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I am still against this idea.
I still HATE this idea.   Then again, Tim Cook is CEO of a nearly half-trillion market cap company, and I'm a guy typing on his iMac at home, because he doesn't have a job.  *shrug*  But I still hate the idea.
  That's what I was thinking.
  I never learned to touch type in a class (I type around 75-80 words a minute, give or take).  I learned to touch type by playing a MUD about 16 hrs. a day back in the day.  All of a sudden, without realizing it had happened until that moment, I noticed that I was just typing without looking down.  It just happened out of practice and necessity.
  Are you being serious, or is this some sort of very odd, avant garde satire?   Apple sold more iPhones in the last reported quarter than they have EVER sold in a single quarter.  31M.  In 2012, they sold 125M iPhones.  What sales are they losing, exactly?
  Yes, we will see.  And like with the iPad Mini, I will probably end up proven wrong. :)
  When the $#%& did I ever say they were?!
  No, I don't think that.  I don't even think anywhere close to that.   But that doesn't mean that I can't have an opinion on a possible product, right?  Look: The last thing I would hope for is for me to be right.  And I don't think that the iPad Mini is a good example, because other than the processor and the Retina display -- unless I'm forgetting something -- it's basically a smaller iPad.  It's the iPad in a different form factor, right?   The "cheaper" iPhone,...
  Yes, that's my day as well.  But I'm still not seeing the advantage here.  To me, all it says is: We're damaging the brand to sell cheaper phones.  It seems like a HUGE step backwards.  If it isn't aiming toward a lower end of the market, then why have it be cheaper?  And if it IS cheaper, then how is it *not* aiming at a lower end of the market?   There are all sorts of "very important slices of the market" frankly.  The $300 laptop is probably an important slice of...
  Yes, you ARE talking about Apple making a netbook, in the sense that you're entire argument -- "as their answer to the low end market" -- is saying that Apple should engage in some race to the bottom.  If you really believe that, then good.  And, as I said, the second they start doing that I'm done as a shareholder.  That wasn't the company I signed up for.   As to your iMac example, I didn't think I had to explain this in my first post, but obviously ...   What I MEANT...
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