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 Actually, diamonds are not really diamonds in one sense.  They aren't rare at all, and the only reason they cost what they do is because of artificially created scarcity.  There's nothing special about them (unless we're talking about industrial uses). Gold, OTOH, is pretty scarce.  Something like 150,000 tons has ever been mined in all of human history.
True enough. :) But an 8 on a clock is pretty clear on a 24 hour clock.
What? 8am is 8:00. 8pm is 20:00. How could those possibly be confused?!  Or am I missing something that you're trying to say?
There are 24 hours in a day.  A 24 hour clock makes total sense. Plus, I'm guessing you don't drink.  During winter, when the sun sets at 4:30pm, I might wake up at 6 and wonder whether it's 6am or 6pm.  Looking at my iPhone and seeing 6:00 or 18:00 is an easy way to know what's going on -- and where I ended up. ;)
Yeah, I've used 24 clock on all my Macs, every iPhone, etc.  It's just way easier, and makes much more sense.
LOL  "dead laptop booting." :)  Nice.
I watch a LOT of LPGA golf -- every week, in fact (well, they aren't playing this week, but ...) and it's unbelievable how much pink you see worn, especially on Sundays.  Anyone who thinks that pink doesn't appeal to women is deluded.  Women are 51%-52% of the population more or less.  When I go to Starbucks the vast majority of women I see with smartphones or laptops have iPhones or Macs.  This will be a HUGE seller.   The podcasts I listened to after the Event seemed...
 Awwwwww :)  That doesn't seem fair!
If Apple were a cute woman, I would kiss her.   I can get a Sport, play golf, do Yoga, etc., and buy a Milanese Loop to go with my regular day-to-day.  This is PERFECT.  Thank you Apple.
By whom am I getting ripped off, and exactly how am I getting ripped off? It's March 10th.  I've just now spent another $50+ on Blu-Rays.  I'm probably at about $500+ so far this year.  And we're what?  Two months and ten days into 2015?  And this is just Blus.  We're not even talking about music, magazines, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: