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 LOL I ask this with all due respect: Are you stoned?  No, seriously, are you high right now?  Meth, maybe?  I'm very curious.
 Exactly.  All one need do is look at bills from the 1850s, say, to see that it is a modern invention.
 LOL Sad but true. :)
 I'm pretty sure it was a TM, not a patent. But the point still stands.
 Well played.  Well played. :)
 If you're talking about Brewer, then you would make a TERRIBLE politician. Marriot, the NFL, Apple, American Airlines, and numerous other major corporations -- not to mention the two senators from AZ, both Republicans -- have asked her to veto the bill.  Arizona would lose hundreds of millions of dollars by losing the Super Bowl, just as they did when they refused to accept MLK Day in '93, and lost the Super Bowl to Pasedena.
 1) If you DO run into T-Swizzle, please ask her. (And tell her that, despite her net personal value being about 8 billion times mine, I'm totally willing to buy her dinner!) :) 2) What someone tells you about how he or she feels is not necessarily how he or she feels.  Remember high school, anyone?
 Actually, I'm fairly sure that any genetic harm that could happen with offspring from first cousins is extremely minimal, and no larger than that of two strangers. Of course, people have sex for lots of reasons other than procreation.
 The entire point of science -- or of any hypothesis anyways -- is that it IS fallible.  That's the entire point.  If I say, "These diamonds will melt at 300 degrees F."  I can do an experiment.  If the diamonds are in a proven oven at 300 deg., and don't melt ... Try disproving something based on "faith." "Taylor Swift fantasizes about me every night, dreaming of me having insane sex with her." Prove it isn't true. See the problem?
 I seriously hope not.
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