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 Heck, I wish I could get that!  All it says is "Your software is up to date."
Huh.  iTunes won't show my iPhone as needing an update.  Weird.
D/L'ed 11.1 from Apple.  Installed fine, and the first screen I got was iTunes Radio.  Messing around with it now.  I've never used Pandora or anything, so this is a different experience for me.   EDIT:  Ahh, ok.  So, when it switches songs, it gives a little slide-in notification, like a Twitter msg.  Cool.
Aww, I was hoping to get up this morning and find it had already been released. :(   Oh well.   Sorry to continue the OT discussion, btw.
 It was.  It's over.  Has been for years, now.
 Burberry can be expensive, yes.  It's not extreme haute couture, or anything like that.  But sure, a woman can spend $13,000 on a trench coat, or $1,000 on a cashmere skirt, etc. But that's fashion.  You can say the same about pretty much anything, from automobiles to home theater systems to golf clubs. I'm sure the amount I spent on my new iMac last winter could have fed a lot of people, too.
 Most of these models had very typical runway walks.  There's not a lot of variation, with the exceptions of people like Gisele (who is mostly retired from the runway these days) and Karlie Kloss.  Karlie's walk is the most distinctive by far, and one of the reasons she is the top (non-VS) model working these days. But by the sounds of it, you'd hate her walk even more than these typical examples. :)  You can Google for her if you want.  Heh. :) Yeah, the dour expression...
 Except for Victoria's Secret, models do not smile or emote on the runway (with an extremely small number of exceptions).  It's like Rule #1.  OK, Rule #2.  Rule #1 is, "Walk down the center, back on the left." That's just the way the fashion world operates. Also, the crowd at a show like Burberry is not going to be whooping it up anyways.  It's low key.  
 Wow, it really DOES look amazing. This was a great idea, I think.
  Heh. :)   Yeah, I don't get it either.  Why just start making things up?  It's bizarre behavior.
New Posts  All Forums: