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Yeah, but it's like $500,000,000 per share right now! Anyways, I can't imagine $330. That would require a drop of nearly $50. I also don't see $400 soon, either. I do think that $400 is definitely do-able this year, though.
Yeah, but I'd fix it regardless of cost, just because it fell 13,500 ft. and still worked! I mean, that's one hell of a story.
I don't know about soiling my pants, but I thought it was Lion too. This sucks.
OK, first off: What I know about this stuff could leave a thimble 2/3 empty, at best. Secondly, it seems to me that everyone is doing this to everyone else these days. It's not like one company is horrible, and everyone else are angels. Every day I come here, and there's some new patent case. Obviously, this is the way, partially, that people are doing business. At least it seems to me.
OK, I admit that I'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp. But am I the only one who is a little confused by all of this? I mean, I kind of get it, but not really.
I hate to feed a troll, but seriously? Seriously?
Welcome! I watched a show (on A&E maybe?) years ago about the Queen, and they showed her Coronation at length, and what struck me was just how young she looked. I wonder what was going through her head. And Canada is a beautiful country. I've only been to Ontario and Quebec, but I plan on a trip to the West next year.
HAHA! Nice.
I won't speak for anyone else, but I would answer that "Yes, it is incorrect to say that iPhone (a phone) is outselling Android (a platform)." As to your first point, I have to disagree. If iOS and the iPhone were one and the same, then why do I have the very same iOS on my iPad (not a phone) and my friend has the very same iOS on his iPod Touch (also not a phone)? Also, people have bought the iPhone because they liked the way it looked (hardware). The Retina Display on...
Yeah, when put that way, it really shows. And I say this as an owner of a 3GS. I just decided to skip the 4 at the time, and wait for the 5. I have somewhat mixed feelings about that decision now, but no real regret. But yeah, $6.25/month isn't much of a premium. Especially for that display. God, that's beautiful.
New Posts  All Forums: