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Still getting "We'll be back soon" here too, as of 3:34am Eastern. Meh, I've had like 35 cups of coffee today. I can wait.
I think it's a lot like salaries in sports. Take baseball, for example. Player X doesn't really care whether he gets $22.5M over the $21M that was offered, from a financial standpoint. He cares because Player Y is getting $21M, and Player X is absolutely convinced that he deserves more than that other guy.
Yeah, I bought AAPL when it was $13/share. And it's split since then. I really, REALLY couldn't care less about dividends. I'd rather they hold onto that cash to work on and bring forth the "Next Big Thing" or buy someone who has what they need or whatever else they want to do with it. Like someone up-thread said: You want a dividend, sell a share.
I'm more excited about iTunes Match than any other element of iCloud, other than documents.
Well, I've got a heck of a lot more music than would fit on my iPad, let alone my iPhone. And I'd rather not spend the time shuffling stuff around, when I can spend $2/month and get access to most of my music with no effort whatsoever.
Don't encroach on Tony's business. He's been selling watches from that phone booth for years!
Hmm, when I hold my phone, I don't think my fingers or heel of my hand touch the bezel on the sides. But it definitely could be an issue for some people, I suppose. I'm not great at math, so I'm not sure how much that would gain them, anyways. I do know that I hope the phone stays pretty much the same size. Then again, I've had my 3GS for so long, I'm just totally used to it at this point. It feels like I've been waiting for the iPhone5 to come out forever.
How exactly did they plan on getting away with this? I mean, in China is one thing. But in NYC? Come on.
Well, considering that the CIA Factbook ranks Turkey #94 in GDP per capita, and they list 227 total countries, I'd say "one of the poorest countries on Earth" is stretching it a bit. But obviously, if they could get a major manufacturing deal like 15m iPads, that would go a long way toward improving the lives of many Turks.
Except that HP wasn't really competing in the consumer space, were they? Sure, they moved a ton of units. But they weren't really giving Apple, for instance, a fight in similar spaces. When was the last time that someone looked at an HP feature, and thought: Wow! Everyone's going to want this soon!
New Posts  All Forums: