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   http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/04/over-40-us-tech-leaders-urge-legislators-to-forbid-lgbt-discrimination/ Sincerely,Max Levchin, CEO, AffirmMark Pincus, Chairman, ZyngaJeremy Stoppelman, CEO, YelpMarc Benioff, CEO, SalesforceJack Dorsey, CEO, SquareDick Costolo, CEO, TwitterLogan Green, CEO, LyftBrian Chesky, CEO, AirbnbJoe Gebbia, CPO, AirbnbNathan Blecharczyk, CTO, AirbnbRon Conway, Founder, SV AngelJohn Donahoe, CEO, EbayPaul Graham, CoFounder,...
 That word doesn't mean what you think it means.
Expecting Carly to make sense on any subject is simply expecting too much. :)
Exactly what I came here to post.   OTOH, if it really is only $59 for the Sport, that's good news, as that's what I'm planning on getting.
Don't take it any way.  I was just kidding around.
You realize that committing a felony over some ill-defined paranoia is NOT a good idea, right?  A felony requires a MINIMUM of a year in PRISON.  Not jail, PRISON.  And that's just the minimum. Does that really sound like fun?
CLOSE! :) And hey, I should know: I spent a number of years playing bridge with some ... well, older ladies.  Heh.
This is like bridge club with a bunch of old ladies.   -- You didn't answer my question.   -- Well you didn' answer mine first!   -- What question?   -- Are you going to bid or pass Martha?!   -- I ... I ... I don't know!  I have to use the facilities.  Where's my walker?   -- I thought Ralph took it!     I mean, really?
That's heresy!
New Posts  All Forums: