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Oh, man, I'm going to be using that Notifications ability on a VERY regular basis. Great news.
 I'm not sure that's Apple's fault. Yeah, I can understand that.
Honestly, I'd say 90% of the apps I look into and maybe eventually d/l I hear about somewhere else first.  It's pretty rare that I go to the App Store without an idea of what I'm looking for beforehand.   But that's just me.
 I'm not sure that's Apple's fault.
 Yes, but if I had no computing device, and I wanted to get an AppleTV to watch Netflix, there's nothing stopping me from signing up at, say, the library.  Or on a friend's computer.  Or is there?  AFAIK, all Netflix cares about is that they get your CC info, and that your payments go through.
Hey now! I have two pairs of sunglasses, one of which Is cheap. But the others are Oakleys which I bought for golf.
 Yes, it is shallow. Oh, and I also agree. :)
 Yep, I was thinking the same thing.  I have very little (if any) musical talent, but really, for $3.99 ... ?  What do I have to lose (well, other than $3.99)? :)
Looks cool.  Go Apple.
 Yeah, pretty sure you're right about that. Anyways, that video was suhweeeet.  For some reason, I always find building demolitions very cool, whether they are like this one with a teardown, or implosions.  I can watch that stuff all day! :) Oh, PS: The link to the March 16 story with the pics has an "%22" at the end which makes it lead to a 404 error.
New Posts  All Forums: