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 OK, so it's not just me.  That's good to know. :) I worry about these things sometimes.  LOL
 Honestly, even as a non-military American, I've always used a 24-hr clock on my computer.  Now, I'm just so used to it that I can't imagine anything else.
OK,  finally installing.  Is it my imagination, or did the installation bar click from the old "thicker" one to the new thinner one, more in line with iOS7?
 Coolness. :) OTOH, as I said somewhere else, iTunes Radio just played a Ke$ha song ... so? :) PS: My fault, as my seed song was a Britney Spears song.  I have no one to blame but myself.  Heh.
 Same thing happened to me for a long time.  Eventually, I FLIPPED OUT and hit update on my iPhone repeatedly, over and over, and suddenly it gave me the D/L and Install screen. :) I think there are just too many people trying to d/l, and then there are morons like me hitting the button over and over again.  Sorry. 
 I think the ads go away if you have iTunes Match.  I haven't heard any ads yet. Maybe just lucky? But if not, iTunes Match and ad-free iTunes Radio all for $25/year is a pretty good deal, I guess.
 The on-device method was the only one that worked for me, ironically.  Then again, I still have 10 minutes left, so I shouldn't say that it "worked" quite yet. :)
"Current version" my ass! :)
 Heck, I wish I could get that!  All it says is "Your software is up to date."
Huh.  iTunes won't show my iPhone as needing an update.  Weird.
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