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Installed on MBP. No difference that I can tell. Updating EFI is always nerve racking.
The reason iMacs don't come with a matte option is that they make up a small percentage of sales for Apple. In situations like these, Apple has given people the big finger simply because the financial penalty is irrelevant to them; they'll just sell a few more white iPhones. Now being a "mobile devices company", MBPs do constitute the majority of their PC sales. So they have no option but to live the contradiction, and pony up a matte screen. If there was no matte...
yet...Why do MBPs have a matte option but iMacs don't? Why aren't you 'rallying' against the small minority of users who ruin the look of MBPs with inferior matte screens?This is just typical form over function from Apple (think magic mouse for another example), and a massive ego which won't accept criticism (think S. Jobs passive aggressive keynote response to peoples' just concern over reception issues).
It's not enough that gloss screens are the best, they need you to accept it too. (Religious num nuts like Bin Laden are a good analogy).
That's retarded. The glare (gloss) screen already exists as the default (only) option. Why would a petition site need to support an extant form? Anyone who defends less choice as "good" is drunk on kool-aid.
I wouldn't have a problem with that at all. Hate to use the term, but that's bi-winning.
I hope the homeless people continue to harass them.
If you're an Apple fan you'll like this news, if you're not an Apple fan you'll like this news. It's win win. Competition drives innovation and choice is a good thing.
Yes Apple, work hard cracking the whip that makes the slaves pump these out faster. Apple you are not "working hard", your supply contractors are, ergo the common Chinese worker.Taking a month to ramp up proper production is hardly rocket science.
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