said many times, it's interesting that 4k was mentioned more than once in relation to the Pro, so I assume *something* is happening.
Wait. Hold up. "the sometimes reliable Taiwanese publication DigiTimes" Really? If "sometimes" now means "almost never, ever" then I agree. Otherwise ...
  While it is absolutely true that the vast, VAST majority of criminals are simply not too bright, a smash-and-grab can definitely be a complicated, well thought-out crime.  It's not always impulsively committed by a drug-addled perp.
I don't buy this for a second.  I don't see how this would be to be Apple's advantage, at all.  It seems like getting involved in something that doesn't really suit them.   What am I missing?
  You're not the only one, by far.
  I'm still not seeing the point here.  Most of those people aren't going to buy iPhones anyways.   The iPhone market, as it stands, is incredibly powerful, profitable, and moves a ton of units.  Apple shouldn't (in my opinion, of course) be in the business of chasing market share at low margin.  That's what this seems like.  It seems like a step backwards.  Plastic?  High volume?   Why not continue to do what you're good at, what you're making 100s of billions of years...
  Can you show me that this is true?  Or that it is true for at least semi-premium phones, at least?   I mean, a lot of things count as "smartphones" these days.  Something could sell for a 10% margin and be a piece of junk and be called a "smartphone."  Do you have numbers on this?
  iPhone unit sales by fiscal year:   2010: 40B   2011: 72B   2012: 125B   2013: 85B (so far, through 2Qs)   I'm not seeing how that's slow growth, really.  Are they supposed to increase sales by 100% every year?  Profits are through the roof.  Sales are enormous.  The ecosystem is thriving.   What am I missing?
  There's no evidence that "a lot" more Android phones (we're talking flagship phones here, not cheap junk) are sold than iPhones.  In the US the top 3 selling phones are all iPhones.  Sure, Android phones are more popular in Asia.  But they also sell at much lower margin in general.  Apple doesn't strike me as about to decide to go for the "high volume, low margin" approach.   And there are "rumors" that these are the high end phone shells?  Rumors from where?  I can...
  From the Q1 2013 report:           Who is being "held back" from buying iPhones?  See, this is what I don't get.  Apple sold nearly 50 MILLION of these things in the first quarter of fiscal 2013.  In fiscal 2012 they sold 125M iPhones alone.
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