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I really, really try to stay out of the whole Android/iOS thing. BUT ... I just have a problem taking something called "Ice Cream Sandwich" seriously. I really do. Maybe that's just me. I don't know. But it seems like such a silly name, and frighteningly, your examples aren't that far off from reality.
Yeah. Not sure what that means, but I'm happy about it either way.
And I almost went from ATT to Sprint. Imagine.
Nice! That's a serious discount. How about spreading that around?
I think you'll be very happy. It's going to be fast, have a great display, and Siri. Trust me, you'll like Siri.
I immediately thought of that too. It's wildly memorable. That's the sort of connection I was talking about. It was like he was talking right to you.
Definitely.I don't think you'll ever see someone, Apple or tech or anything else-related, who can work a room like Steve could. He had the ability to connect with people, on a level that was nearly magical. I don't want to sound like some crazy fanboy. And I hope that's not how this comes off. But really, Steve could introduce a product -- glass and plastic and steel and silicon -- and you would feel like not only did you have to have it, but that it was like a gift. ...
Yeah, I just had a stupid moment. But I personally don't want a larger phone. If, as discussed, the display was larger with the same-sized phone, that would be great. But then you've got to get the resolution right, and hopefully keep the same density. A guy behind me in line at the store today had an HTC Evo, and it looked nice. The display was sharp. But it looked a little big to me. Funny enough, he said that if the iPhone were on Sprint, he'd have gotten one. The...
Yeah, that's what I was trying to (incompetently) say. I've been awake for far too long.
Mine still shows delivery for the 14th. I hope you don't get screwed. That would really suck.I ordered mine as soon as it would go through, through the Apple site, about 1-1/2 -- 2 hours after it supposedly went on line.
New Posts  All Forums: