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 LOL! :) Yeah, the number of places where these won't be allowed is staggering (and going to increase).  It's going to be a lot of money to spend on something that you can barely use.
Glass is moronic.   But Ivy Ross knows what she's doing.  She's proven it time and time again.   Still won't save Glass, however.  It's just too stupid.
 This wouldn't have happened when Forstall was alive here!
 OK, am I missing something?  Was there an article somewhere that said that millions of people were buying these things and that profits were in the billions? Just because lots of people come out with something doesn't really make it "hotly contested" in my mind.  It actually has to be successful product before it's "hotly" anything, AFAIC.
 I wasn't insulting you.  I was saying that your comment was immature, which it was. Anyways.
 You do realize how immature comments like this sound, right? But if you are in fact 13, I apologize.
 I think beyond size of display (which obviously IS an issue), it's more about -- at least to me -- the different paradigms of OSX vs iOS.  It's about Applications vs Apps.  Etc. If I really, really wanted something nearly iPad-sized that worked like a Mac, I would get an 11" MacBook Air.  *shrug*
 Unique?  Correct. Pregnant?  Correct. Dead?  Not so much.  You're forgetting the undead! :)
 HAHA!  No comment.  My knowledge of this implies nothing! :) Anyways, yeah, didn't think of the notifications.
 Umm, that goes against about 30 years of web experience.  Yes, there could be something wrong with the browser.  But if the browser works generally, but fails 100% on a particular site, then something is wrong in the design of that site. Also:  iPad Air, iOS 7.1.1  Well, I can think of a fairly simple way to hide them from all but the most investigative, paranoid eyes.  Just make a folder, like [Other], and put them into the folder on a back page of the folder.   And...
New Posts  All Forums: