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 Samsung can continue to do what it does as long as it has the resources to spend billions and billions and billions of dollars on marketing. Beyond that though, there is the question of the sheer size and gravity of Samsung's position in the market.  It takes resources to move an object like Samsung.  LG?  HTC?  Not a chance.  They simply don't have the ability to make a dent.  Samsung has (in terms of this particular issue) nearly unlimited resources.  HTC has very few...
 Nope.  It can't be tomorrow, actually. Could it be a decade from now?  Sure.  Will UI elements in mobile devices be similar to what we have now?  No, they won't.  Infringement cases over particular elements that won't even exist by the time they are relevant accomplish what, exactly? Here, a bit of what things looked like a decade ago in mobile: And remember, this wasn't some cheapo no-name phone at the time.  It was CUTTING EDGE! So, no:  Nothing's going to change...
 Personally, I am fairly sure that Constable Odo is somewhere in a dark, dank room curled up into the fetal position, repeating "It can't be!  It can't be!  It can't be!" over and over and over again.  While weeping, of course.
 Just like they did last year.  Or the year before.  Or the year before that.  Or the year ... Oh, wait. There is no "the next Samsung."  It's over.  The war's been fought, victors have been declared.  Documents signed.  Apple and Samsung won.  Everyone else -- EVERYONE -- is either simply treading water or consistently in the red.  Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown. By the time another significant player in the mobile space exists -- and that won't be for a long while --...
 I am SO glad I'm not the only who finds himself doing that! :)
 It's a saturated market already.  And I've seen absolutely zero evidence that HTC or Moto or whoever is going to make any real strides. And let's face it, no one's going to become the next Samsung.  
 Umm, no. What's the point in going after companies like HTC who aren't even making money?  Samsung is the ONLY company making profits on mobile, beyond Apple.  Together they account for 106% of worldwide mobile profits.  So that means that ALL THE OTHER COMPANIES COMBINED are losing money.  Combined. There's no point suing them, as they have nothing to begin with.  
Now, if only there were something I needed to buy. :)
Hey buddy.  How you doing?   Oh, APPL is at about $609.  Just for your info.  Would you like to see the last 3Y graph?  No?  Aww.   Anyways, take care man.
 Fashionista and Google go together like water and oil. Yeah.
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