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I think that comparing OSX and iOS is silly to begin with since, to me anyways, they seem to be functionally two different paradigms.  I don't expect my iMac, my iPhone, my iPad, my Apple TV to all work in the same way.  They're different.  They're designed to be different.  Thus I expect them to work differently.
 One: I used WINE just fine, and didn't have any "moral" problems doing so. Two: I don't remember making a "moral" issue out of any of this.  Did I? Three:  I believe in all OS.  I really do.  If someone is happy with Windows, then go with Windows.  If someone is happy with iOS, then go with iOS.   Etc.  Android, iOS, WP, Windows, OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, whatever.  I'm all for all of it.  And, honestly, I've used the vast majority of these OSes. But believe me, I don't have a...
*headdesk*   Seriously?  That's you're argument?
 Definitely. :)
 Exactly. We might not be the biggest JT fans in the world (though I do actually think he's a pretty decent actor), but it's ridiculous to argue that a free JT download won't make LOTS of people happy.  Right or wrong, the guy's very popular.
 I'm about as FAR FROM a fascist as you will find.  Just so you know. I buy iPhone and iPad, and I invest time into iOS7 (or whatever) BECAUSE I know that it won't be a mess, BECAUSE I know what I'm getting is OK'ed. As far as your last paragraph, I don't even know where to begin.  I've been using Apple products fro over a decade.  I'm fairly sure that they aren't messing with my content.
 Nothing threatens me.  I couldn't care less, to be honest.  What bothers, me, though, is someone claiming that the iPhone he bought is somehow so screwed up -- due to THINGS HE KNEW ABOUT GOING IN!  It's like me buying a Shakira (well, old Shakira, anyways) album called "Sale e Sol" and then complaining that it's in Spanish. When I was sick of Windows -- sometime between '95 and '98 -- I moved to Linux.  I ran that for many years.  Eventually, I got my first Mac, a TiPb...
 Did the system come as a surprise to you when you first turned on your iPhone? And let me inform you of something: Yes, it is TOTALLY fine for Apple to "prevent [you] from exercising your rights to do with a device as [you] please" if they made the device and sold it to you, and you agreed to the license.  Don't like it?  Get an Android phone.  But as long as you: 1) Were well aware of the situation when you purchased the phone,2) Agreed to the license when activating the...
 I love gambling, and do it a fair amount -- not a lot, but every once in a while.  But the number of people who don't understand the inherent odds is scary.  Personally, I don't care if I lose my money, since I don't gamble with money I can't afford to lose.  A lot of people, however, don't seem to grasp this concept.
Yeah, no kidding.  I was really hoping for a free d/l of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" trilogy, in HD.  /s
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