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 Well, I'm 44, and I've only noticed two (in any way) significant differences to my vision: 1) I am getting just a LITTLE BIT farsighted.  I hold a book or my iPhone or whatever at the distance I used to.  But now I have to move it ~1" farther away for everything to be perfect. 2) On the golf course I can't follow the ball quite as well when it's super-bright out.  If it's overcast or partly cloudy or whatever, I'm fine though.  As to the actual size of the device, it's...
 But no one measures ignorance or knowledge as to how it compares to the sum of human learning.  It's measured against what an average citizen should probably know. I don't really know squat about string theory, for instance.  I've read some about it, and I've tried to understand.  But when it comes right down to it, English isn't a suitable language for explaining string theory.  Mathematics is.  And my knowledge of math, beyond the basics, is fairly minimal.  So when it...
 While I agree with you in principle, most products -- even personal electronics -- have some sort of [i]nearly[/i] set revision rate.  
 Like any watch?  What watches are you looking at!? ETA:  Here's Macy's "Watches" page, for instance.
 I didn't miss a thing.  I see people like you here every day.  "I love Apple, but ...." Here's a hint:  If you have to qualify something like that, the statement itself is worthless.  And honestly, if you're squinting at an iPhone screen, then you need to see an optometrist.  I mean, I have 20/10 vision, so maybe I'm not a perfect example.  But still, you really need help if you can't see what's on an iPhone screen.
 That depends on what you mean by "mass market" really.  But yeah, interesting interview.  Oh for f$%#'s sake.  Really?  Do you have any other tune but this one?
 Oh, I agree.  Film criticism and filmmaking are as alike as selling golf clubs and being a pro golfer: They both have to do with the same thing in general, but are totally different disciplines.
 LOL! :) Oh believe me, I -- errm, I mean someone I know -- knows all about that stuff.  Yeah.  Someone I know.
 This isn't a criticism at all, just an observation.  This is the sort of thing I see all the time time on tech sites.  You can do that, yes.  I can.  Most of us can.  But how many people who, say, need the Finder explained to them in extreme detail, or have "123456" or "password" as their password can? I think a lot of us on tech sites tend to project onto the general population.  It's like, "Well, that's no problem.  Just root your phone, d/l Cynagenmod, do x, then y,...
 Oh man, I was tired when I posted that.  The $55.6B was profits. You're right of course.  I really need to pay more attention when I post. :)  Thanks.
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