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  Sorry.  I'm tired. :)   I do not feel it's a poor compromise, but different strokes, and all that.
  The main difference is that the way apps interact with resolution on an iOS device is different than the way applications interact with resolution on an OSX device.   Also On an iOS device, the app is the only thing on the screen, and elements need to be designed for a touch interface.  On an OSX device, the number of applications visible -- and thus able to be interacted with -- can be a very large number.  For instance, on the my desktop #4 on my iMac 27", the one I...
  Having TWO different sizes in a desktop/laptop machine is a very, very different prospect than introducing differently sized iPads.  Obviously.   And the point isn't that there should only be one size iPad.  The point is how far do you want to go?  A 13" iPad would sell ... to niche users, with obscure use case needs.  When has that been Apple's approach?   Apple staying focused on a handful -- ok, a couple of handfuls -- of products is one of the reasons why I believe...
  I'm not going to call it "dumb" per se, but I see it as a bad move -- and an anti-Apple one at that -- to create more and more products for no discernible benefit.   Right now, Apple produces a very small number of products.  This has been a VERY successful formula for years now.  Why would Apple want to try and be Dell or Samsung?  Let Dell and Samsung be Dell and Samsung.   Apple should maintain their eagle-eyed focus on the handful of products they make (plus the few...
  As long as Seven of Nine is there, nothing is wrong.  Nothing at all. :)
  I don't because, because from the beginning Apple has understood that touch and keyboard/click are entirely different paradigms.   And to be quite honest, the MacBook Air weighs, what?  2.4 lbs. (for the 11")?  I can't see the advantage to a larger iPad that emulates OSX somehow) over just getting an Air.
Personally, I can't for the life of me see the value in increasing the size of the iPad. I can't imagine a single use case where that would be beneficial.
    Wait.  Huh?    If Aronofsky shot it at 16mm,hand-held, then that's what it was.  Are we arguing that that what it was?
  Possibly.  But I have been reading this site for long enough, and seen enough stories from DigiTimes that I don't buy a thing they say.  Now, again, it's possible that they are being misrepresented.  I don't know.  But almost every "rumor" I see from DigiTimes ends up not being even close to true.
  Not even close.   Heck, "Black Swan" was shot on 16mm.  
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