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Well, I can't possibly believe that these are real.  If they are, you have to be kidding me.   Then again, I've been against the entire idea of a "cheap" iPhone since the beginning.  If it comes out looking anything like some of the stuff we've seen, I am saying good-bye to my AAPL stock that day.  Plastic crap should be left to Android.
  Good point.  I didn't even think of that.   Give me a break, I'm only on my first vodka of the day. :)
Well, I have an iPad 3, so I've been waiting for this for a while.  I will definitely be upgrading.   I too think it would be cool if the logo were lit up.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  Market share is pretty irrelevant, since it doesn't measure SALES.  I don't understand how you could not grasp this, but apparently you don't.   And traffic matters because of advertising.  
  First, I'll address market share, the same way I always do: It's fairly meaningless.  McDonald's has a huge market share.  That doesn't mean that their "food" is any less abhorrent.  Also, market share is not really indicative of much, as there may be more phones running Android, but if you look at traffic, iOS is being used more.   Second, as to margins going down last quarter, that's obvious why.  And since they sold a record number of iPhones, I would find it...
  There isn't a single statement in that entire post which is even remotely close to being true.   But if it makes you feel better, go for it, I guess.
  Hmm, I've tried both and I haven't noticed that much difference.  OTOH, I would think that it depends on what your'e searching for, probably.
  OK, maybe I'm missing something here.  But what's wrong with Bing?  It seems to me that the different engines do things slightly differently, sure, but the fact of the matter remains: If you type "How do I make a pot roast?" into any of them, you'll more than likely get a decent set of results.   A search engine is a search engine, from what I can tell.
This looks pretty cool.   I haven't been traveling much lately, so I'm not sure that it would hold much value for me right now.  But were that to change, I would seriously consider this.
  Well, from the article, he didn't "give" his daughter the password.  She saw him enter it, and then did so on her own (which means, to me, that she's either a bright kid, or his PW is something like "1234" or something, but anyways ... ).
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