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  Actually, if you have seen enough ancient cave paintings, you know that there's ALWAYS been porn.
  I understand your point, but really, it's not like the Chinese have "played fair" in any of this.  It's not in their nature.   And I wonder about the "biggest smartphone market" claim, too.  Sure, buy units sold maybe.  But I seriously doubt there's a whole lot of profit happening in the China market for smartphones, to be honest.   The less Apple has to do with China, the better.  (And yes, I realize that they can't completely divest themselves for a multitude of...
  Eh, I'm with Apple ][ on this one.  At some point you need to just say, "You know what?  It's not me, it's you," and draw a line.  
  Yeah, I wasn't questioning your initial comment.  When I go the coffee shop, most of the iPhones I see do have cases.  No doubt.   I think the build quality thing is more of having a positive view of the object, believing in how it's put together.
  I know you weren't asking me, but I've had an iPhone since 1st gen., and I've never had a case.  Now, granted, I'm very careful with all my tech as a matter of habit.  But even with a few oopsies here and there (my 3GS dropped off a window cill onto a tile floor -- ouch), none of the phones have seen any scratches or damage of any kind.
Nothing could make me go over to Android, but that HTC One is a pretty cool looking device.
A larger screen will pretty much ensure that I just keep my iPhone 5.  I already have an iPad.  And with the resolution on the iPhone screen, there's nothing I can't do that a larger screen would allow me to.   As to colors, I can't imagine moving away from black.   Call me stodgy, whatever.  
  I seriously doubt it.  What happens, seemingly, is that certain technologies/styles change, leaving an older generation behind and being adopted by a newer generation because they "get it" out of the gate.  Or, in many cases, it was the younger generation that made the newer technology/style/trend in the first place.   But as anecdotal evidence, almost every high school kid I see at my coffee shop has an iPhone.  I can almost count on one hand the number of times I've...
  Oh, of course.  Thanks.   I haven't had dinner yet -- brain is not entirely functioning, clearly. :)
Looking at the "What OS is likely to be on your next phone" numbers, what is the 2% Other? I know I'm forgetting something obvious -- but I just can't think of what it is.
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