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  I'm pretty sure there's a threshold you have to cross in Gs felt by the accelerometers before the feature kicks in.
  Google put the offer on the table.  But required Apple to license it and allow it to be branded "Nav by Google" or something similar.  The license fee Apple didn't seem to have an issue with.  They just didn't want Google being allowed to label the tech as their own, so the talks broke down.   At least that's what I get from reading various sources.
  You do realize that the components inside between an Apple product and their competitors are virtually the same right? As far as I can tell, they're all being supplied by the same sources.  So I'm not really sure how you can really decern what's "quality" and what "inferior".
  Probably enough people used the error tool.  The bit of publicity probably helped fast-track the correction.
  Great Scott!  He was a "teacher"?  I feel great pity for the kids that had to endure through his class. 
  Technically speaking, the Austrailian police recognized the problem. Apple and Eddie corrected it after the fact.   That's not to say that their correction time shouldn't be commended.
  Clearly if your opinion doesn't match his, you:   A. Shouldn't have one B. No one should care what it is   /s
  But the problem with your burden of proof is that it is unobtainable. That is what I'm trying to point out to you and you are clearly missing that point.   What I have shown is that even if you did not make the claim that Apple Maps is as good or better than Google Maps, the proof you request is something that you know that no one can provide. It's a logical fallacy. You can't even prove the reverse of the statment with the level of proof that you yourself require...
  I whole-heartedly agree with keeping with Occam's Razor. However, it seems others want to make it more complex than it needs to be. I'm just showing that if you use even their side of the argument, it ends up coming to the same dead end that they're trying to prove.
Quote:   Isn't Venice pretty much all canals anyway? What roads there are are very narrow to navigate even with the Street View bike.   Didn't Google just unveil a ball camera strapped to a backpack in June this year? I'd expect they'll make a trip to Venice to fix this very soon.
New Posts  All Forums: