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  As long as Seven of Nine is there, nothing is wrong.  Nothing at all. :)
  I don't because, because from the beginning Apple has understood that touch and keyboard/click are entirely different paradigms.   And to be quite honest, the MacBook Air weighs, what?  2.4 lbs. (for the 11")?  I can't see the advantage to a larger iPad that emulates OSX somehow) over just getting an Air.
Personally, I can't for the life of me see the value in increasing the size of the iPad. I can't imagine a single use case where that would be beneficial.
    Wait.  Huh?    If Aronofsky shot it at 16mm,hand-held, then that's what it was.  Are we arguing that that what it was?
  Possibly.  But I have been reading this site for long enough, and seen enough stories from DigiTimes that I don't buy a thing they say.  Now, again, it's possible that they are being misrepresented.  I don't know.  But almost every "rumor" I see from DigiTimes ends up not being even close to true.
  Not even close.   Heck, "Black Swan" was shot on 16mm.  
  Yeah, 4k content is a while off.  And I'm not sure what the real benefit would be for the "average" viewer.  I guess sports would be really cool.   But as has been said many times, it's interesting that 4k was mentioned more than once in relation to the Pro, so I assume *something* is happening.
Wait. Hold up. "the sometimes reliable Taiwanese publication DigiTimes" Really? If "sometimes" now means "almost never, ever" then I agree. Otherwise ...
  While it is absolutely true that the vast, VAST majority of criminals are simply not too bright, a smash-and-grab can definitely be a complicated, well thought-out crime.  It's not always impulsively committed by a drug-addled perp.
I don't buy this for a second.  I don't see how this would be to be Apple's advantage, at all.  It seems like getting involved in something that doesn't really suit them.   What am I missing?
New Posts  All Forums: