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Re-loaded the Beta page every 10 mins or so, eventually got through.  D/L-ing now.  Will be interesting to see what happens. :)
 Ahh, if only my old 17" TiPB weren't dead (from me spilling a Coke on while asleep one night). :)
 Yeah, I created another partition.  I expect problems -- possibly many -- but the only complaining I will do about them is here, to piss off TS. ;) j/k
 Heh.  Good call.  I think we'll find out soon.
 We'll see when the "6" is released (really hoping they just call it "iPhone" personally. 
 That's not what I meant.  I was just curious if people were still talking about such an inane subject. (PS: I have a number of people on block, so there are a good number of messages that I don't see.)
 Are people really still talking about market share?  For real?
 Oh of course.  But most people, let's face it, wouldn't have the slightest clue how to do that. :)
 While I agree you about computers having reached a power threshold that is beyond that of a normal user (I mean, seriously, how many users really need an i7?  My i5 iMac plays Tomb Raider perfectly, though I guess that has more to do with the GPU than anything ...) but I would have to say that the inclusion of Fusion Drives has been a huge upgrade to the line.
 I personally enjoy this sort of summary.  It keeps me from needing to read 18 different reviews, and instead I can read one piece in a few minutes.
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