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So, someone who won't serve Jews is just fine with you, then?
Remember that a good deal of cable providers offer ONLY Fox News with the basic package.  I have two relatives who are in that situation.
These threads, and the people making some of these comments are simply leading me back to two of my favorite quote by Rust in "True Detective."   I knew that I understood him better than I've understood probably any character in fiction ever.  And these threads have just proven to me why.
I was attempting to explain that the majority of the population and the majority of states are two different things.  Anyways, it's irrelevant: 
The majority of people in the US live in a tiny minority of states. To put it in simple terms, there are 538 electoral votes (435 Reps + 100 Sens + 3 for DC).  CA, NY, FL, PA and TX account for 171 of those 538, or  about 32%.  So, out of 50 states and the District, 5 states account for nearly a third of the Electoral College.   CA alone is 55.  The smallest 15 states combined add up to 56 -- and they are each getting 2 for the Senate.  Based solely on population (House),...
The average age of a Fox News viewer is well over 60 years old.  All you need to do is look at their advertising. And ratings amongst cable news networks is like ranking which of the people in this thread has the best chance to date a Victoria's Secret Angel.  I mean, yeah, one of us might actually have a higher chance than everyone else in the thread.  But does having the highest chance at 0.0000000001% really mean anything?
Actually, I find these threads absolutely hilarious. Plus, they've helped me expand my Block List to include a lot of people who should have been there already.  
Oh shut up you backwards moron.
Wow.  Just ... wow.
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