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You're forgetting the Mac Pro.. you work for Apple? This is all 100% true. I recognize and understand Apple's business model. I was lamenting, romanticizing the past. Guess that doesn't translate into text very well. All excellent points solipsism. Now let me fantasize about BD, Final Cut, and Mr Jobs leading the industry by introducing Light Peak in January 2011... lol
I'm lamenting the loss of Apple's focus solely on computers. And I'm selfishly taking it out on a thread relating to the iPhone, the newest 20-something blonde on the block.
I can't wait for the iPhone 4 to ship, have it's tear down (part infinity), review, user comments.... then maybe Apple can focus on actual computers like the iMac and Mac Pro, which look like the proverbial evolutionary dead end. What happened to you Apple? You used to be someone I could trust.
Informative article. Well written As soon as I saw the keynote I thought, "Apple will have freshman Jimmy FaceTime calling his nanna who's using an iPad in her nursing home". I think iPad 2.0 will really kick off the FaceTime calling, rather than the iPhone.
Interesting article. I believe the President releases news about health scares soon after the event. Mr York was rightly upset by Mr Jobs' behavior IMO. With Mr Jobs at the end of his career, diversification not concentration of authority would be the road to take.
When did Steve Jobs invent immortality?
Why would you do that? Even with his strict diet regime surely a fish dish of some type would be more accommodating. Poor form ordering something not even on the menu (and expecting it to be done anyway).
It's unbearable when watching the "news" and the "personality" reading the final "story" shows "Santa's route around the world and where he'll be tonight". There's enough superstitious cowdung in the world, without a consipiracy of "Santa pushers" warping the minds of children.Merry Christmas everyone (Yes I celebrate secular Christmas)PS. Don't get me started on "Happy Holidays", lol.
Yes they do. I apologise. I'm unfamiliar with the tax regime in the various states of the USA.
10/21/2008 \t$A 0.69750 10/27/2009 \t$A 0.92220 Macbook Pro 13" $A 1,599.00 Macboob Pro 13" $1,199.00 Still a big difference between exchange rate and purchase price.
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