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The new Mac Mini no longer  offer video cards to supplement the intel graphics processor?    Is the 2.3 ghz i7 w/4000 graphics processing an improvement over the late 2011 offering? I interested in using the mini to do do Adobe Lightroom 4.2 post processing. The file sizes of the new high resolution digital cameras shot in raw are rather large.
Google / Samsung ( Apple's two most loved competitors)  just released a new Chromebook.   I couldn't help but wonder how much better the Chromebook would be running IOS. It has 16gb SSD, and dual core A15 chip, Plus a HDMI port, an SD slot and an 11.6" screen (not Apple quality) and a nice key board and touch pad.   If on;y Apple would offer similar hardware with IOS for $249.   The Chromebook is in the same price range and competitor to the iPod Touch and...
I will probably get Both Minis: The Mac and iPad mini's, IF Apple releases both machines before the holidays.
I would like to buy a Mac Mini with the updated Ivy bridge chip set.   Any ideas when Apple might get around to updating this little beauty?   Does Apple always have to make a Big announcement about future product or do they just issue a press release and say that they have made the change over?   Thanks
The Mac Mini is the "entry level" desktop for Apple so why doesn't Apple offer a discount package of the wireless keyboard and mouse with the computer purchase? I'm a PC user and the keyboards and mouse that I have will Not work with an Apple Computer. The monitors and TV's that I have will work, so if I purchase a Mac Mini, I need a keyboard and mouse. The current wireless keyboard and mouse retail for $138+tax, which when added to the cost of the Mac Mini makes the...
I'm thinking about switching from a PC to a Mac. I recently purchased a Canon 7D SLR camera. This camera has the ability to shoot video in both 720 and 1080 - at various film rates. I have experimented with the video feature and the raw film looks very good. The files can be rather large: > 1gb. Will I be able to use iMovie '09 that is part of iLife '09 and included in the new Mac Mini to process video from my Canon SLR 7D? When should I expect Apple to modify their...
New Posts  All Forums: