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"True Detective" :)
ThePixelDoc's post was fantastic and hit all the major points.   I have one small point of disagreement, however.  There are some women in the industry these days who are major players, work on their own and often because of their own earnings in the past.  Sure the adult film industry is dominated by men, in general, just like the regular film industry.   But otherwise I agree with every point you made.   Oh, I also have this to say:  I get the impression that a lot...
Yep.  I think that's exactly the point. Sorry, but if I wanted to carry my 27" iMac around with me, I would buy a MacBook Pro.
But no!  NO! NO! NO! If it's not the fastest machine out there, then how will I ever buy it?!  It MUST have a Core i7, 32GB RAM, vast amounts of storage, at least 12 ports ... doesn't it? :( :)
Lordy I wish I had a legitimate reason to upgrade my Late 2012 iMac.  Well, a reason other than, "I just want a newer, better one."  I did say legitimate after all. :)
I agree with your point, except that people getting shot to death or stabbed to death or having their throats slits, whatever -- that's all the 1st amendment. :) Otherwise, I couldn't agree more.
Good luck.  I hope you enjoy it -- if that's the right word to use with a Lars film. :)
It's difficult to give an opinion on it, as I don't know how you feel about Von Trier's work in general.  I wouldn't worry too much about LeBouf (I am guessing that is to whom you were referring) as he's pretty good here, as is Gainsborough (as always).  Von Trier plays a little fast and loose, self-referencing and things like that.  But then, that's sort of how he's always been.  I can only really say this: If you find that you generally like Lars Von Trier's work, you'll...
Well, here's the thing about these anti-porn rants: By implication, any world with little or no mass-distributed porn should be better off, right?  Do you think that's the case now?  Do you think that was the case centuries ago?  Do you think Angela Ahrendts or Hilary Clinton would rather this were 14th century? Mass-distributed porn is a relatively recent development.  Serial killers aren't.  Neither is the mistreatment of women.  So linking those things and porn is a...
Well, there is no 'X' rating, and hasn't been one for quite a long time.  Just wanted to point that out. NC-17 is the rating that replaced it, and it has some different definitions.  You also have films which are not submitted for classification, and those will generally have a very small distribution, since practically every theater these days is part of a chain, and chains won't distributed unrated films.  However, I'm fairly sure that "Nymphomaniac" was unrated, or at...
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