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I'm curious what sites you need Flash for? I run into none, personally.
Not sure that Brian Tong is the most un-biased guy out there for this, but it seemed like a decent assessment. I've never actually used an Android tablet, so I can't really comment. But just from what I've seen on YouTube and other videos around the web, it seems far more complicated than iOS. I'm sure that appeals to a lot of geeks who want it that way. But iOS has that classic Apple simplicity (IMO), while at the same time allowing the user to get as complex as he...
Gotcha. Cool. I learn something new here every day!
Apparently, it makes sense to the execs at MS.
Ahh, so they're essentially different companies? I didn't know that. It doesn't surprise me, but I didn't realize it. BTW, I love my Samsung HDTV and Samsung Blu-Ray player.
Whether or not it's a paradigm shift of real significance or not, you're right: we won't know for a while. But I know that, for me, in the short time I've had my iPad2, it's already changed a lot of how I operate on a daily basis. Just one example: I wanted to read "Jane Eyre" before the movie comes out. Instead of going to the library or to Borders (which is closing anyways, any day now), I clicked on iBooks, searched for the title, downloaded it, and was sitting there...
Well, to be fair, Samsung competes in a massive array of markets. If they stopped building stuff in any market where they were supplying components to a competitor, they would have to practically go out of business.
Well, this is why market share means squat. They may have sold a gazillion netbooks. But what was the margin on those things? As was stated in a story here earlier, even Acer is moving away from the market share approach. Apple doesn't only sell a lot of iPhones and iPads, they bring in a ton of revenue and profit with them, as well. I'm not sure what the margin is on the iPad2, but I'm guessing it's pretty ok. And I know that the iPhone has a high margin. As I've...
87% of what? If those pieces of crap being wheeled around hospitals count as part of that 87%, then big deal. And Apple has 100b on MS in Market Cap. Just saying.Margins = ? Market Cap = ?Margins = ? Market Cap = ?No one is really saying that they are irrelevant. But churning out plastic pieces of crap, with low margins, doesn't really make you a super-star. And honestly, any company that had Carly Fiorina running it ... ouch.
Ugh. Mis-read your post.
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