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OK, two questions from a normal person who doesn't understand this financial stuff:   1) What is Einhorn's end-game?  Is he just trying to make more money for his fund?  And does his argument make sense?   2) Why is Apple having so many billions a bad thing?  That would seem like a good thing.   Thank you, in advance.
Can someone explain, exactly, how iOS is behind Android? Or is it "sales?" If Apple gave away phones, they'd have a perfect market share too. Otherwise, I just don't see it. Am I missing something?
  Well, if Apple had the P/E that Amazon has, it would be $1,309/share right now.
  I would pay Apple to add monkey sounds when activating the Ballmer Key. :)
  It would be ALL CAPS if it were Balmer. :)
  Well, it was actually $13/share, but then they split.  And yeah, I'm lucky.   My theory has always been to invest in companies whose products I like.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  But in the case of AAPL, it's definitely worked.
Well, considering that according to Gazelle.com, I could sell my iPad (3rd gen., Wi-Fi only, 32GB) right now for $250, getting an new iPad (4th gen., Wi-Fi only, 32GB) would end up being $19 cheaper than a "comparable" (year, right) Kindle Fire HD.   I paid a whopping $49 for my iPhone5 due to the resale value of my iPhone4S.   I think extremely high resale value for Apple products is something that is often overlooked as a "feature."  Heck, Gazelle tells me that...
  Not to mention that is NOT censorship.  No government is stepping in and telling you what you can and cannot watch/listen to/etc.   If Apple, as a private company, wants to police their App Store then they are more than free to do so.  Also, as everyone has pointed out, you can use Safari to get all the pr0n you want.  And I say this as someone who has been known to peruse some of the adult sites.  I am definitely not against it.  It's just so easy to find, I can...
  Hey, why do think I have a dedicated 3TB drive? :)   But seriously (kind of), I guess it would be back to Skinemax.  What a sad, sad world that would be.
A question: Is anyone experiencing random buzzing, when there's nothing to precipitate it, since installing iOS 6.1?     My phone randomly buzzes, but it's not on vibrate to begin with.  And when I check, there are no new texts, calls, mails, nothing.  Am I the only one with this issue?
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