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Hey now! I have two pairs of sunglasses, one of which Is cheap. But the others are Oakleys which I bought for golf.
 Yes, it is shallow. Oh, and I also agree. :)
 Yep, I was thinking the same thing.  I have very little (if any) musical talent, but really, for $3.99 ... ?  What do I have to lose (well, other than $3.99)? :)
Looks cool.  Go Apple.
 Yeah, pretty sure you're right about that. Anyways, that video was suhweeeet.  For some reason, I always find building demolitions very cool, whether they are like this one with a teardown, or implosions.  I can watch that stuff all day! :) Oh, PS: The link to the March 16 story with the pics has an "%22" at the end which makes it lead to a 404 error.
 Not kidding at all.  Most top lobbyists in DC have worked in various positions in the government at one time or another.  And most lobbyists when they leave lobbying return to the government, or to some sort of the DC power structure.  It's a rotating door. This is just the way it is.  It's like me complaining that it's cold:  Sure, it really is colder than it ought to be right now.  But my complaining about it doesn't change anything.  It's simply  a fact, and there's...
 Yeah, Apple's spending only about 1/5th of what Google spends, for instance. Then again, Google has a lot more issues to deal with. :)
 Well, to be fair, Apple doesn't make either an HDTV nor a Blu-Ray player.  So, I'm stuck with Samsung for now. Though when I soon replace my somewhat aging Samsung HDTV, I think I will be moving to a different company.  They just annoy the hell out of me these days.
Coolness.  I like the idea, especially of NPR.  Can't wait to see what is coming down the line.   However, I don't know where Billboard got the idea that Apple is going to make iTunes available for Android, but I would really like some of what they were smoking that day at the office. :)
One woman leaves Apple to go to DC, and her replacement comes from DC to Apple. :)   There's really no point whatsoever in trying to fight the tides, though.  They're coming in or going out regardless.
New Posts  All Forums: