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 Are people really still talking about market share?  For real?
 Oh of course.  But most people, let's face it, wouldn't have the slightest clue how to do that. :)
 While I agree you about computers having reached a power threshold that is beyond that of a normal user (I mean, seriously, how many users really need an i7?  My i5 iMac plays Tomb Raider perfectly, though I guess that has more to do with the GPU than anything ...) but I would have to say that the inclusion of Fusion Drives has been a huge upgrade to the line.
 I personally enjoy this sort of summary.  It keeps me from needing to read 18 different reviews, and instead I can read one piece in a few minutes.
 Or someone who's lying. :)
 You mean companies like, say, Verizon?  They have an avg. daily volume of 14M.  Apple is at 53M.  Verizon's Mkt. Cap is 211B, Apple's is 589B. ETA: Oh, and as of 12:00ET, AAPL is up 2.76% and 1/2 a point short of it's 52-week high.  I swear, some people here need to lay off the crack.
 Well, as of NOW, Gazelle would give me $350 for my iPad Air 64GB WiFi only.  So, not bad.
 Sure, that would be their reaction if they, you know, haven't seen a tennis tournament, a golf tournament, the Olympics, the World Cup, or pretty much any major sporting event in the last 25  years.
 Shouldn't have to save too much, really, assuming you sell your iPad Air to Gazelle or whomever.
 From the article over at Re/Code:  I'd say it will be more involved than re-selling iPads.
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