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 Actually, sad as it is, that isn't probably that far from the truth.
 Thanks for the tip!
 This is looking grimmer and grimmer by the second.
Do you guys think I'll be able to get a silver 64GB 5S on-line tonight at 3am?  Or is this a hopeless gesture?
 "Hell, $350-$400 is a very reasonable expectation and still get a quality phone with decent margins." Explain to me what benefit this would be to Apple, please.
 No. Damage the stock, damage the brand.  What does Apple gain from this?
 Ford is Ford.  Believe me, I live in (near) Detroit.  I'm about as familiar with Ford as anyone. Let me ask you this: Do you think Apple will have a problem selling the iPhone5C?  Because if not, then why in the world would they sell something cheaper? When Apple made a partnership with a fashion house, they did so with Burberry.  That should give you some idea where their thinking is.  They didn't partner with GAP or Target (not that there's anything wrong with either --...
 There's a difference between automobiles and computers, however.  As I said earlier, Apple shouldn't become a seller of commodity products.
Just for the record, with all this talk of "Apple Tax" and the cost of phones, etc. ...   I am selling my iPhone5 to Gazelle for a price of $330.  It's 32GB.  So, I'm actually getting MORE from Gazelle than I originally paid for it.  Between getting the $330 from Gazelle, and the $36 "fine" I need to pay ATT to upgrade, I can get a 64GB iPhone5S for $105.   People can talk about "Apple Tax" all they want.  But the resale value is amazing.  I got something like $550 for...
 *sigh* Selling lots of product != making profits. Apple COULD make a "cheap" phone.  This would go against their entire philosophy as a corporation, though.  It would also seriously harm their stock price.  And it would, finally, tarnish their brand. It's like saying, MG Collection can sell purses for <$20, why can't Coach?  Croft and Barrow can sell shoes for <$40, why can't Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik? Believe me: If Coach wanted to sell something for $15, they could....
New Posts  All Forums: