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I haven't laughed this hard since SJs reticent "apology" for antennagate.   Good to see government still has some power over corporate arrogance. It was never 4G, you can't call something 4G when it's not, and you look stupid trying to convince courts and regulatory bodies otherwise.   Good win ACCC.
You are correct sir/madam. I was hoping a Tim Cook Apple would be more flexible when it comes to function over form. If this is true, then I will be buying two.
Perhaps there should be an asterisk on the $29.99* cost. *does not include DVD. That cost is now passed to you (please provide your bandwidth and USB drive. If you want to burn a disc, please buy an external DVD drive for your Macbook Air). OR You could just offer a DVD version Apple. "it just works".
When my HD fries, or I want to upgrade, I'll have to install SL, then download 4GB (again), to get the OS up. Just give me the option to burn an ISO at least. Then of course, if I have 3 macs to upgrade, that's 12GB of downloads each time. No thanks. (I'm not interested in cloning or TM backups. I prefer clean installs.) Some people only have 3G connections, this is ridiculous. EDIT: Dorotea9999 I agree.
I want a disc. No lion for me.
Thank you.
I don't know, TheFatWookie brings up a scary image. If you need a source of fine latex I'm your gal.
She still sold less than 5 million in the USA. Only 13 CDs went platinum in 2010, compared to 22 in 2009. Only 4 of the 13 in 2010 sold more than 2 million copies. This is directly the result of the internet and a generation which pirates without remorse.
The only artists making serious coin are those who can sell out stadiums. The days of the 5 million record sales are over.
The concept of Royalty is repellent to me. Seeing Meredith Vieira, as an American, buy into this rubbish is worse.
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